Dream Entry: Recapitulation of the Extraverted Rational Type

More from C.G. Jung and my dream journal entries. Peace & Love ❤

Reasoning judgment represents a power that coerces the messy and accidental things of life into definite terms; on the other hand the independence and influence of those psychic functions which perceive life’s happenings are restricted. Reasoning a judgment are repressed and in a state of inferior of differentiation. What happens with reason is the reaction of judgment that turns into a sensation. The rationality of both rational and irrational depends if it is oriented objectively upon objective data.

The powerful influence of the opposing unconscious contents necessarily bring about a frequent interruption of the rational conscious government, namely, strictly subservience to the element of chance, so that, either by virtue of their sensational value of unconscious significance, accidental happenings acquire a compelling influence.

Sensation: sensation in an extraverted attitude is conditioned by the object, but also dependent upon the subject. Sensation is a vital function equipped with the most potent vital instinct. All objective processed make their way into consciousness through sensation. Orientation in extraverted sensation corresponds with purely concrete reality; on concrete objects attract sensations. Judging, rational functions are sub-orientated to the concrete facts of sensation and possess the qualities of inferior differentiation and they are marked by certain negativity with infantile and archaic tendencies.

Intuition: as the function of unconscious perception is directed upon outer objects in the extraverted attitude. Intuition is an unconscious process, so the conscious apprehension of it is a difficult matter. If conscious its function is represented by a certain attitude of expectation, a perceptive and penetration vision, where in only the subsequent result can prove how much was “perceived” and how much was in the object. Primary function of intuition is the transmit images or perceptions of relations and conditions which could be gained by other functions. Since intuition in the extraverted attitude has a prevailing objective orientation it comes very near sensation; the expectant attitude towards outer objects may avoid itself of sensation. Intuition tries to encompass the greatest.


Jung writes a lot on dreams and their series, [and through the study of Jung’s work, dream analysis] made me realize a couple of mine. The car one; the nightmare. If I looked harder, I am sure I’d find more.

I dreamt of my grandmother, Mimi, a couple nights ago. She was young. It was as if I was seeing a flashback, though, since I saw my father as a kid and my grandmother young. She still had her wacky style, that somehow looked good on her. But she left a lot in a car with some guy. She says ‘I’ll be back’ but doesn’t come back for a long time. Then it’s Christmas time, and time goes on. Still she does the same thing. [She] is in [my dad’s] life for a minute, then leaves, [and this] goes on until he has his own kids. Soon I am the kid wanting her to come back and she says. “I’ll be back” but I know she won’t. She stays long periods, leaves again. But she always remained a young woman. Tall, thin, with blond hair though, she was never tall in real life. She was always thin, and had the blonde hair though.

I woke up with her leaving for the last time. I think she finally did age though. As she aged, she remained. But when she realized how she was when young she felt the guilt, and she said sorry. Then left again. She was sick, I saw the hospital. The oxygen tube; and felt her feeling of regret. But that last visit with my dad, I don’t know what they said, but a peace came to her. I think their conversation wasn’t of words. Just a look as if “I forgive you” I guess words didn’t matter. She said to us grand-kids “that this is probably the last time you’ll see me.” she smiled smally… she did say that to us, though. When we last saw her at her home, lying on the couch, but before I woke up, she got in the car, and said “I’ll be back.” I had a sad feeling in the dream. But I woke up ok, calm, and relaxed. She was young again when she got in the car.

I have dreams of her from time to time. She’s always young, but still had that grandmother look to her. This was the first dream I had of her when she was really young. Was interesting. I dreamt of her shortly after she died. She died in October, 2002, but I dreamt of it being Christmas. She had a young look to her, and she was happy. We all were opening presents and talking. She looked at me and said, “I am ok,” and smiled.

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