Dream Journal 17: Typos

“- Typos – imprint. The only thing that can be understood. 

– Self: a term on the one had definite enough to convey the essence of human wholeness and on the other hand indefinite enough to express the indescribable and indeterminable nature of this wholeness. The para object qualities there are in keeping with the tale that wholeness consists partly of the conscious and partly of the unconscious man. In scientific usual the term “self” refers neither to Christ nor Buda but to the totality of the figures that are its equivalent, and each of these figures is a symbol of the self. 

– Moral probablisim – consists in the principle acts of conscience, but according to what’s probably right i.e. according to whatever has been recommended by any representative or doctrinal authority. – Otto Zoek 

  • Probablism – is the name generally given to that way of thinking which is content to answer serentitive questions with a greater or lesser agree of probability. – Zockler 

  • “Whatever one may think of this phenomenon, one thing is certain: that apart from any thing else it holds within it a largely humanity and an understanding of human weakness which compensates for world’s unbearable antinomies.” – C.G. Jung” 


Sometime in early February or late January, when I was still missing idiot Gwyn, I dreamt of her. I followed her in a meadow where a picnic was happening. It seemed she was avoiding me. When I caught up to her, and she finally saw me, she was next to a new bf. She gave me a sad smile. I knew then that I may never speak to her again. I recently drew her. Now I have moved on and gave up waiting for her.

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