Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #6: Establishing Relationships with Nature

Another exercise from Ted Andrew’s Nature-Speak . Enjoy, and have a great weekend. This one is about establishing a relationship with nature through a Nature Log/Journal, and also mentions tips on how we can connect with and show appreciation to nature in our daily lives.

Establishing relationships with nature (pp. 28 – 32):

Benefits: appreciation of nature: subtle recognition of communications from nature; opens the heart to the blessings of Nature; Increased opportunities to connect with spirits of nature

Exercise 1:

  1. Involve yourself with some aspect of nature more personally: plant a garden; bird watch; volunteer/support nature centers and zoos and other environmental organizations; take regular walks in Nature.
  2. Study Nature: study different plants each week
  3. Meditate out in nature
  4. Listen for and acknowledge nature’s daily greeting to you
  5. Read nature tales and myths from different traditions and countries: Myth/tales guide people into new wonders and possibilities.
  6. Honor nature: plant a promise tree
  7. Be grateful: be caretaker of your environment

My nature journal: exercise 2: (pp. 34 – 35):

Benefits: increases understanding of plants and animals; improves observation skills; crystallizes the spirit energy behind encounters.

Natural Journal – log of encounters

  • field guide to observe, note activity, and apply its meaning to your life
  • record for plant/animal messengers – your sign posts
  • can be used for dream encounters
  • helps to understand spirit behind encounters and helps us know everything has significance.

Animalism: in anthropology, the belief that all nature has spirit and these spirits are closely connected to humans.

Spirituality isn’t determined or limited by knowledge, reason, or creative intelligence. Our teachers aren’t merely the human ones. ‘Divine’ messages aren’t limited to coming to use only through those of ‘our kind’. When we realize this, our world’s no longer the same. Nature Journal helps crystallize this for you.

[Your nature journal] should have two parts. First part: notes of what you observe – leave space for follow-up research, information, and conclusions (possible meanings of encounters). Leave space for sketches of elements that stand out, if you wish.

Take your time when in nature. Sit under a tree; sleep in the grass; meditate next to a spring or pond. Take the time to enjoy Nature and its wonders. The communications will simply flow like a soft voice that fills the heart, and the path will open wide.

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