Blind Walking

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Inside A Soul

AndrewFerezWalkingBlindlyIntotheUnknown(artist: Andrew Ferez)

It feels as if I am walking, walking blindly into unknown territory; as if a cloth is over my eyes, and a gentle wind at my back forcing me to move forward. But I’m stuck… is it fear? I think so. I feel as if I am being gently pushed off a cliff, a cliff I have walked patiently on for many moons, years maybe, pacing back and forth from the edge, afraid to get too close, afraid to peer over to see a hint of what could be there. But now there is a gentle wind behind me, forcing me to make tiny, awkward, clumsy steps forward.

I have one foot on the edge of the cliff, steady and securely on the rocky ground, and one foot over the edge. I feel gravity pulling my foot out further, so that my leg becomes outstretched. My…

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