Knowing YOU


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Material possessions do not dissolve misunderstanding. What dissolves misunderstanding is exploring our inner Selves, OUR inner light, despite the pain of change. It is about working with the pain to find an inner peace one never thought existed, to find a light within the dark labyrinth of our minds, a light that outshines our doubts, our beliefs, and shines on inner truth, showing the way to a path deep within our hearts. The Raw. Deep. Inner truth.

The only way to understand the above words is to experience it your self, through practice and discipline. Your light will shine bright.


Check out the link below of a new website being developed called Omstars. It will be the first online Yoga TV channel! #beyouromstar by clicking the link below and becoming a backer on Kickstarter. With your support, we all can receive glimpses to #livetheyogilife #onebreathatatime.

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