(Rose Offner) “Journal to the Soul” Entry 16: Stellar Self


“Where do you shine in your life? Write about he special gifts you bring to life – the talents or skills you share. What talents and skills do you desire that you’ve yet to discover or develop?”

Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul



I have many skills/assets that make me who I am. I have an empathetic nature with an ability to assess and identify the need/issue in another being. I have a healer’s soul. I feel other’s emotions, and sometimes thoughts.

With my empathetic nature I am also a great “active listener”. I can read the need in a person’s body language and the words they speak. I don’t give suggestions, but rather listen fully to what the individual(s) is/are saying to help them find their own solutions. I know the feeling of just wanting to be heard, and that is what helped me develop my empathetic/understanding nature.

I am also very objective and learned (though it I always a struggle due to human nature ) to not place judgment on others and to look at the whole picture instead of just a fragment. This, though, is a new awareness of mine.

I also have a great ability to use what comes from my ‘imagination’ to benefit me in my external reality – whether it is emotional, insightful, and especially through art (sketching, creative writing). I have great writing skills due to my expression of imagination and feeling through writing.

But an aspect of me I’d like to develop more is my verbal communication. Due to the fact I have been reserved (distanced my self from others) I haven’t developed verbally communicating my needs and goals. I’ve been in my head so long and only writing what I was feeling/thinking/know, that I forgot how to verbally communicate, or so it seemed.

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