(Rose Offner) “Journal to the Soul” Entry 2: Self-portrait


“Write about who you were… who you are… and who you will be… or write about your “True Self” and how you became who you are.”

Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul 


I am a woman who never speaks the loudest in a crowd, but I always have a thought in my mind. How I became who I am is a mixture of environmental factors and introspective evaluation. I have, generally speaking, kept to myself for the majority of my life.

With being an introvert comes imaginative possibilities. Due to being alone (mostly by choice, some not) I created a world within a world inside my head, that which became the foundation of my creative writing structure. Fiction, or not, the world(s) behind my writings are important parts of ME – all the persons, places and objects within them included – therefore, my imagination helped me to develop my writing skills – I am a writer.

Along with writing as a form of self-expression, I sketch draw. My sketches are of people, places, and things – some realistic looking, some abstract – from my mind as well as my objective reality. With drawing I can make my stories come to life – past the black and white print – to better understand their reason of creation. my drawings are bits and pieces of me and how I interpret the world around me; putting the world into my own perspective – I am a perspective person and expressionist artist.

I went to school to obtain an education so that I can help others find their way in life and to promote social change with in the society I am in. Along my educational path – although academic – I found bits and pieces of myself. Although I am still unsure what exactly my career path is, I like the ride I am on. I know I will make an impact on the society, some how, and find my independence. I am a social worker – I have to figure out what that really means.

I am a mix of this, and that, a mix of certainty and uncertainty – wishy washy at best. I am determined, focused, despite the confusion. I am, simply speaking, ME.

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