Birth of Spring


The breeze brings a hint of warmth in the air, letting us know spring is near in the Northern Hemisphere. As the days go by, the sun slowly rises earlier and remains in the sky longer. As the day’s go by the snow decreases and in time will cease and melt away. The spring rains and winds are now here, but they bring a hope of warm summer days with bloomed flowers of rainbow colors, lush green grass, and flourishing limbs of leaves upon tall and small trees. Life will begin, and hibernation will end. Little babies will be born to grow into adults who will provide and nourish the land. The birds that sing in the trees tell the story of life and confirm this truth: Spring is here. The Darkness has been defended, and it has retreated. Now the Light of the Sun is upon us once more, and Hope has once again returned to the land. The cycle of death and decay has ended and birth and life has once again begun. The contemplation of winter is over, Spring has begun, and with that a new plan of action. It is time for new beginnings, getting into the swing of things, and opening ourselves to opportunities for further development – spiritually and beyond.


Let’s walk the path of life together, let our spiritual journey connect, and let’s all create balance within our environments together, as one, on one path. Spring is about birth and growth. Let’s grow together as the flowers bloom.

An interesting read: Spiritual Meaning of Spring Equinox and Cycle of the Sun

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