Letting Go: Out with the Old, in with the…. Old?

“The angels whisper words in my ear,
Words I need to hear,
They tell me to let go with no fear”

The past few years have been, at times, challenging, but over all rewarding. I am finding who I want to be, and who I am from within is finally reflecting on the outside. I now have purpose, direction, and self-determination. Many of my dreams and visions of my future are coming to clarity, and this is primarily due to changing thought processes and patterns of behavior.

This past year especially, I have learned to de-clutter, both around my home and within myself. I have let go of some past pattern of behaviors, changed my eating habits slightly, and exercise more. I cleaned out the closets in my home, and donated a lot of clothes to Goodwill. I began journaling, too, about my thoughts and memories. Writing down memories that affect me in some way, and how I felt at that point in time, and who was around me, and writing the words I would have liked to have said, or actions to have made, is part of the healing path of “letting go”.

Actually, from a family member, I was given a “Soul Journal” guide, and this is what helped me to stay focused and really analyze myself to express and release pent up emotions and memories, which have affected my patterns of behavior throughout my life. The memories are both from childhood, preteens, adolescences, to young adulthood.

Journal to the Soul: The art of sacred journal keeping”, by Rose Offner was the journal guide that was given to me by a family member. Although I do not follow everything within the book word from word, it has helped me some to open my own mind and recall some memories that I have held on for so long, that has affected how I view my world, and how I viewed love and friendship.

Life is beautiful. There is beauty even in the so-called ugly. If we can’t find something beautiful in our lives, we must try to de-clutter the past; try to get rid of what it may be that is not helping towards being happy. It can be as simple as cleaning out our rooms of things we no longer need, to cleaning out our like section on Facebook. Little changes in life make things easier and helps one decide what one really wants and really needs in their life. Once the clutter is gone, we can find ourselves once again, because nothing will be in our way to distract us from our chosen path. Hence out with the old, in with the old; our true self who was and is always there. We will shine out from within with a new found clarity, once the clutter is out of life – both externally and internally. This goes along with people who come and go in our life.

Even though people come and go, no matter who they are, they leave behind something for us to learn from. Be it how to love, how to trust, or – most importantly – to know our own self worth. It may hurt to feel the loss of a loved one, but they always leave behind something to learn from. It’s better to move on, fully, than to dwell on something that is no longer there. It is harder to love and not let go, than to love and knowing its ok to let go when the time comes. We are infinite beings, therefore will have to let our loved ones we know here on Earth go. It’s taking the lesson learned that matters, and being happy with the experience and memories, than to dwell on the leaving. With going comes knowing, with knowing comes wisdom (self-knowledge), and through wisdom do we learn to love ourselves.

~In the quiet moments, I think of you~

2013-06-249520.38.31 (taken by a friend)

-From without, so within; cleanse the soul from inside through.- (Some humor for you)
Fromwithoutsowithin...cleansethesoulbirdpinterest(found at pinterest.com)


September 1st, 2014
Angel Whispers

The angels whisper words in my ear
Words I need to hear
They tell me to “let go” with no fear
The angels now whisper the words I refused to hear
The words I didn’t listen to in yesteryear
Now I hear them, feel them too
I’m letting go of the past, memories, to get to the future
Which is NOW, it’s true
I’m letting go
To look at the Now
And be in “wow”
At all the perspectives before me
In the essence of just being
Only in angel speech do my thoughts NOW speak
My future is NOW
Success will be
Only in the NOW, my perspective is clear
In Angel speech and rhyme
With no sense of time
Bye, bye, thoughts
Bye, bye, time
Hello, hello, all possibilities
All in serendipity
(Written by ME)

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