Emotional Moon Cycles

The Moon
The moon shines down on me tonight
I love you, Moon
You are my faithful companion, keeping me from loneliness tonight
But I cry still, knowing you are my only comfort
I thank you for your love, loyalty, and knowing you will always be there
I hope to find someone, someday, similar to you…
(Written by ME on 8.2.12)

~Hands guided to create, by the emotional tides of the moon~

(pic found @ We’Moon FB page)


Astrology says that Emotions are affected by the moon cycles, but how many people believe that since Astrology is a pseudoscience? I am no scientist, nor astrologer; I’m a skeptic at best, and open to multiple perspectives… But isn’t Astronomy a science, and didn’t Astronomy COME from Astrology? Both are the study of the stars, space, and planets… So IN MY OPINION, neither is too different from the other… not in the general sense.

So through this insight that Astrology and Astronomy (one considered a true science, the other is not) I have decided to analyze the concept of the Moon Cycles and how they affect our moods. This insight began to form back in ’12, when I wrote the above poem (at a time of “High emotion”, I believe that night was a FULL MOON, so suiting for how I was feeling that evening), and it formed to its fullest recently, so instead of keeping it inside ME, I decided to share it with YOU. So, here it goes…

(here is my version of the full moon, I drew it on 06.01.2011)

scan0037Eight different Phases of the moon:

-Balsamic (New moon)
– Waxing Crescent
– First Quarter
– Waxing Gibbous
-Disseminating (Waning Gibbous)
-Third Quarter

“We Are the Moon” by Jen Otey

pic found @ Her Strange Angels FB page

We of the Moon by Jen Otey

~      *      ~      *       ~       *       ~       *       ~       *       ~       *       ~       *      ~

My Interpretation of the Moon Cycle in my Own Life:

From my own experience, during the past couple months, as I’ve became more aware of my emotions and where I am going in my life, I paid closer attention to the moon cycle and how it affects me. I will start off by explaining a little about my experiences and insights over the past month, beginning on September 24th, 2014, the date of the New Moon, and only four days before my 24th birthday.

On September 24th I had a ‘Tarot Card’ reading online, through Skype. On this evening I was feeling high anxiety, my thoughts were racing and I was unable to relax, so I was searching for some sort of guidance (or distraction) online, on a chat site. I found someone who knew how to read Tarot, so I let them give me a free reading just for the fun of it.

I gave little information to this person about myself, but “the cards” told this individual a lot about ME and my current situation. Through the long detailed reading, it all came down to CHANGE and CHOICES I have to make in order to come out of my COMFORT ZONE and begin my career and move forward on achieving goals.

At the end of the reading, the last card that was read was the right-side-up Tower card, which is a card interpreted to mean something along the lines of “Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation” depending how the situation is handled. Basically, it is a card that shows the OUTCOME of the shift and change and the choices that are needed to be made. The outcome could be a calm, positive, new outlook or reaction, or a dramatic realization. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, just a sign of an outcome of a situation depending on decision, or idleness. The Tower card is a good sign for a NEW BEGINNING outside the ordinary confines of one’s CURRENT perception of their reality. The card may also be showing a time to MOVE FORWARD to achieve wanted accomplish goals and to resolve issues in relationships that are disrupting or distorting one’s view on their current reality.

(for more information on the Tower Tarot card or Tarot in general, you can go to this site: biddytarot.com)

At the end of the reading the individual, absentmindedly  asked, what phase the moon is currently in. The application on my computer told me it was the day of the new moon. When I told the individual this it surprised them and I both, because neither one of us were fully aware that it was the new moon. So, the reading fit perfectly with the current cycle of the moon, as did what I was feeling, because all my anxiety could be interpret as anticipation of the change happening.

So… from that day forward I noticed the changes happening within me (internally), that which reflected without (externally). During that two week period my energy was high, and my thoughts were pacing rapidly, but at the same time I was more aware and could control my thoughts and emotions a bit better. Once it neared the first quarter (waxing gibbous, first half of the moon phase), on October 1st, 2014, my energy again began to shift and my mind began to slowly relax. I began to enter a “Reflection” mode and, a couple days later, this blog was created (on October 3rd). By the next full moon I was even more aware of my emotional shift and began writing, once again, the insights that began to flood through me. The following week my emotions were calm, as well as my thoughts, and I was able to relax more, sort of as if I was in a “Retreat” state of being, to collect my scattered thoughts, and to restore the excess of energy that was used the following two weeks. I was still in the “calm” state of being as the last quarter (waning gibbous, last half of the moon phase) turned into the next New Moon.

The day before the new moon I started a new job, so I was already settling into a “new beginning” so to speak (the new moon was on October 24th 2014). I feel my energy rising once again, and I look forward to what the future holds for me, by enjoying the moment and being in the now! I’m grateful for my many blessings in life, and am enjoying my chosen path in life.

Pic found @ mysticmamma.com


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