Inside A Soul


There’s a fire deep within my soul, causing a burning sensation I just can not let go. What must this mean? I do not know. The feeling is coming from a depth within. Center of my chest where my heart lies feels light and hallow – but not in the disturbing numbing sense of repressed emotion – but in a sense as if I let something troubling go.

I walk a path less traveled, and along this path are dark shadows of neither certainty nor clarity. I wonder, as I pass these shadows, what they mean, what they are, and what their purpose is on my quest. Sometimes I look briefly at an unclear shadow, but it dissolves and wisps away in silent grace. Sometimes I hear a hissing whisper say “this is your destiny, I am your destiny, look at me!” but I do not turn my head…

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Changing with the Season

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Inside A Soul

A new season is here, in many parts of the “northern hemisphere”  leaves have changed from green to yellow, to shades of orange, and as the season deepens and winter nears, shades of brown. With each changing hue comes shifts in our energy fields – some individuals are aware of their energy changes, others are not or appear unaffected; it is all based on perception and belief.

With the coming of Autumn, for me, came a feeling of a mixture of happiness and a feeling of sadness, yet a decrease of my anxiety. I can look at this state of being symbolically in this way: as the temperature begins to drop, and the earth’s colors change, green grass begins to yellow and slow decease, as does the leaves upon the trees and animals prepare for hibernation, I to begin to change. I feel, so-to-speak, a part of me is “dying”…

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Comfort Zone

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Entering the Dark Unknown” from this blog post! Enjoy

Inside A Soul

Entering the dark unknown

The cliff is nearby, I can feel it’s’ tough, strong, steady presence near my still form. I have landed on the bottom of the dark unknown, but not in a standing position. No, rather, I landed awkwardly on my right hip, but the landing was light. The ground beneath me is rough but cool, as if at one point in time a river once flowed willingly, freely, but now has dried up. But there is always water beneath hard ground.

I stand slowly to my feet, a calm curiosity is felt within me. My eyes are wide, desperately trying to adjust to this deep darkness outside my comfort zone. My legs feel stiff, probably due to the fall. As I stand straight and tall, assessing my surroundings, my tight muscles in my thighs, calves, and feet relax. There is no pain in my right hip, as…

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Blind Walking

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Inside A Soul

AndrewFerezWalkingBlindlyIntotheUnknown(artist: Andrew Ferez)

It feels as if I am walking, walking blindly into unknown territory; as if a cloth is over my eyes, and a gentle wind at my back forcing me to move forward. But I’m stuck… is it fear? I think so. I feel as if I am being gently pushed off a cliff, a cliff I have walked patiently on for many moons, years maybe, pacing back and forth from the edge, afraid to get too close, afraid to peer over to see a hint of what could be there. But now there is a gentle wind behind me, forcing me to make tiny, awkward, clumsy steps forward.

I have one foot on the edge of the cliff, steady and securely on the rocky ground, and one foot over the edge. I feel gravity pulling my foot out further, so that my leg becomes outstretched. My…

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