Myths & Legends of India: The Lacquered Palace

Myth & Legends of India Duryodhana, Dhritarashtra’s eldest son by his wife Gandhari, and thus the leader of the Kauravas, has become consumed with hatred for the Pandavas, mainly because the people of Hastinapura are calling for Yudhishthira (eldest of the Pandavas) to be named as Dhritarashtra’s heir. Duryodhana persuades his father to send the … Continue reading Myths & Legends of India: The Lacquered Palace


Inside A Soul


There’s a fire deep within my soul, causing a burning sensation I just can not let go. What must this mean? I do not know. The feeling is coming from a depth within. Center of my chest where my heart lies feels light and hallow – but not in the disturbing numbing sense of repressed emotion – but in a sense as if I let something troubling go.

I walk a path less traveled, and along this path are dark shadows of neither certainty nor clarity. I wonder, as I pass these shadows, what they mean, what they are, and what their purpose is on my quest. Sometimes I look briefly at an unclear shadow, but it dissolves and wisps away in silent grace. Sometimes I hear a hissing whisper say “this is your destiny, I am your destiny, look at me!” but I do not turn my head…

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