Eostre (Oh-star-ah): The goddess of Spring  "With you, anything is possible the sun warms the winter chills flowers replace the winter snows you remind me that all is attainable nothing is out of reach." “Eostre Goddess of Spring represents the Maiden aspect of the Wiccan Triple Goddess – the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden … Continue reading Ostara

Inspirational Quote #2 – Marriage, Parenthood

Marriages stop. Marriages change. People are always saying a marriage “failed.” It’s such a negative way of putting it. Failure is terribly important. Perhaps that’s why I’m saying: the notion that failure is a negative thing is wrong. Emma Thompson I am not married, nor have I had experience with long-term relationships, despite being 29 … Continue reading Inspirational Quote #2 – Marriage, Parenthood

Birth of Spring

Spring is in the air with the hint of early summer warmth.

Inside A Soul


The breeze brings a hint of warmth in the air, letting us know spring is near in the Northern Hemisphere. As the days go by, the sun slowly rises earlier and remains in the sky longer. As the day’s go by the snow decreases and in time will cease and melt away. The spring rains and winds are now here, but they bring a hope of warm summer days with bloomed flowers of rainbow colors, lush green grass, and flourishing limbs of leaves upon tall and small trees. Life will begin, and hibernation will end. Little babies will be born to grow into adults who will provide and nourish the land. The birds that sing in the trees tell the story of life and confirm this truth: Spring is here. The Darkness has been defended, and it has retreated. Now the Light of the Sun is upon us once more…

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Wildflower Mantras

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~I’m a flower growing free and wild. My roots are nestled deeply in the ground.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. Nature is my course for growth.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. I am purely unharmed by external perspectives.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The colors of my petals are subtly intricate and dynamic.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The daintiness of my nature is protecting the strength within.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. I dance with the wind.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. My giving nectar is for the taking Life’s growth.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. My path is one unpaved and undisturbed by footprints.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. A step upon my stem will not break the heart within.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The sun is my light…

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It’s a Beautiful Day

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No cloud in sight, a cool breeze in the air

It’s a beautiful day

There is a sweet calm in the whispering breeze, beyond the hum of car engines and shouts of their drivers

It’s a beautiful day

The smell of brewing coffee hits the nose of sleepy heads, waking them in groggy awareness

It’s a beautiful day

The taste of a warm breakfast, beside the window, gazing out to the clear world

It’s a beautiful day

Dogs barking in the distance, and beside the backyard’s fence, proving there is life beyond these four walls

It’s a beautiful day

A wet tongue greets your bare leg, and you gaze down with a gentle smile at the hungry pooch

It’s a beautiful day

You laugh in delight after he joins the chorus of the trio’s barks outback

It’s a beautiful day

The busy morning routine begins, with the sound of…

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