Dream Journal Entry, 13: Animosity

The dream is a natural occurrence, and there is no reason why we should assume that it’s a crafty device to lead us astray. It occurs when consciousness and will are extinguished. Animosity – manifestation of both the anima and animus. The anima causes illogical moods, and the animus produces irritating platitudes and unreasonable opinions. Both … Continue reading Dream Journal Entry, 13: Animosity

Dream Journal Entry 11: Dialectical Discussion in Dreams

Collective works - C.G. Jung During the process ... the dialectical discussion leads logically to a meeting between the [individual] and his shadow the dark half of the psyche which we invariably get rid by means of projection: either by burdening our neighbors with all the faults which we obviously have ourselves, or the casting our sign upon a … Continue reading Dream Journal Entry 11: Dialectical Discussion in Dreams