Dream entry: Peculiarities, functions, extraverted attitude – C.G. Jung

The peculiarities of the basic psychological functions in the extraverted attitude:  - Thinking: as the result of general attitude of extraversion, thinking is orientated by the object and objective data. Thinking is fed from two sources: first from subjective and in the last resort unconscious roots, second from objective data transmitted through sense perceptions.   - … Continue reading Dream entry: Peculiarities, functions, extraverted attitude – C.G. Jung

Seasons Greetings in Love

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Inside A Soul

Hope you all are having a very special and happy holiday. This will be a post focused on an intense, powerful, emotion: Love.

I spent Christmas day with those I love, and I was given a special gift. It was a necklace of Stirling silver, that held an emblem of a tree with a quote on it stating: be the change you want to see in the world. I thought the gift is very suiting to my personality and chosen path in life. May we all be the change we’d like to see in the world…

Love, ah, such a simple one syllable word, yet so complex with no specific definition. Love, it is defined by all differently, and shown in different ways. Love, such a complex emotion, with more than one dimension, and spoken in all the worlds languages. Body, soul, mind, heart, universal – all is connected in…

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