Letting Go: Out with the Old, in with the…. Old?

Model in featured image: Julia Falcin

Check out my article at Harness magazine, a snip-bit from this post from 2015.


Inside A Soul

“The angels whisper words in my ear,
Words I need to hear,
They tell me to let go with no fear”

The past few years have been, at times, challenging, but over all rewarding. I am finding who I want to be, and who I am from within is finally reflecting on the outside. I now have purpose, direction, and self-determination. Many of my dreams and visions of my future are coming to clarity, and this is primarily due to changing thought processes and patterns of behavior.

This past year especially, I have learned to de-clutter, both around my home and within myself. I have let go of some past pattern of behaviors, changed my eating habits slightly, and exercise more. I cleaned out the closets in my home, and donated a lot of clothes to Goodwill. I began journaling, too, about my thoughts and memories. Writing down memories that…

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