The Crone

“old La Que Sabe, The One Who Knows." - C. P. Estes” The crone, the wisdom within, is the female counterpart of the wise old man, an archetype within the collective unconscious. The crone is an aspect of the ‘triple goddess’ within multiple religions, including ancient Greece and Ireland. Within the western world of the … Continue reading The Crone

The Legend of Hanuman, tale 3: Hanuman and the Herbs

Continuation from The Legend of Hanuman found through Synchronicity, tale 2: Hanuman's Childhood “Hanuman and the Herbs Pg. 39 in: Myths and Legends of India  “In the epic story of the Ramayana (which tells how the Rakshasa king Ravana abducted Rama’s wife Sita, and how Rama and his brother Lakshmana, assisted by the noble monkey-god … Continue reading The Legend of Hanuman, tale 3: Hanuman and the Herbs


Image found on Google Images It is funny. I began Yoga as a way to clear my mind, but also with the thought of learning to do the splits. I wanted a strong, controlled mind, but also a strong body without too much strain on my joints, hence something without weights, an activity I can … Continue reading Hanumanasana