Myth & Legends of India: Krishna, Naraka and the Founding of Dvaraka

Enjoy this tale from Myths & Legends of India ❤ Because Krishna is a major character in the epic, Vyasa - or those who hand down the epic orally, with many changes and additions - felt the need to include a full account of his life. The pretext for it is a conflict between Sisupala … Continue reading Myth & Legends of India: Krishna, Naraka and the Founding of Dvaraka

Archetypes Touched upon Again

Below is a collection of quotes from C.G. Jung’s Autobiography, Dreams, Memories, Reflections. The quote speak about the concept of the archetype (patterns of behavior/thought, and they mythological symbols and tales deriving from our unconscious mind, the collective unconscious), in its relation to self-development, religion, structure of the unconscious/psyche, and more. Jung dreams memories reflection “The figures … Continue reading Archetypes Touched upon Again

the Collective Unconscious further Explored

Unconsciousness and its dimensions further explored. The below passage is from C.G. Jung’s memoir ‘Dreams, Memories, Reflections'. It mentions the importance of recognizing ethically the symbols within our collective unconscious during childhood and through adulthood, and how it shaped our personalities and ways we view our external reality to which creates pattern if behavior/thought. Further … Continue reading the Collective Unconscious further Explored

C.G. Jung: Schizophrenia Cont. – Dr. & Patient interaction

A post on Schizophrenia and Psychosis, the imagery within the 'disorder', the religious aspect of ourselves, and the connection to the unconscious and in-turn ourselves through the building of rapport between doctor and patient. Jung dreams memories reflection - C.G. Jung “Through my work with the patients I realized that paranoid ideas and hallucinations contain … Continue reading C.G. Jung: Schizophrenia Cont. – Dr. & Patient interaction