Science Wonderment 3: Multiple Stages of Consciousness

Multiple stages of Consciousness post was inspired by a multiple of insights over the years. As those whom follow my blog regularly, may notice my interest in the human psyche, and the concept of consciousness. As 80% of our communication is body language, could it be that 80% of consciousness is unconscious as well? Just … Continue reading Science Wonderment 3: Multiple Stages of Consciousness

Alchemy #6

Alchemy and psychology go hand in hand. There is an opposition, a duality, in all of nature. Enjoy your self-discoveries. ❤ c.g.jung collective works vol. iii: Psychology of the transference: Introduction I: Alchemy didn't change into chemistry by gradually discovering how to break away from mythological premises, but it also became and had always been, a … Continue reading Alchemy #6

Life Affirmation

Life is a precious thing, to not be taken for granted. I believe any spiritual practice, if one decides to follow one, teaches us this, the importance of our lives and knowing where our priorities lie, and to work with fear not against it, because no matter what fear (our shadow) is there. I thank … Continue reading Life Affirmation