Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals

Since religion is one of the earliest and most universal expressions of the human mind, it’s obvious that any psychologist which touches upon the psychological structure of human personality can’t avoid that religion isn’t only a sociological and historical phenomenon, but also something of considerable personal concern to a great number of individuals.  Psychology, while having little … Continue reading Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals

Religion Post #8: Religion Archetypes & the Soul

Equilibrium: is a religio- careful consideration of ever-present unconscious forces which we neglect at our peril.   The individual's decision not to belong to a church doesn't necessarily denote an anti-Christian attitude; it may be exactly the reverse: a reconsideration of the kingdom of GOD in the human heart. Atenc, in the words of St. Augustine. "The mystcium pascheite" is accomplished "in interioribus a superioribus suis." … Continue reading Religion Post #8: Religion Archetypes & the Soul

Arial de Grey – Ch. 3 – Following Jah’s (GOD’s) Path

Quotes pasted from the Renaissance Game forum: March 27th, 1456...   Following Jah's Path:   Arial123 wrote: A couple days later Arial was found counting her savings at her kitchen table. She found after she was done counting that she has enough to level up. She is so happy that she will finally make her dream of going to … Continue reading Arial de Grey – Ch. 3 – Following Jah’s (GOD’s) Path