Dream entry: Peculiarities, functions, extraverted attitude – C.G. Jung

The peculiarities of the basic psychological functions in the extraverted attitude:  - Thinking: as the result of general attitude of extraversion, thinking is orientated by the object and objective data. Thinking is fed from two sources: first from subjective and in the last resort unconscious roots, second from objective data transmitted through sense perceptions.   - … Continue reading Dream entry: Peculiarities, functions, extraverted attitude – C.G. Jung


Enneagram Below is detailed information on what an Enneagram is and it’s relation to spirituality, mysticism, and the ‘New Age’ movement. Enneagram is the idea behind a ‘Mandala’, to which represents the wholeness of our Self and personality types. Enjoy some spiritual and scientific information! Source: Idea solar An enneagram is, literally, a drawing with … Continue reading Enneagram

Dream Entry: Attitude Types

Below is an entry about Attitude types within our psyche, the unconscious processes to which create our ego/consciousness and help us to have an understanding/perspective, of our external reality through our personas/personalities, and expression of our inner archetypes (patterns of behavior/patterns of thought). Below, is yet another, dream entry of mine. Everything is psychology, everything … Continue reading Dream Entry: Attitude Types