Little Big Dreams

More tid-bits from my imagination, from 2015. Another poem and couple of my sketches. Enjoy, Peace & Love ❤  ~*~   When my dreams come true…  That’s when I’ll find you…  When my dreams come true…  Only in my dreams [click scanned image] scan - 2019-01-19 11_28_57   ‘Kicking up dust’ on my way to … Continue reading Little Big Dreams

Myth & Legends of India: Krishna, Naraka and the Founding of Dvaraka

Enjoy this tale from Myths & Legends of India ❤ Because Krishna is a major character in the epic, Vyasa - or those who hand down the epic orally, with many changes and additions - felt the need to include a full account of his life. The pretext for it is a conflict between Sisupala … Continue reading Myth & Legends of India: Krishna, Naraka and the Founding of Dvaraka

Dawn within the Night

Check out this post @harnessmagazine ‘Dawn within the Night’

Inside A Soul


The moon and sun are distant lovers, to meet only distantly, opposite from one another. Though neither can be beside one another, one can not be without the other. The sun is the light of the moon, the moon is the other half of the sun; together they are a balancing act of creation. The moon with no sun is only a dark, cold, desolate land, and the sun with no moon to shine light upon is only a fiery ball of unpredictability, always spreading non-stop heat; he only would be a violent ball of destructive heat without his moon to shine on. But there are those rare occasions, when moon and sun come into alignment, and when that happens a night sweeps the landscape, as if there is a dawn within the night.

Let our bodies be an example of this. Our body is the moon, our lover is…

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