Arial de Grey – Ch. 9: The Death of Jersey Rocket

"And they called it, puppy love...." - Arial de Grey chapter 9: Death of Jersey Rocket:   Arial123 wrote: December 6th 1456…   Arial was wondering around town with a love letter in her hand, not knowing what to do or how to find who it belongs to.   The next morning she heads to the church, does her mass and everything as … Continue reading Arial de Grey – Ch. 9: The Death of Jersey Rocket

Inspirational Quote #2 – Marriage, Parenthood

Marriages stop. Marriages change. People are always saying a marriage “failed.” It’s such a negative way of putting it. Failure is terribly important. Perhaps that’s why I’m saying: the notion that failure is a negative thing is wrong. Emma Thompson I am not married, nor have I had experience with long-term relationships, despite being 29 … Continue reading Inspirational Quote #2 – Marriage, Parenthood