Life Affirmation

Life is a precious thing, to not be taken for granted. I believe any spiritual practice, if one decides to follow one, teaches us this, the importance of our lives and knowing where our priorities lie, and to work with fear not against it, because no matter what fear (our shadow) is there. I thank … Continue reading Life Affirmation

the Collective Unconscious further Explored

Unconsciousness and its dimensions further explored. The below passage is from C.G. Jung’s memoir ‘Dreams, Memories, Reflections'. It mentions the importance of recognizing ethically the symbols within our collective unconscious during childhood and through adulthood, and how it shaped our personalities and ways we view our external reality to which creates pattern if behavior/thought. Further … Continue reading the Collective Unconscious further Explored

Spirit Walks and Nature talks #7: The Archetypes found in Nature

Another snip-bit from Ted Andrew's Nature Speak . This post is related to the major archetypes of C.G. Jung: the hero, the magician, the warrior, and the wise one . The archetypes relate to mythology, and symbolism within our subconscious. This post will help you identify them in the nature that surrounds you daily.  I … Continue reading Spirit Walks and Nature talks #7: The Archetypes found in Nature