Dream Entry: Categories of Instinctual and Archetypical

- Psychic facts are as much needed of scrutiny and acknowledgement as scientific facts. The psyche is important. Everything, particular in the case of the atomic bomb, depends on the use to which these psychic factors are put, that's always the condition of one's mind. - Subjective consciousness: must, in order to escape this "doom", … Continue reading Dream Entry: Categories of Instinctual and Archetypical

Dream Entry: Parts of Symbols of Transformation Continued

"-The color blue, color of the air and sky, is used for depicting spiritual contents. The color red is the "warm" color that represents feelings and emotions. - Instinct image lies in ultra-violet part, archetype is violet as well. Instinct has two elements: it is experience as the physiological dynamism and it's multitudinous forms enter … Continue reading Dream Entry: Parts of Symbols of Transformation Continued

Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation

Bits and pieces from C.G Jung: Symbols of Transformation . This post introduces ancestral history to which is recorded in our unconscious and two types of thinking (direct and associative), Below is a dream entry of mine from 2011. Enjoy ❤ Basic writings of C.G. Jung: Parts of Symbols of Transformation: -Ancestral history is recorded … Continue reading Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation

Dream Entry: Attitude Types

Below is an entry about Attitude types within our psyche, the unconscious processes to which create our ego/consciousness and help us to have an understanding/perspective, of our external reality through our personas/personalities, and expression of our inner archetypes (patterns of behavior/patterns of thought). Below, is yet another, dream entry of mine. Everything is psychology, everything … Continue reading Dream Entry: Attitude Types

Dream Entry: Freedom of Opposites

“Wherever the psyche is set violently oscillation by a numinous experience, there is a danger that the thread by which one hands may be torn. Should that happen, one man tumbles into an absolute affirmation, another into an equally absolute negation. Nirdvandva (freedom of opposites) is the Orient’s remedy for this. The pendulum of the mind oscillates … Continue reading Dream Entry: Freedom of Opposites