Seasons Greetings in Friendship

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“Friendship lights the candle that scares away the darkness that life may bring
Friendship warms the heart and clears the mind of the pain
Friendship welcomes the rain that washes away the sadness that pain leaves behind
Friendship is like a warm blanket on a cold winter night
Friendship is that sense of belonging, sense of being found
Friendship knows when to come, and knows when to stay.
Friendship brightens up our darkest day.
Friendship is never too far away.”

(poem written on September 21st, 2009)

I wrote this poem five years ago, when I felt trust toward a friend who is no longer in my life, but they helped me through a period in my life that was emotionally troubling to me internally, even though on the outside nothing was different. My life was calm, and my family was fine, nothing out of the ordinary life struggles of…

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Dream entry 5: “Going Black under the Skin”

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