Dream Entry: Parts of Symbols of Transformation Continued

"-The color blue, color of the air and sky, is used for depicting spiritual contents. The color red is the "warm" color that represents feelings and emotions. - Instinct image lies in ultra-violet part, archetype is violet as well. Instinct has two elements: it is experience as the physiological dynamism and it's multitudinous forms enter … Continue reading Dream Entry: Parts of Symbols of Transformation Continued

Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation

Bits and pieces from C.G Jung: Symbols of Transformation . This post introduces ancestral history to which is recorded in our unconscious and two types of thinking (direct and associative), Below is a dream entry of mine from 2011. Enjoy ❤ Basic writings of C.G. Jung: Parts of Symbols of Transformation: -Ancestral history is recorded … Continue reading Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation

Dream Entry: Attitude Types

Below is an entry about Attitude types within our psyche, the unconscious processes to which create our ego/consciousness and help us to have an understanding/perspective, of our external reality through our personas/personalities, and expression of our inner archetypes (patterns of behavior/patterns of thought). Below, is yet another, dream entry of mine. Everything is psychology, everything … Continue reading Dream Entry: Attitude Types