Year 6

Today, is the day, maybe by happenstance or indiffinent circumstance, that which I decided to create a blog post on this day. It is now, officially, my sixth year on Wordpress as a blogger, posting at least Once a week majority of the months. I still, continue, to grow and develop, and to share what inspires me, and what … Continue reading Year 6

Arial de Grey, Ch. 6: Wildflower Field

{Coventry}   Wildflower Field   September 1455 (2007)   Quote: Taian's mind was strangely wandering, floating, on places, things, events far away from him and where he was now. He thought much on the battles that he led in Cathay, the many scars and all the bloodshed that represented his past. Fickle, he thought, the way a mind would wander from the now and present. "I could … Continue reading Arial de Grey, Ch. 6: Wildflower Field

Arial de Grey – Ch. 5 – The Cave at Crater Falls

Role play 2 with Renaissance Kingdom game character Taian  August – September 1455 (2007)   {Coventry}   The Cave at Crater Falls   Quote: At the base of a cliff, not too far from the falls themselves, Taian stumbled upon a small opening in the ground. It was no larger than about five meters in length and a spare few wide. The whole looked … Continue reading Arial de Grey – Ch. 5 – The Cave at Crater Falls