Dream Entry: Recapitulation of the Extraverted Rational Type

More from C.G. Jung and my dream journal entries. Peace & Love ❤ Reasoning judgment represents a power that coerces the messy and accidental things of life into definite terms; on the other hand the independence and influence of those psychic functions which perceive life's happenings are restricted. Reasoning a judgment are repressed and in … Continue reading Dream Entry: Recapitulation of the Extraverted Rational Type

Alchemy #4

Alchemy – in Jung’s View – is “processes arising from the individual psyche are described encoded” (prima materia, unus mundus, Mercurius, filium philosophorum, lapis and more (decrypted by Jung)) Read my post: the Light of the Sun for literature detail.  Unconsciousness as a Multiple consciousness:  Seintillae (sparks) - visual illusions in the "arcane substance" - the soul is identical with "Sparks of white light", the spirit of … Continue reading Alchemy #4

Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation

Bits and pieces from C.G Jung: Symbols of Transformation . This post introduces ancestral history to which is recorded in our unconscious and two types of thinking (direct and associative), Below is a dream entry of mine from 2011. Enjoy ❤ Basic writings of C.G. Jung: Parts of Symbols of Transformation: -Ancestral history is recorded … Continue reading Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation