Life Affirmation

Life is a precious thing, to not be taken for granted. I believe any spiritual practice, if one decides to follow one, teaches us this, the importance of our lives and knowing where our priorities lie, and to work with fear not against it, because no matter what fear (our shadow) is there. I thank … Continue reading Life Affirmation


Katie Z Robinson "Dreamtime. Pay attention to your DREAMS AND VISIONS. There's a place underneath the conscious mind, below the instinctual self, where one's usual identity is dissolved and you are pure witness, observing your experience from a completely detached perspective. This place is called the creative, where all apparent boundaries between self and others … Continue reading Dreamtime

Little Big Dreams

More tid-bits from my imagination, from 2015. Another poem and couple of my sketches. Enjoy, Peace & Love ❤  ~*~   When my dreams come true…  That’s when I’ll find you…  When my dreams come true…  Only in my dreams [click scanned image] scan - 2019-01-19 11_28_57   ‘Kicking up dust’ on my way to … Continue reading Little Big Dreams

Legends & Mythology of India: Ravanna’s Stupidity

Here is another tale from Myths & Legends of India This tale is related to a god, Ravana. Ravana is a legendary king, found in the legend Ramayana. Here is a snip-bit from wikipedia: Ravana (IAST: Rāvaṇa; /ˈrɑːvənə/;[1] Sanskrit: रावण, Tamil: இராவணன்), Sinhala: මහා රාවණා), is the primary antagonist in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana … Continue reading Legends & Mythology of India: Ravanna’s Stupidity