Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals

Since religion is one of the earliest and most universal expressions of the human mind, it’s obvious that any psychologist which touches upon the psychological structure of human personality can’t avoid that religion isn’t only a sociological and historical phenomenon, but also something of considerable personal concern to a great number of individuals.  Psychology, while having little … Continue reading Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals

Arial de Grey, Ch. 6: Wildflower Field

{Coventry}   Wildflower Field   September 1455 (2007)   Quote: Taian's mind was strangely wandering, floating, on places, things, events far away from him and where he was now. He thought much on the battles that he led in Cathay, the many scars and all the bloodshed that represented his past. Fickle, he thought, the way a mind would wander from the now and present. "I could … Continue reading Arial de Grey, Ch. 6: Wildflower Field