High Priestess: Ch. 1 – The Beginning

First life, Ariel_RP with player Eurydice [change Ari]. This is my first character in Native Kingdoms, a connected game to Renaissance Kingdoms, played same way. - I feel now, as I review this document/writing [back in January 2020], that Eurydice was played by a male in real life, whom suffered from a mental disorder, multiple personality or schizophrenia, and … Continue reading High Priestess: Ch. 1 – The Beginning

Ancestral Memory

As a teenager, I spent the majority of my high school lunch periods in the library reading, exploring my imagination, loving my fantasy world which I had control over more than my external reality. The series of books that stuck out most to me in these years was the Earth Children Series by Jean Auel. The series triggered within me … Continue reading Ancestral Memory