Alchemy, Part II

Below is more symbolism related to ancient Alchemy and it's significance within the world around us, and the universe. Enjoy ❤ ~~~*~~~ Alchemy symbols "(Great Work)"  - Sun - Symbol: Gold Crescent Moon - Symbol:- Silver Time and Date Venus - Symbol: Copper  Mars - Symbol: Iron Space Facts Jupiter - Symbol: Tin Mercury - … Continue reading Alchemy, Part II


Enneagram Below is detailed information on what an Enneagram is and it’s relation to spirituality, mysticism, and the ‘New Age’ movement. Enneagram is the idea behind a ‘Mandala’, to which represents the wholeness of our Self and personality types. Enjoy some spiritual and scientific information! Source: Idea solar An enneagram is, literally, a drawing with … Continue reading Enneagram

Dream Entry: Categories of Instinctual and Archetypical

- Psychic facts are as much needed of scrutiny and acknowledgement as scientific facts. The psyche is important. Everything, particular in the case of the atomic bomb, depends on the use to which these psychic factors are put, that's always the condition of one's mind. - Subjective consciousness: must, in order to escape this "doom", … Continue reading Dream Entry: Categories of Instinctual and Archetypical