Death Sermo II

Translated by C.G. Jung, composed by St.Basilides in Alexandria - #2 of the 7 Sermons to the Dead “God is distinguished from created beings through this, that he is more indefinite and indeterminable than they. He is less distinct than created beings, since the ground of his being is effective fullness. Only in so far … Continue reading Death Sermo II

High Priestess – Ch. 3 – Death of an old-Self

Ariel has returned to the beloved clan of Tecmilco to die, or so she thought. She had spent many months away from this town due to a disagreement that ended her relationship with Eurydice. Though their relationship ended, Ariel’s love did not. Months went by of Ariel being numb from the pain and anger of losing her … Continue reading High Priestess – Ch. 3 – Death of an old-Self