High Priestess – Ch. 5 – 2nd life: Yartzi


Yartzi is a self-made warrior, defender of the peace, lover of the Earth. She was born on the fullest of moons, on the coldest of nights, on high tide. She loves the spirit of the water; it is her true friend. She tells her deepest secrets to the water spirit.  
Her parents died in battle, defending the peace, but Yartzi does not mourn for them. She knows the gods are taking care of her.  
Yartzi is only thirteen right now, just starting her life on her own. She’s just recently a woman, but hopes one day to be big and strong. Hopes to run the temple one day, too. She loves worshiping the gods and defending peace! 

[signs of me wanting to be something of importance; high sense of spirituality present here; signs of a leader forming] 


Yartzi is sad this day. She is sitting in her hut, away from the world and her simple duties. She is crying, a sad lonely cry. She is crying because the hurt inside her has built up and needed to be let out.  
She’s crying for the loss of her parents, and the loss of her newly found friend. She thought she found a new companion, someone she could spend her time with… but it was just a dream. A lie, a hallucination. Was too good to be true, this interesting Eurydice who entered her life briefly.  
It is ok, though. Yartzi will get use to being alone, but for now she is crying. Letting this knowledge set in, consume her, before she gets back to her duties. 

[still struggling with the friendship of the deceiving Eurydice, my depression ever present. Sometimes, people do suck.] 

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