High Priestess – CH. 4 – Ariel

As Ariel was unconscious she had a dream. In her dream she saw a fair skinned male. His skin was lightly tan from the sun, making it appear golden. His eyes and hair were the same golden color of his skin. He sat beside her on the ground as her wrists were bleeding.  
Ariel looked towards him with a puzzled look. She has never seen a man who looked like him. She has seen dark skin as far as the horizon, even in her travels. She has never seen a man of such fair skin, hair, and eyes matching the sun rays.  
“Who…Who are you?” stutters Ariel weakly in astonishment. She found the man beautiful. Not handsome, beautiful. Beautiful was the only word to describe him.  
“I am the spirit of this Golden Fruit Tree and I appear to you to warn you about the choice you are making. You are in a state that is unstable and it is unwise to make hasty choices in this state. You cursed me for a reason that is untrue. You stated that I sent the wrong message to your beloved Eurydice, you were very wrong. I did no such thing, I sent her your love. You worshiped me every dawn, and for that I am grateful still. Your words made me bloom beautifully and made me very strong. For that, I will not punish you for your harsh words you used against me.  
“I am giving you a choice. You can choose to die here, now, and live a damned soul for eternity, for a suicidal death such as the one you seem to be choosing is an unforgivable fate. Your soul will be destroyed, completely, because of it.  
“A man you know very well is helping you as we speak. He is healing your wounds, praying for you to return to consciousness. You do not want his prayers to go in vain, now do you? If you were wise, you would choose life. But the choice is yours. You know the consequences of each choice.”  
He stops speaking and waits patiently for Ariel’s response.  
Ariel takes a few moments to respond. In those moments she thinks of the good times she has had while a live. With Eury… Cutter…. Rea… Cuan though he will soon be dead if he hasn’t been murdered yet… The good times make her want to return to life. But what completely made her want to accept life instead of death was Cutter. She knows he is the man who the spirit of the Golden Fruit Tree is speaking of.  
“I will live.” As soon as those words left her lips her dream began to fade away, turning into darkness.  
She soon opens up her eyes. Her eye lids are heavy, she can only open them half way. She looks groggily around the room. Her vision is a bit blurry, but she knows that she is in her little hut that she rarely spends time in. She always spent time in the garden, rarely her hut. She looks to the right of her, on the floor in a bed of straw lies a form of a man, Ariel assumes. Her little hut is in nothing but shadows, the moon must be out already.  
“Cutter?” speaks Ariel softly. Her voice sounded weak and faint, she does not know if he heard her.  
She doesn’t attempt to speak again. She lays and stares at the ceiling of her hut. She lets her mind wonder to where ever it will lead her. She has not one particular thought she is concentrating on. 

[I will say this. I am defiantly meant to be a writer. These beginning writings are pretty good! When I write from true emotion, for real emotion and pain I felt in this writing, magic forms that lasts. Thank you, all those online characters, I interacted with, you helped me from and be a great writer! More to learn and grow of course, but I do appreciate these earlier experiences.] 


Cutter is quietly lying on the floor on some hay he hastily gathered outside and trying to sleep finally. He has been waiting for Ariel to wake up forcing her to drink some pineapple juice couple of times a day. And lots of the time he has just been watching her absently, deep in his thoughts. At least he finally has time to go through and think about the recent events.  
Everything seems odd and conflicting. He is sure something isn’t like it seems to be, more than one thing isn’t. But what exactly is it that is deceiving is impossible for him to say at this point. Especially Rae has been acting weird and generally he just haven’t been able to understand women much lately.  
All he knows is that he misses Rae badly when she is away. Same time he feels very close to Ariel while nursing her or watching her sleeping. She has been there for him ever since they got to know each other better and she has been a good friend, sometimes his only friend. He is forever in her debt for that.  
His thoughts suddenly get interrupted by a weak voice behind him. Ariel is awake?!  
Cutter turns on his back and tensely waits if he can hear it again. His eyes wander to where Ariel is lying on her bed. Are her eyes open even?  
He scampers up and opens the curtain keeping the hut dark and looks at Ariel. 


Ariel’s eyes were only half open. She may appear as if she is sleeping but she is not. She’s still staring at the ceiling thinking of nothing in particular. Her head is still cloudy from the recent event.  
Ariel squints her eyes once the curtain that has been placed over her window was pulled back. When did I place a curtain over the window? Wonders Ariel. She looked to her right and notices Cutter standing beside her, looking at her with curious eyes.  
She smiles a small smile at him. “How long have we been here?” She asks him, her voice soft and weak sounding still. She hopes he can hear her clearly. 


Cutter moves a little closer smiling warmly back at Ariel. He heard what she said mostly and guessed the rest but it’s better to be a little closer. His heart is beating out of joy and happiness as the fears he has been pushing away for days fade away a little and lose the strangling grip they have held on his heart. He feels relieved. He responds to her slowly and purposefully a bit unaccurately.  
Several days Ariel… but it is alright. How are you feeling my dear?  
He lightly places his hand on her forehead and feels her for fever. Smiling pleasedly and sighing out of long waited relief he moves his hand over her hand to squeeze it gently. 

[Side note… I wonder why he chose Cutter as his user name…] 


A look of shock forms on Ariel’s face.  
“I have been out for days then?” Ariel asks in a shocked tone. She whinces and rubs her throat that is sore. Her voice sounded scratchy from lack of use. It was a bit of an effort for her raise her voice like she did.  
“I dreamt of the spirit of the yellow fruit tree. It felt recent, this dream. He told me you saved me. I had a chance to leave this world, but he told me I should stay. I had other dreams, too. Of places I have never been. People with fair skin and hair who lived in strange homes, bigger than the huts we have here. I can’t explain. I was floating in my dreams. Flying.” She knows her words probably sounded crazy to Cutter’s ears but she felt them as true. She felt that the spirit of the yellow fruit tree did visit her. How else would she still have the will to be here? And as for the other dreams, she had them too. Rich dreams of places she knows exist on this earth but she has never seen them. The remembrance of these dreams came to her as soon as Cutter spoke to her.  
She stayed silent for a few moments. Forgetting almost the question cutter asked her.  

Cutter wrote: 
How are you feeling my dear? 

“Groggy. Tired… my throat is sore,” she responds to his question. She attempts at sitting up, but when she does her head feels as if it is spinning. She realizes she can’t even do that as of yet. A headache begins to form now from the effort of her movement. “My head hurts now, too.” 


Cutter nods in response to her questions and his smile widens as she speaks. She seems to speak a lot, damn lot for someone that is still recovering. It has to mean that she is recovering even faster than he thought possible. Maybe the cuts weren’t as bad as he thought.  
Pulling a bucket half full of fruits of sorts he speaks again to her, softly.  
Ariel, you have to eat now that you are awake.  
He extends the bucket towards her.  
I’ll check if I can find something salty while you start with these. You need your energy back!  
He smiles at her friendly. 


She smiles at him as he shows her the bucket of fruit. She doesn’t want to eat. She wants to go back to her dreams, but she knows she has to return to earth. To make Cutter happy she takes a few small fruits, must be strawberries or grapes. She eats them, though they had no taste to her.  
She watches him leave the hut, knowing he’ll return soon. Once he’s gone she lays back down once again. Her head is a little more clear now that she ate something. She doesn’t pounder too hard on things right now. Not even her dreams. They aren’t worth pondering over to her now, since she can not return back to the places her dreams took her. She has no choice now but to move forward, in this life, outside her fantasies.  
She waits for Cutter’s return. 


Not knowing how long Ariel will stay awake and knowing that she will not live with just fruits Cutter walks around the village till he finds someone with a freshly cooked warm meaty meal and trades for it. First the villager doesn’t want to sell it even when he offers an extremely good price but when he tells who it is for, he gets what he wants and for less than he offered.  
Hastily Cutter returns to Ariel’s hut and helps her up into a sitting position placing some pillows behind her back. He takes a seat on her bed and holds the meal out for her.  
Do you have strength to eat yourself or will I have to feed you?  
Cutter grins a bit wickedly, he bets Ariel would rather take care of herself. Or just sleep… 


Ariel was dozing off when Cutter entered the hut. Hearing him enter wakes her completely. She watches him walk up beside her. She lets him help her sit up and thanks him. She notices the food in his hands and frowns.  
“Do I have to eat it?” she asks. By the look on his face she knows the answer is yes. She lets out a sigh and accepts the food.  
“I can feed myself,” she tells him after he asked if she was capable of feeding herself. “Thank you though… for everything.”  
She begins to slowly eat the meal Cutter brought her. 


Watches Ariel eating smiling and happy to see her doing what living people do. Having sworn to take care of her he will keep a close eye on her until she recovers enough to get by with the daily life on her own. After that, who knows… 


Days begin to drift by like a quiet wind. Her healthy gets more and more better each day. She finds her strength returning fast, she has always valued her strong will… she is glad she never did lose it.  
Soon food began to taste good to her again and she ate more of it without it bringing pain to her stomach. With in a few days she could sit up on her own, and even stand for a few moments. In two weeks time she was able to walk around, though course not very far.  
On the day she was feeling very well, had energy and strength to step outside of the hut even, a messenger arrived at her small hut and gave her the message from Rea. She hurriedly opened the letter to read it.  
Readerlea wrote:  

My dear Ariel,  
I wanted to let you know I have arrived in Epatlan. I am hoping you are not far behind. I have started to prepare things for your arrival. I look forward to seeing you again soon. The time without you has seemed long and senseless.  

She wants to reply back, but hasn’t learned to write well. She was taught to read, but writing was not a strong suit of hers. She has no writing material even. She asked the young boy if he did and if he knew how to write. He said no to both. She thanked him, gave him a couple quachtli, and walked with him to the path that lead to the clan hall. There she’s sure she’ll find someone who can write her a message to send off to Rea.  
With in minutes she arrived at the Clan Hall. There she spoke to the town’s mentor. He said he’d help her with a letter. She told him what to write:  

Dear Rea,  
I am now in Tecmilco, someone from Haux must have mentioned me traveling here because I got this message in Tecmilco. I am glad it reached me. By the time you get this message I will be in Epatlan with you I am sure. I am glad for your message. There is much to talk to you about. I hope you are doing well.  
We have lots to catch up on. Hope to see you soon.  
– Ariel 

Ariel read over the letter and nodded at the man in a silent thanks for his help. She then handed the message to the young boy who gave her the message from Rea. She asked him to give this reply message to her. She gave him a couple more quachtli. He happily accepted the money and left to send off her message to Rea.  
As Ariel left the Clan Hall she looked down at her bandaged wrists. They were just recently wrapped. Looking down at her wrists she realizes that she will be leaving Cutter alone… Ariel doesn’t know why, but a feeling came over her she can’t explain (insanity maybe?). She just feels she has to leave the clan of Tecmilco, and soon.  
Ariel returns to her hut, takes a few things for her travel, and leaves it once again. She heads down the road, heading for the edge of the Clan to leave it. This time she is hoping for good. 

[I tend to run from my problems, a sign of avoidance. At least during this time I did, so here I am, running in spirit, fiction form lol] This is the end of my first character in Native Kingdoms, as Ariel… more to come though!] 

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