High Priestess – Ch. 3 – Death of an old-Self

Ariel has returned to the beloved clan of Tecmilco to die, or so she thought. She had spent many months away from this town due to a disagreement that ended her relationship with Eurydice. Though their relationship ended, Ariel’s love did not. Months went by of Ariel being numb from the pain and anger of losing her love. She contemplated ways to destroy the one who destroyed her heart, shattering it to pieces so small they are almost invisible. She thought about joining the enemy army even, just to try to kill Eury. She never did this, though. Instead of getting her revenge, she roamed the Aztec plain empty of feeling. Empty of thoughts even. On her days of travel she spent much time with Eurydice’s parents and became very close to them. They kept her alive, if it were not for them Ariel would be dead by now for sure. A skeleton laying in the desert, a skeleton that once had flesh and blood that ran with love for a blind woman. Eury was blind to Ariel’s feelings towards her.  

Soon, too soon, Eurydice’s parents could not make her happy any longer. She told them, with eyes filled with bittersweet tears, that she will return to the town she once shared happily with her love to die. Die in the enchanted garden, with the company of only her thoughts. They wanted to go with her, to stop her, but they knew they could not. So they let her go, with a heavy heart Ariel is sure.  

Ariel did not want to hurt them, for she loved them deeply. But after hearing the news of Eury being blessed with a child, and then giving an early birth to a baby boy, Ariel could not take it any longer. She wanted no part of the demon child, so Ariel thought he was. A demon who entered the world to destroy the last string of hope Ariel had of mending her relationship with Eury.  
On her way back to Tecmilco, she cut through a valley that led to a mountain. A mountain that Ariel sensed a garden laid. The garden where Eurydice and her small family reside. Ariel ventured to this garden, peaking through the overgrown bushes and plants, only to find a hut. A hut Eurydice and her family resided. Two days she watched this hut in the bushes unnoticed. What she saw saddened her and at the same time made her somewhat happy for Eury. She saw Cuan and Eury showing love towards each other. She saw the little boy in Eury’s arms. Ariel knew she had no place in their lives any longer. After two days of watching the lovemaking, Ariel walked back to the trail that will lead her to her death, to the Garden of Tecmilco.  
She walked two days non-stop. Day and night, with no food nor drink of water. She traveled as if she were a ghost, invisible with no real earthly feeling. That’s all she is. A ghost in the guise of flesh. She was ready for her death.  
She finally came to the Garden of Tecmilco on the sunrise of the third morning of her jounry from the mountain where Eury and her family reside.  
She walked to the area where her and Eury spent much of her time, the area with the golden fruit. Here the river also flowed through. Ariel took a gulp of fresh water. It felt good running down her parch throat, but she only took one drink of the fresh water. She sat down under the golden fruit tree. She had no thought of moving from the spot. She sat down and closed her eyes to sleep. A sleep she hoped to not wake up from. Her eyes were only closed for a few moments before an instinct inside her told her to open them and look across from where she sat. She did this. Right in front of her, under another golden fruit tree, she saw a dusty woven basket. The basket that her, Eury, and Cuan collected these golden fruit. Ariel was a bit perplexed at seeing the basket, but was glad. A hint of happiness ran through her for an instant, causing a smile to form upon her lips. It was only a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. A smile that hasn’t reached her lips for many months now. It felt good to smile, even if it only lasted one moment.  
Arial walked over to the basket now full of dust and a few weeds. Arial put lied beside the basket and wrapped her arms around it. She then closed her eyes to sleep forever, or so she hoped.  
Ariel slept all the day, and well into the night. She awoke with stars twinkling brightly in the sky, and the crescent moon high in the sky, shining some light upon the river, making it glisten like diamonds. Ariel looked towards the moon for a while. She connected with the moon rather well. It looked sad to her, reflecting her inner feelings, yet at peace. Ariel feels a peace inside her as well.  
For a reason unknown to her, she looked up towards the branches of the tree. She saw that the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. A golden fruit was hanging low, tempting itself for her to stand up and grab it. Ariel gave in to the temptation with no fight. She stood up, reached for the fruit, and plucked it off the branch. She took a bite, expecting a taste of sweetness that the fruit always had, but instead found a bitter sour taste. Ariel did not like the taste, but she ate it all to the core anyway. Food to her was tasteless, as well as the fresh spring water. Nothing had a taste to her. She decided then to not eat the fruit, and barely drink the water. If she were to die, she would let it happen. She knows by not eating she will die. So she did just that. Stopped eating.  
For weeks she stopped eating almost entirely. She became very thin and weak. One day she was too weak to move towards the river to get a small drink. She knew death was near, and she was glad for this. She smiled a last small smile before closing her eyes, drifting into a peaceful sleep.  
Her sleep was disturbed by a peculiar dream. A dream that she remembered once she woke up, a dream that brought her back to life.  
It was about Eury. In the dream Cuan left Eury and the baby alone in the hut. Eury was crying alone, begging for her Ariel to return to her. Ariel saw the baby too, in Eury’s arms. This image stuck with her when she awoke.  
Ariel knew she had to stay a live, but her health is too weak right now to travel. She forced herself to crawl to the river and many long drinks of the water until it filled her stomach. A few minutes later she ate a fruit, two fruit. The fruit almost came back up, not wanting to stay in her stomach, but Ariel forced them to stay down. Her stomach pained, but she let it pain. She refused to starve herself any longer.  
So she ate the fruit and drank the water until she was strong enough to travel. With in a few weeks she was back on the road, heading towards Eurydice. To her love who needs her. Ariel hopes this time, that their love will last. Only time can tell what will happen. 

[This was a huge sign. When my friendship with Eurydice began to faulter due to the numerous accounts he was creating and making role-play relationships with. The leaders of the ‘enemy army’ in the game learned Eurydice’s true nature, and knew her to be a player whom had multiple clones and a hacker in real life. They knew her and tried to beat her in the game because of it. Guess the 2D game was more complicated than it appeared lol. I didn’t know this at the time, just now connecting the dots as I re-read this junk. All I knew at the time of this written post, was that I was losing a friend. All I ever wanted was to be loved and accepted… I was in a depressive state during this time too, as reflected in my writing] 


After traveling with the army for very long time Eurydice entered her home town together with some of her faithful warriors… She took part in many battles, she met many criminals and destroyed lots of enemies. Lots of her brave warriors were injured or died facing the enemy in the battlefields… But the Sun God kept its shield over Eurydice and saved her alive even in the most fierce battles… Sun God wanted Eurydice to see her dear home once again… To breath the fresh air of Tecmilco garden again… Sun God didn’t want to come her home alone… During the war days she gave a birth. Sun God gave her the baby. She holds a sword in one hand and her baby in another. That was the will of the Sun God she prays to…  
Eurydice leaves the group of her warriors and takes a walk over the town. She wants to show the town to her baby… The town she was born… She walks slow… Lots of feelings come to her heart… She looks at the calm huts of Tecmilco people… Smiles as she sees the bonfires flaming at their houses… Looks at the peaceful people she loves a lot…  
She comes to the Town Pyramid… The feelings in her hear become stronger… Kneels in front of the Tecmilco Pyramid and prays… She remembers her days she was sitting on the top of it and blessing Tecmilco people… Praying for them… Defending them… Sacrificing her blood to Sun God to bless Tecmilco people… Kisses the ground in front of Divine Pyramid and whispers:  
– Dear Tecmilco… Dear people of Tecmilco… I will always love you… I will always defend you…  
Eurydice gets up… Takes her baby and her sword. Walks slow… Takes off her sandals to feel the ground of her home land… Feels the sand of the path and that makes her to cry…  
– The same streets… The same sand… The same bonfires… The same air… Look my dear baby… here is the town your mother was born. The town our family had to live…  
Holds her baby strong and comes to the walls of the town. Holds her sword stronger… Much stronger… She remembers the bloody battles at the walls of Tecmilco…  
– Look my dear baby… Fighting at these walls I grew up as a warrior… Here I had my first battles… Here my sword killed the first enemy… We never lost a single battle at these walls… Sun God was blessing and keeping the shield above us… He wanted us to become strong warriors…  
Eurydice walked further… She walked into the garden… The garden of her childhood, love and dreams… The garden she grew up… Played being little girl… Met her first love… She could not hold her pain any more… She bursts into tears… Puts her baby on the grass, puts the sword aside… lays on the grass and breaths deep… Feels the smell of fruits and hears the murmur of the lake… Sits on the grass… Looks around… And notices that she and her baby are not alone in the garden… Looks careful at the person she noticed… Stands up and walks towards the figure she sees… Looks careful and recognizes Ariel sitting by the lake… Walks close to her and gives her a hug… Sits besides her and thinks…:  
“…Ariel… She has sent me to Hell and wished me death… She thinks my baby being a Demon and shows him hatred… That I will NEVER forget… She wanted to join enemy army and to kill me but she failed to do it… Enemy army at any way could not take her even if she was begging for that… Only warriors fight in armies and she is not a warrior and will never be… She is too weak even to hold a sword in her hands… She knew that she never could kill me in combat… But she still wanted to send enemy army and to kill me in the most mean way… All these harsh cruelties she dares to call LOVE…?”  
Eurydice feels she can’t hold her tears any more… So she decides to say some words to Ariel and to leave not to show her tears..  
– I am leaving tonight together with my people. If you wanna you can follow us and to live together… If not… it will be your choice..  
Gets up and walks away crying hard… Takes her baby from the grass and holds him tight… Takes her sword and leaves the garden with her heart in the biggest pain she ever had… She remembers that she forgot to visit her abandoned hut, the house she grew up and lived… But the pain is so hard and tears are too heavy… She decides to return to her military camp and to hide in the tent from the cruel world… 

[his writing was better in this post, was kinda good actually. Fun times in fantasy…] 



The last night she had in this garden was the worst night of her life. SHe had a dream of Eury misunderstanding her words again. She even had a dream that Eury’s parents turned against her. Left her in the dark while they gave all their love to Eury and none to her.  
Ariel cries bitter tears at this thought. She tried so hard. Came to the brink of death, got back to fit… for what? Just to be let down again! UGH!  
Ariel can not take the hurt anymore. She takes the knife she carried in her pocket. A knife that is now dull. She stabs it hard into her wrist. She does it again and again until it bleeds good. Each thrust she lets out a scream filled with hurt and rage. Not hurt from what the knife caused, but the hurt of her heart breaking even more.  
She stabs her other wrist again and again too, still screaming her rageing hurt filled screams. She then lays back down under the Golden fruit tree. The tree she thought once worth of worshiping, now she fears it is cursed. It has betrayed her, sending her message to Eury wrong. The tree betrayed her. Worse of all. She had no way of making it right.  
She lays down under this tree, letting the blood flow from her wrists until she becomes weak and numb. Numb to any feeling. Ariel loves this numbness… Her eyes soon close, tears long dried. Ariel’s drifting… drifting away… 

[intense… I am a pretty good writer lol] 

Cutter (player) 

Cutter has just arrived in Tecmilco not too long ago and is happily hanging around the town hoping to meet with someone, perhaps with one of the two people that are dearest to him in this clan: Ariel or his adopted step daughter Eury… or both same time if he gets really lucky. That would make him very happy. [perv] 
He is smiling at the thought of this happening when his usual pleasant day dreaming is interrupted with a horrible scream that scare his heart to a point it freezes middle of a beat, fully stopping for this short moment the first screams last. It feels like torturing eternity, not because of how horrible screams are, but because he recognizes it.  
ARIEL!!! ShockedShockedShockedThe screams cause him a huge adrenaline rush that wakes him up from his day dreaming and in an instant. He finds himself rushing and running towards the voice faster than humanly possible leaping over some obstacle like a jaguar with a fire under its tail. In a flash he is with Ariel shocked at the sight and not knowing what had happened to lead to the situation but no time to think. He stops her from hitting her other wrist too more than she already has in her blind rage.  
Ariel doesn’t seem to respond to his repeated alarmed calls. He presses his thumb strongly over the wound on the worse damaged wrist gradually stopping the blood from gushing out. Luckily the other wrist didn’t suffer as much.  
Cutter keeps Ariel’s head and upper body on his lap and her less damaged arm over his shoulders. The other arm he holds as high as he can too to help to decrease the blood pressure and further lessening the bleeding. It seems that Ariel didn’t even seem to notice him getting there and stopping her. Her awareness just wasn’t there enough anymore.  
Ariel seems to mumble something still. The words are not meant for him anyway. How could they? She doesn’t seem to know he is there. Then she finally fully loses her consciousness.  
Nothing more he can do after the bleeding stops but to rip his new shirt and tend her wounds with some herbs he always has handy when he travels and then bind them the best he can. He had learned this all as a young child already. In the rebel camp where he spent his youth this was an useful skill and unfortunately all too often needed and thus taught to everyone. Today he thanks the gods he doesn’t believe in for these skills.  
After finishing treating her wounds he holds Ariel gently some more while carefully watching the bandages to make sure they don’t bleed too much anymore. He smiles in the end content with the results. Then he looks at Ariel’s face which looks calm now and tenderly caresses the poor girl’s hair. She looks beautiful as ever and he leans in to softly to kiss her face finally allowing himself to briefly grieve for what he was dragged into. She is lovely girl he had known for couple of months and been close friends with. Why did she have to do this to herself? He wished it was someone else… It pained him greatly to think that she did.  
He swore to take care of her and got up quietly lifting Ariel on his strong arms to take her from this beautiful place that sadly witnessed such horrid events to her own little hut for needed rest. 

[Cutter was a real person, who was close to Eury, I do not know if he ever figured out that she was a male in real life, but I believe he did, and that is why he and another character who he was close to in the game turned against her. Cutter, is a pervert too, not a predator persay, but used the game as a way to find women to cyber-sex with or masturbate on cam with lol but I suppose he liked to write too, must have been lonely and or divorced in real life. I did not sense harm from him, though, but still was not a good person for me to spend so much time with! Glad I have grown… but this was written 10 years ago now! How time flies and changes us. 😊] 

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