High Priestess – Ch. 2 – Tecmilco’s Sacred Garden

 A continuation… Read first chapter in Creative Expressions category to understand.


Ariel woke up with the rising of the sun. She has been working hard the past few weeks she has been in the Tecmilco clan. She has had lots of fun with Eury, who visits the taverns often. Ariel has been working hard trying to better herself, and hasn’t spent as much time in the garden as she would have liked. Today she decides to spend some time in it.  
As she enters the garden the birds aren’t chirping like they usually do, not as loudly. As she goes deeper into the garden the birds are silent, she finds this odd. Is there danger in this garden? Ariel prepares herself for a fight if one should be needed, but as she walks a little further she relaxes and lets out a breath of relief.  
A few feet in front of her, under a golden pear tree, is Cuan and Eury. There was a basket of pears beside them, they must have just picked them.  
Arial notices the axe that’s beside Cuan and frowns.  
“So you are the reason for the silence of the birds,” she says to Cuan as she comes up beside him and Eury.  
She hugs and kisses Eury and then hugs and pokes Cuan. “Did you pick these Cuan? Hope you did and didn’t make Eury do it.” Eury offers her a piece of pear that she cut. “Thank you dear,” she says after accepting it. 

[Cuan was another character in the game. I assume he didn’t know or think Eurydice was a man, at this point in time.] 


Eurydice kisses Ariel deep to her lips. Tells how beautiful she is.  
Gives one more kiss to Cuan.  
– Thank you for the pears!  
Eurydice takes one more pear from the basket. Cuts it to peaces. Comes closer to Kristian and Ludy. Notices that they are both in each other hands. Whispers some words to them:  
– Your nice love makes this garden more beautiful. So big love and you two are so beautiful.  
Eurydice gives one big pear to them. Smiles at them. Cuts the pear to three big peaces. Gives one peace to Ariel and gives her big passionate kiss. Gives one peace to her brother hugging him close. Lays on the grass… Looks at the two nice birds on the tree… Listens… Hears many birds telling that people must love each other… 

[the two names Eury mentions are clone character’s he made himself. He is a hacker in real life, and used Eurydice as a way to hack other’s in the game to gain financial information. Again, bad person!] 


Ariel walks through the garden, to the spot where the great pear tree is. She wasn’t sure if anyone would be in the spot, but she was happy to see that Cuan and Eury are both there. They are laying beside each other. Eury has her sword beside her, she looks tired from the battle she had. She faught a couple robbers and won the battle.  
She gives Eury a hug and a kiss and says to her, “Congratulations on beating a couple bad guys. You did good and so did the army. They will be punished well now.”  
After she says these words she gives Cuan a hug to so he wont be left out. She then sits beside them both on the grass. 


Eurydice hugs Ariel and kisses her lips deep… Looks at her brother Cuan…  
– awww… so nice words… awww…  
Hugs Ariel again. Tells her how nice she is…  
– awww Ariel… You told me very nice words too… I am so happy i have you…  
Gets up from the grass. Takes her sword. Looks around.  
– Do we have enemies here?! I hope they are wise enough not to come here! 

[what a cunt lol] 

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