High Priestess: Ch. 1 – The Beginning

First life, Ariel_RP with player Eurydice [change Ari]. This is my first character in Native Kingdoms, a connected game to Renaissance Kingdoms, played same way. – I feel now, as I review this document/writing [back in January 2020], that Eurydice was played by a male in real life, whom suffered from a mental disorder, multiple personality or schizophrenia, and she/he was not who he/she portrayed. I was vulnerable when I had this account, I had it from 2011 through 2016, on and off. I spent many years online, developing friendships that way, from 2007 through 2016, because I did not know how to interact with others in the real world. As I reflect on these writings now, thankful that I saved them, I see the signs of a predator. I will post what I wrote with this character here for reflection purposes. People who use and abuse and manipulate those naïve or depressed, will pay in time. Karma is a bitch. Eurydice is a bitch! Lol only because ‘she’ isn’t real. Namaste true to me 😊  


Ariel has entered the town of Tecmilco shortly after the sun began to go down. The sky was an orange red color when she entered the beautiful ancient garden of Tecmilco, right beside the city’s entrance.  
As soon as she stepped foot in this ancient garden of exotic trees and creatures she could feel the ancestors of this clan presence. She feels the magic of this magical garden.  
She walked through the dense of the overgrown trees to a valley near the lake. She was walking for sometime, it was twilight when she got to this place. She lies on the cool ground and stares up at the red violet sky. Twilight is the crack between the two worlds, this world and the spirit one. A wise old man once told her that twilight is the time of transition. If you smoke a special type of plant at this time, you can be transported to the spiritual relm for a time. Possible to see a loved one or speak to one of the gods. This time of day is the time of magic, things become more clear at twilight.  
This has always been Ariel’s favorite time of the day she feels at peace and not so alone at this time. Lying on the soft cool grass, staring up at the twilight sky, she notices that the sky is now beginning to turn into darkness. More stars are forming in the sky, moon is becoming more visible. Thoughts come to her mind about her former clan, and about her now new clan.  
Ariel, former clan member of Tzilacaapan, is now officially part of the Clan of Tecmilco. She was welcomed here with open arms, but she knows she must prove herself before she’s truly respected by anyone in this wonderful clan. She is a warrior apprentice, and hopes one day to be a great warrior. She hopes to be of some importance to this wonderful clan, and knows one day she will be. She came here to help a loved one, Princess Eury, the leader of this clan and protector of this providence. Ariel will always be by Eury’s side, no matter what the cost will be to remain there. Even if it meant leaving her clan and becoming part of one that knows little about her. She’ll make her presence known to all who wish to know her. She’ll be great in this clan, and help the people of it the best she can.  
Ariel soon drifts off too sleep under the night sky with thoughts of this clan and what she’ll do in it in her mind. 


Eurydice comes to the garden to rest again. Marching with armies is hard job for a girl. So she feels sometimes tired. She lays on the grass besides Ariel.  
I want to congratulate sir Ruul who is in the garden too… He and his people are very welcome here. We love him a lot…  
Hugs Ariel… You had long and bad journey… It cost you a lot to come here… You said very sweet words abut us and town… Be sure that we will love you a lot too. And I will love you a lot. You are the girl that I am in love a lot… You are a part of family.  
Hugs strong Ariel as she lays besides her on the grass…  
Lets eat some fruit dear…? 

[Like really, what the fuck. I know, language barrier, and it is all fiction, but doesn’t the above passage sound creepy and possessive? Not something a woman may write. Yes, I am being biased here but, just way off to me.] 

Ariel is startled from her sleep. She feels a arm wrap around her waist and soft words in her ear. She opens her eyes and looks to her right. She smiles at the woman she sees lying beside her.  
“It is good to see you Eury,” she says as she puts an arm around Eury. “Yes, I have had a long and… not so pleasant journey. There were many deserted clans along the way, so it was a very lonely walk. I took a wrong turn here, as I have wrote to you, and got robbed by four bad people that aren’t from this Providence. I barely came here alive, but luckily I didn’t get hurt too badly. Just a few bruises. It feels good to lie down in the cool grass here beside the lake, looking up at the stars.”  
Arial was shocked at first when she heard that Eury heard her thoughts, or so she thought they were thoughts. She may have been speaking out loud when she was dozing off.  
“Yes, I will only speak sweet words of this clan. I love it already and I have been here only a few hours. I am glad to be part of a wonderful family.”  
When Eury mentions fruit Ariel’s stomach grumbles. She realized she is famished; she hasn’t had anything to eat in a couple days. She just now realized her hunger.  
“Yes, some fruit would be good.” Ariel then sits up and looks around to see what sort of fruits are near by. While gazing up she notices a tree with some sort of fruit that she is unsure what the name is. The tree is only a few feet in front of them. She gets up, walks to this tree, and picks two of these fruits. She walks over to Eury and sits down on the grass and hands her the fruit. “Do you know what this is? I don’t think I have seen it before.” 


Hugs Ariel close. Loves them both laying on cool grass…  
Some dawn is falling and making the grass very cool and nice… It is good to feel it….  
Takes a fruit she brought. Kisses her lips. Eats a peace of fruit. Gives her a peace of fruit too. Kisses her lips seeing how she eats it. Giggles.  
Feels her sweet hands around her. Smiles. Kisses her lips again.  
Whispers to her:  
– I love this nice garden we have… I love it a lot…. I love you being her…  
Kisses her sweet lips again… Gives her small peace of fruit again 

[wow, what a pervert, I am so glad I know now what I didn’t know then! How foolish I was, but I just wanted to be accepted/wanted in some form. For me, online was safe, and a way I could be creative and let my imagination flow… But what a bitch! Lol] 



It is dawn, Ariel realizes, one of her favorite times of the day. Rising of the sun and the setting of the sun always gives her a feeling of peace.  
Eury must not know the name of this fruit either, but it doesn’t matter.  
Eury gives her a kiss on the lips and she returns the kiss. This made Ariel feel warm inside, she is glad she is here with her love.  
She accepts the piece of fruit Eury has offered her. She chews it and giggles at Eury who is giggling at her. Eury kisses her again, she returns this kiss as well.  
She lays down on the grass with Eury once again. She accepts another piece of fruit Eury feeds her. She then takes a piece of this odd, but sweet tasting, fruit and offers it to Eury.  
“I love this garden too. I feel at peace here and would probably never leave it if I could. I especially love being here with you. I am glad I arrived here. All the loneliness of being on the road and hurt from being attacked was worth it to be here with you. I’ll be by your side, whatever the sacrifices I may have to take to stay by your side I’ll gladly take them.”  
She kisses Eury, loving being here with her. 

[how naïve and lonely I was… I am not even a lesbian! Lol, guess in fiction one can explore all sides harmlessly… with no bad intentions… at least not on my side!] 


Eurydice kisses Ariel lips again…  
Eats the peace of fruit from her hands…  
Starts crying because she feels so happy to have Ariel so close… Laying on the grass together…  
She whispers to her:  
– I love you… 

[obsessive much cunt?] 


Ariel smiles at Eury. She wipes her tears away when she notices Eury begin to cry.  
“You don’t have to cry. I love you too.” She kisses her once more, enjoying being with her.  [at this time, I truly did value this person’s friendship. I learned a lot in some ways from this person but… 😊 life teaches you things too, despite what this person taught me, in reality, they had bad intentions.] 


Feels the kisses of her dear girl…  
Feels wet grass…  
Fells big love Ariel gives to her…  
Kisses her lips… Giggles softly. 

[Dude, women don’t just giggle all the time.]

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