Ch. 16 – A Return Visit – final RP with Character Danny., the Final Chapter of Arial Asila de Grey


The spring sun wasn’t that strong in truth but boy did it feel like it was pouring down a rain of fire on him as he ran and oh did he run. He glanced back over his shoulder whilst almost tripping over uneven ground. Behind him were three men. Also running. Running after him. Though they didn’t have the same wicked grin on their faces that Danny did, their expression was more anger and primal blood-lust. Blood-lust for Danny! He turned a corner sharply, having not really noticed where he was, skidding sideways he went sliding around a dusty path, his fingers dragged in the dust behind him and his palm swivelled just enough so that he could regain his balance and continue his run. He should probably be scared, for these chaps weren’t going to be kind when they caught up with him.  
What was he thinking?? When?…no no….if! His heart pounded in his chest and the sweat beaded along his brow. It was good to be alive! He let out a woooo!! as he tossed one more glance over his shoulder at the three chaps before picking up the pace enough to give him courage to leap right through a thick and thorny bush. He all but made it through whislt the blasted little thorns tore at his skin and clothes. After he wriggled through the final branches he looked up at a sight that made him smile. Well well well, this’ll do. He quickly ran around the back of the bishops house, hit the bottom of the window with his palm and forced it open before scurrying over the frame and falling to the floor inside with a ummf. 


Arial is back in her beloved town of Penrith after months of being away. She was away due to war, she was away due to a lonely heartache, and she was away because wanted a break. Arial wanted something new in her life, some excitement, some adventure with old friends, some adventure with new ground with new friends that tempt her with forbidden fruit.  
Today, the air in Penrith feels different, she wishes she returned with higher spirits. Arial hoped to return to Penrith with it full of prosperity, active people, and an active church full of faithful Jah believers. But that was false hope. Arial did not return to a happy-go-lucky town of Penrith. Instead, she returned to a dusty, quiet, ghost like town that appeared as if its faithful citizens gave up. Maybe it was due to the young priestess Liviania up and leaving with no goodbye, no hopeful words, and no replacement, or maybe it is because of the quietness of the Mayor, her good friend Kilgore… oh wait, a revolt happened and now the WoS is in charge. Ah… if Arial was not a follower of good words and Jah she’d let out a vulgar curse word…. but no, Arial is not that way.  
Arial hopes to find someone to take over the church, and she hopes to wake up some sleeping citizens during her visit. But, until then, she is once again the priestess of Penrith… as she has been for so many years…  
Arial is glad to walk the familiar path that leads her to her home. Her neighbor Ganna is not home, for the carriage is gone from her home, and the house has an aura of emptiness surrounding it. Maybe they went on a family trip, or an outing, or some errands to run… But that’s the least of Arial’s worries, Arial just wants to assess her little cottage, dust it out… and relax.  
Arial looks away from her neighbor’s home to her little cottage, which still is standing, despite its old exterior and modest look. Once inside her home Arial feels a different energy, as if someone was in her home… Her heart sinks into her stomach as thoughts of Robbers rush to her mind.  
Arial enters the living room area and finds that the window is open, glass shattered upon the ground, as if someone hurriedly went through.  
Arial looked around her and nothing appeared to be touched… not that there is anything of value to take, just some wooden furniture with dusty cushions and a Cross upon the mantel piece. Nothing special… but all is in its place, so no robbery happened.  
A sudden feeling of familiarity came to her heart, which pushed away the fear of robbers… could it have been just an old friend making an extravagant entrance…? There’s a forbidden sent in the air… a scent that is bittersweet, but the sent is stale… as if it was locked inside for far too long, despite the broken window…  
Arial begins to pick up the mess of dust and glass; spring cleaning so-to-speak…. out with the old, in with the new… 


He wandered past the little pond that held so many memories, the time the sheet had nearly sunk to the bottom when he was attempting to undertake the womanly task of washing and failing miserably, as a man should really, was one of them. It had been some time now since his feet had mapped the paths around Penrith, a town that was very nearly privileged to be called home by him. Though it had been some time, he still remembered the way past the little bushes to the front door of Aria’ls home.  
Though he had not been in Penrith too long the last time he was here, he had gotten himself into a spot of bother and needed to evade and escape certain people and had actually visited Arials home in hope she was there for him to hide beneath her robes and claim sanctuary. But sadly she was not and so he did not dwell there long before moving on his way in life, footsteps echoing their way to Kendal. What may life have been if she had been there that day?  
The soles of his boots were caked with thick mud from the camp site, he’d had enough of sleeping in nothing more than a fancy pig sty and hoped the warm comforts of well remembered roaring fires, home cooking and tea would welcome him in an open armed embrace. Usually he just invited himself in, regardless of whether she was in or not, but now he was a dignified man…ish and felt it better if he walked up and knocked on the door like a normal person did.  
*knockity knock knock* He waited a while, rolling his ankle in his boot and yawning, face still covered in the mask of dusty, sweaty morning on the training camp. After what seemed like ages, but was in fact a rather short time, he huffed and called out rather loudly, managing to flash a wink at Ganna who had poked her nosey nose out her window. Arial?? Yer there? 


Swish, swish was the sound the broom made upon the stone floors as Arial swept away the dust and broken glass fragments. Arial took her time to make sure each dusty spot inside her home was swept – the dirt of yesterday – disappearing with each stroke of the broom.  
Floors swept, shelves dusted, a process that took many minutes to hours, who really knows, Arial no longer counts minutes. Time has no meaning to Arial any longer, just moments of deep breathing and living the blessed life Jah granted her. Ah… such a lonely, hard, while at the same time beautiful, and simple, life…. Ah, the strange winding paths Jah paves for us…. The hills, bumps, and shards of brokenness that form upon those paths… what a strange world Jah created… Yet, so adaptive.  
Swish Swish…  
The cleaning day ended, by the time evening fell Arial was beat tired, but at least her cottage felt shiny and new… or at least fresh and familiar. Even though the warmth of Spring is felt in the afternoons, a chill is still in the evening air. Arial decides to make a small fire in her hearth to warm her cottage.  
The night was welcomed like being reunited with a long lost friend… Arial slept a deep sleep and only woke up when dawn entered the atmosphere.  
The morning came, as so many have done before, and Arial felt refreshed in her mind, but her body felt stiff as if it needs more rest. But, no time to rest when she visits Penrith… there is always something to do at the Church, and today she has to send out many letters to be sent to the mayors of England, in hopes to find some Active Church Way folks to fill the Church council and become Penrith’s priest. Currently Arial will take up the priest position, as she has done for many years here in Penrith before, but she hopes she will get a response and find some willing Church Way individuals.  
Arial’s cottage is still warm from last night’s fire, which burnt half the night, but now is only red coals. There is still a chill in the air, that will not leave until early afternoon, so Arial rekindles the fire so that it’ll roar only lightly, a small fire is all that is needed to warm her cottage at this precious time of year.  
Once the fire was roaring and warming up the cottage Arial goes to get ready for her day.  
The morning went its usual course, and the sun continued to rise higher in the sky. Arial has just had her usual corn meal for breakfast, and was preparing for writing those many letters. Just as she got out the parchment, ink, and quill a knockity knock knock is heard upon her cottage door.  
Arial has a peculiar expression on her face as she walks to her front door, she is not use to having visitors let alone visitors this early. Who could it be?  
Just as Arial gets to the door and ready to pull it open a shout was heard from a familiar voice. ’Arial? Ye there??’ Arial smiles a humorous smile and lets out a light laugh. The voice she recognized as Danny’s, a man who tries to be a gentleman but his mischievous ways get the better of him, but he means well nonetheless. The hint of an Irish accent in his tone of voice was always pleasant to Arial’s ears. Then again, there are many attributes to this man that are pleasant to Arial’s eyes as well…. And other unknown places. Arial knows, though, this Danny boy is a married man now, for she arrived in Kendal only a few days before he was to marry his young wife. Forbidden thoughts must not enter her mind about this intriguing man anymore.  
Arial opens her door just a crack to peek and make sure the voice she heard did match the image of Danny. She raises her eyebrows in surprise at the view before her: a muddy Danny, from head to toe. His wear was army wear, and it dawns on her that he is most likely part of the army who came to help Defend Penrith against the WoS.  
“Umm… hello, Danny.” Says Arial as she opens her door wide enough so that her full image can be seen through the door, but not an inch further was the door opened. Her face still shows a humorous smile, for this is not the first time she has seen Danny so unclean. “I see you and the others must have made it here safely then. You are rather muddy, and I cleaned my home yesterday… but it is nice to see you here anyhow… I would invite you inside, but I do not want my home dirty. Is it ok if we visit on the porch instead?” Arial’s tone of voice showed only politeness, Arial is so use to being proper she does not know how to be anything else, but her eyes show a playful twinkle… Danny dot always has a surprise when he comes to her door. First, inviting himself in with no shirt… Now, he is completely covered, knocked on the door probably for the first time… and is head to toe covered in dirt. 


He was watching a little spider hang from its web in the corner of the frame, as it seemed to have lost purchase on its silk and hung upside down while its legs frantically flapped before it managed to grab its thread and pull itself upright and clamber back to the safe centre of its web. He was still looking up at it when the door opened and poured the warmth that only a well loved fire could create all over the skin on his face.  
He offers a friendly smile at her hello and gives her a good look up and down to ensure she is just as he remembered her and that he hadn’t got confused and lost and ended up at some strangers door. Aye we did, but then..when is safe any fun ey? He grinned but then frowned as she told him to stay outside and sit on the porch like some messy mutt that had got lost chasing birds through the undergrowth. He was half expecting a rap on the nose with a scroll to finish off the insult.  
Not one to disobey an employee of the great man that could torch his flesh in one zap, he dropped down the the floor and put his feet on the step below him, one elbow rested on his knee as he turned to face her. So lass, what’s new in Penrith since last time I was ‘ere? Not seen many of the old faces around, His stomach grumbled, a clear indication that he had skipped out of camp and gone AWOL that morning before the rations of corn could be handed out. He was never sure how to cook it so just chewed on the yellow bubbles and swished it all down with something more tasty. Camping on nodes was fun, but the April showers had allowed the dust to turn to mud and the mud to attack every clean surface and suddenly camping was not much fun. 


Arial smiled at Danny as she knelt down on the porch step. It has dawned on her that maybe she sounded a bit rude, by telling him to stay outside. For some reason Arial becomes stern with this man, maybe out of a defense of her own, but he is always polite with her nonetheless.  
Arial plays along, as if she didn’t notice he was insulted. “To be frank, I am not sure what is new in Penrith. I just got here too, and what I found was a revolt and WoS members taking over the Town Hall. They aren’t a major threat and will be gone in a few days. I noticed, too, that few friends are around, which saddens me greatly.” Arial becomes silent for some moments. She frowns looking at Danny, and suddenly feels guilty. This man came to visit her, they haven’t had a one on one visit for some time.  
She lets out a soft sigh, knowing she wasn’t being kind to the man who had always shown her respect. “Danny, are you hungry? I have some left over corn meal if you’d like it. I always seem to cook as if I am feeding two. It should still be warm. You can come inside, it’s rude of me keeping a friend out here in this fashion. We can have our conversation at the dinning table.” Arial steps to the side and invites Danny inside. 


As she knelt he couldn’t help but think to a passer by who was passing by some distance away, they mirrored the perfect scene of two summer kids stopping home for a drink after a sun filled day of fun. The confusing feelings between them as they grew together, that friendship one day presenting itself as something more, something unexplored.  
He watched her frowning, lost in thought about something and then she sighed before taking the painful task of inviting him in. Why her voice nearly burst with enthusiasm. He smirked as his eyes fell to hers. I’m always hungry He felt a bit bad about traipsing muddy footprints through her home after she already showed such a strong desire for him to stay outside and he nearly decided to take of his boots in a gentlemanly manner but that would have meant untying his laces and he really didn’t have time for all that if the cornmeal was getting cold. He wasn’t even sure if he was allowed to roam free of the camp in case orders were being giving or marches being made, so it was probably for the best that he was inside and out of sight. He followed her in and pushed the door shut behind him, enjoying the warm room.  
Taking a seat at the table, just like old times, without it being offered to him, he sat forward in his chair and inhaled the air, the scent of her homely cooking flooding into him and making him feel all the more hungry. His eyes enjoyed watching her walk about the room before he started to eat. So what’s yer next mass about? Maybe I’ll sit in, hear a prayer, cleanse a sin, drink a wine. He was fairly strong in beliefs about the power of the holy Jah, but also in a firm believe that he had created Danny this way, so who was he to question anything. So that’s why he acted in the most natural and responsive way he could in any situation.  
The food was warm and soupy and tasted very nice, much better than bubble corn or brick bread anyway. Don’t suppose there’s anything ter drink? He gave a mild embarrassed/ innocent wide eyed look up at her through his tangled fringe and smiled. 


Arial smiles as Danny eagerly comes inside her home, as if a young boy returning home from school, ready for his after school snack. The smirk on his face as he entered her home always brings a warmth to her core she doesn’t quiet understand. She frowns at the muddy footprints he is leaving in his path to the kitchen.  
Arial follows behind Danny to the kitchen area, as if she suddenly became the guest in her own home, and it is Danny doing the guiding. Arial shakes her head, laughing silently to herself, forgetting her slight irritation at the sight of the dirty footprints. It is almost as if Danny is making himself at home again. She still has the humorous smile as Danny takes a seat at the dinning table, waiting to be served.  
Arial’s beige skirt swishes lightly as she walks around the kitchen, Arial likes the feel of the fabric against her legs. Normally she does not pay attention to the feeling, but for some reason acknowledging the feel of the fabric gives her some sort of comfort and security, as if her clothing is protecting her from danger.  
Arial places the rest of the cornmeal into a wooden bowl, with a wooden spoon, and hands the items to Danny. “Enjoy, I know it is not much, but it’ll fill your belly at the least.”  
Arial takes a seat beside him, watching him eat for a few moments. He asks her a question about mass, to which she responds, “Next mass is Sunday morning, if you would like to watch me set up mass, you can come with me and be the first Present at mass. I find it strange that you want to go to mass; I do not recall you going often before, unless you snuck in quietly and sat in the back. I will be very grateful if you do attend the mass. This Sunday’s mass is a very special one, it is not only the first mass Penrith will have in months, but also a celebration of Christo’s sacrifice in order to save the human race. It will be a very special one to attend to.”  
There was a brief silent moment after Arial said these words. When Danny looked up from his meal, the expression on his face caused her to let out a laugh. The innocent expression on Danny’s dirty face was very humorous. Danny is a very dynamic character. Danny’s hair is a mess, and some strands of hair are upon his forehead, partly hiding his eyes. Arial reaches over and runs her right hand through his messy hair, in attempt to keep the hair from his eyes. The action worked slightly, for his brown eyes can be seen clearly now, but it didn’t make his hair look less ridiculous.  
Arial smiles a small smile. “Yes, I will get you some tea. The tea isn’t as warm as it was earlier, but hopefully it still tastes alright. If you’d rather have a warm cup, let me know.” Arial stands up to fetch the tea.  
Arial returns moments late with two cups of herbal tea, placing one cup before Danny, and the other before herself. “Now, tell me. What is new with you? We haven’t had a one on one conversation for quite some time. I know we reunited in Kendal’s tavern a couple weeks past, but we still haven’t had one of our long conversations.” 


He listened to he speak about the upcoming mass while spooning the warm mixture into his mouth, pausing occasionally to nod or mm. Empty bowl now meant he could speak while he observed Arial, enjoying the various levels of holiness. Aye i wouldnae say that I go inside the church all ter often. But i like to lean against the wall and listen to the words from the window, sitting still is not one of me better skills. He fidgets in his chair just to emphasise this point and grins.  
His eyebrow raised just a little as her delicate fingers reached out and ran through his hair. He couldn’t help the involuntary flicker of his eyes as the closed briefly, allowing him to be lost in the sensation that he always found such comfort from for unknown reasons. His eyes broke from hers as her hand floated away to join the rest of her that had gone to get him tea. He didn’t mind if it was only warm, sometimes constant heat was hard to handle and his fingertips started to blister, so warm was a welcome sensation sometimes. It did mean that it could either go two ways, slowly cool with no interference until it was cold. All begin to boil with a little tender encouragement until it was a bubbling heat.  
He allowed the tea to wet his lips before he took a sip and then placed it back on the table and leant forward in his chair, his hands clasped loosely, resting in front of him on the wood. Hmmm, not much new other than what yer already know about me. He titled his head a little and grinned, why change anything about me ey? Though i guess yer could call me a solider at the moment. He nodded to his muddy boots. Fields are horrible places ter keep clean in and i just got used to sleeping in a bed as well. He arched his back and stretched the cramped muscles between his shoulder blades. It’s good ter be back in Penrith though….the first place that ever stopped my boots from wandering on and letting me know there could be a place called home fer me around.  
He looked around the house he was sat it, it held fond memories in his mind and heart. Many nights were spent here with many events happening. Arial still looked as good as ever, she’d clearly been out and about on the land as her skin had caught some spring sun, but her hair still burned a bright red as though she’d been sat right in the sun conversing with Jah all week. He grinned at the thought then began to trace the wood grain with his index finger. So I err..dunnae if I’m meant to be training at camp or not, but I’d rather just hang out here, make meself useful if yer got any jobs that need doing. 


She’s still smiling at him as he speaks. Arial can’t help be intrigued about this man. She notices he seems different around her, than he is with the others in the taverns. Arial likes the dynamics in his character, and how he is always polite to her, while at the same time maintaining his mischievous ways to some degree.  
Arial listens to him quietly as he speaks, enjoying hearing another’s voice in her home. She watched his every action, and could tell by how he stretched that his muscles must be sore from the hard work he has been doing. She looks at his boots as well when he explains how they became so dirty, and she nods in understanding. Arial’s eyes glossed over when Danny spoke about how his boots stopped wandering as he stepped foot in Penrith. Her eyes appeared as if tears were forming, but Arial kept them at bay with rapid blinking. She was touched by those words, because she helped him feel at home here in Penrith.  
Arial clears her throat before speaking. “I am glad to see you here, Danny,” her voice was softer than her usual tone. “I did miss your company, and from time to time you crossed my mind. When I ran into you again in the tavern in Kendal, my heart felt as if it did a little flip. I thought for sure you wandered somewhere else, to get your feet wet in a place you haven’t been. But no, I found you where I first met you. You were occupied with another I believe.” Arial pauses for a brief moment and glances at the bracelet around Danny’s left wrist. “But I saw a twinkle in your eye when you greeted me, and that was comforting, because it told me you still remembered me.” Arial’s smile becomes slightly wider here, her eyes softening, but this effect only lasted a few moments.  
When she spoke again her voice was back to her normal tone; polite with a hint of directness, but always friendly, “You can stay here as long as you’d like, even if you aren’t suppose to be here. I do not think the revolters are a threat at the moment. I understand you have duties to fulfill, but I would like you to stay. You are pretty dirty, and I don’t think that is very comfortable. Either way, though, you can stay here as long as you’d like. I do not have a task for you to fulfill, I do not have my cornfield here anymore. It came too much of a hassle to maintain, now all that is left in the back is an empty field. So, if you stay, it will only be to be in my company.” 


He woke with a yawn. Eyes blinking and focusing on the ceiling above him. Although it was Arial’s spare room it felt rather homely to him. More homely than anywhere else he’d ever stayed had. It was calm and quiet, with warmth and food and companionships. How nice it was to wake up in a nice clean bed and not an inch of mud that the rain had swept into your tent.  
He enjoyed Arial’s company a great deal and they had spent half the night sat up simply talking, catching up, reminiscing and the like. It was much more enjoyable than squelching back to his tent from the roasty toasty fire in the centre of the camp site. This whole army thing hadn’t really been like all the gore and glory soldiers spoke of. But if it had, then he wouldn’t have had so much free time enabling him to spend time in the company of the beautiful Mother Arial.  
He wondered if she was still awake, a growing temptation grew inside to tiptoe down the hallway and peek into her room. It’s not like he hadn’t been inside before. Hopefully the shutters were thick enough that Jah couldn’t see. But as he put his boots on he felt it better if he wandered into the main part of the house instead and reawaken the slumbering fire to warm the nippy lounge.  
He knelt beside the fireplace, feeding tiny shards of wood to its fiery teeth before it demanded a large meal then tosses in a log or two before standing and stretching. His feet took him around the room, curious hands, prodding ornaments and opening boxes and books whilst he imagined what would happen if he simply stayed here and never went back to camp, never marched off from Penrith. Life had many paths to take and he preferred not to think about them and simply run right at the fork, letting his feet make a snap decision at the last moment, sending him speeding down the path of unknown. 


Danny always seems to show Arial another side of himself, a deeper shade than before, yet at the same instant maintains his sure, calm, demure, as if he has himself together with little secrets to share. Yet Danny always has a confession to tell the Bishop Priestess… Those can’t be shared, here, of course, for confidential reasons.  
Arial spoke about her childhood in Arundel, how she use to explore the orchards and dream of becoming something more than a simple girl, adopted by a grumpy widowed baker who had no belief system, and how that strange path lead her to where she is today… from way down South to the high mountains of the North is where Arial was guided… sunny days, cold nights… stormy winds and icy rains, to calm waters and clear springs. The weather is as predictable as future events… nothing is ever what it seems.  
Danny spoke about some of his adventures, some which seemed very elaborate because at times of excitement Danny would use lots of hand gestures and his tone of voice would change with effect to fit the story line, which Arial always laughed at because it seemed over-dramatic. Danny appears to be a great story teller, which was pleasant to Arial’s ears, for she loves a good story, truth or not.  
This visit was simple, innocent, but the hint of danger is always lurking. There came a time in conversation when they both reminisced about a time when they were about to pass a boundary… on a late Autumn evening… when her bedroom was filled with dancing shadows, and the door left open, inviting temptation in. Resist temptation… was the whispering thought that came to her mind that kept the warmth from coming to her core.  
Like a quick breeze the thought/feeling of that one Autumn evening left in a flash, leaving behind an emptiness of something incomplete, true thoughts left unsaid. The evening was sinking in at this time, and droopy eyelids were felt. The conversation slowed as each one became too tired to speak further. “You can stay, if you’d like…” was Arial’s soft spoken words as she gazed out the window into midnight darkness.  
Dawn is always lurking somewhere in the midnight sky…  
Arial woke up feeling strangely light and tingly, as if she just finished bathing in the river, or enlightened by some new experience… the feeling is most likely due to reminiscing with a friend. It was interesting talking to Danny last evening; Arial was not expecting him to stay so long, let alone actually converse with her. Shortly after their morning visit, which was brief, he did excuse himself. Arial thought nothing of it, she figured he was returning to the camp or to fulfill another duty for the people he serves. Later on in the day he did return, but this time clean. Arial wasn’t expecting him to return, she thought for sure when he left he was going back to the camp. But no, he returned to her, which was a pleasant surprise.  
You can stay, if you’d like… Arial’s own voice enters her mind, an echo from the previous evening. Or was it part of a dream? Arial isn’t quite sure, for past that phrase Arial doesn’t remember a thing. They both must have gone their separate ways.  
Arial pushes away the covers and moves to place her feet upon the cool stone ground. When Arial made these motions, she felt the air was warmer than it usually is in the early morning. She glanced outside her bedroom window, which faces to the outback of her home, and noticed the sun was out already, the sky had the image of an hour after dawn, when the sky is turning from violet red, to an orange red. Strange, the air would still have a chill to it at this hour. Arial shrugs the thought away, telling herself it’s only her body heat she’s feeling.  
Arial stands up, stretches, and then walks out of her bedroom, only in her nightgown and hair in a messy braided bun. Arial thinks nothing of this because she knows no one would be here other than herself. It is her usual morning routine, if she feels like being lazy.  
The floor is too warm for this time of day… was a passing thought that crossed her groggy mind as she made her way into the hall. She glanced in the direction of her spare bedroom as she passed by, expecting the door to be closed as she usually keeps it. Yet, when she saw it was ajar and that the covers on the bed were thrown loosely about upon the bed, nothing really struck her as out of the ordinary.  
Her breath caught in her throat when she came into the hall way ended and the open area began the living room area. There, fiddling around, was Danny. Danny was dressed in the clothes he came in the evening before, and the only thing that is different is his bed hair. Past that, he was decent. Arial was the one indecent, appearing in her night clothes still. Suddenly Arial felt self-conscious. She crossed her arms close to her chest, as if trying to hide herself. She almost feels as if she is naked, despite the gown that covers her full length, even her arms are covered in this loose fitting gown. But she is already out in the open, so she might as well speak.  
“Umm… hello… I. Wasn’t expecting you to be here… in the living room so early… or here at all when I awoke… A pleasant surprise.” The stutter and hesitation in her voice showed her feeling of embarrassment. Her eyes wouldn’t meet his for too long before she’d glance away. She started fiddling with her bun, which has strands of hair sticking out here and there, as she spoke, while still having one arm across her waist. She doesn’t like feeling indecent, she’s always so proper and put together… despite being in her own home, she still feels indecent. 


To be continued… 



Arial de Grey is a character I had in a game called Renaissance Kingdoms. I collected the main role plays I had there, gathered them into a document, and a collection of tales were created. This is Chapter one of Arial de Grey, an imaginative piece of me, who kept me sane in years of confusion (February 2007 to August 2016). I have edited the post only a little, you may take note as I post the chapters, the improvement of my writing style. Stay tuned for more throughout the year, one chapter per month. Enjoy. The story of Arial and Danny was never complete! Nor was the ending of Arial’s life… maybe I’ll create a proper ending someday. Or not. I’ll let it linger as it has for years now. 🙂

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