Ch. 15 – Arial de Grey – Meditations & Such in RP


Arial feels a pinging pain now in her chest, along with the heaviness, she knows this isn’t good. She falls on her knees in prayer in her little cottage room, on the 15th of April (1461).  
“Dear Jah,  
Please, Father, the one who I am devoted only to. I do not want to sin, I do not want to cross you, but please. PLEASE give me strength to endear this, and please help relieve this pain and heaviness from my chest. I no longer want to feel it, I only want to get stronger. This feeling will weaken me; I do not want to be weak. Please, dear father. Help me through this,  
In the name of Christos, the son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.”  
Arial collapses into a sitting position (Indian style) after her prayer. She keeps her eyes closed still, and palms upon her knees. She clears her thoughts; she finds it easy to not think in this position. A calming feeling begins to enter her, and a tingling feeling begins in her chest that goes down through her arms and legs, all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes. The heaviness is still within her but has lightened; the pinging pain is now only slight.  
A stern, deep voice of a man is heard in Arial’s mind. I AM WITH YOU, MY SON.  
Arial smiles warmly now, she recognizes this deep, real voice, as Jahs’. A warm feeling fills her. Suddenly thoughts of her childhood enter her mind. Thoughts of the orchards in Arundel, how she use to run through them with glee, the only time she felt free was in these orchards; thoughts of Liz come to her mind, even, this is the lady who treated Arial as a maid, not a daughter; thoughts of her real mother enter mind too, the time she met her five years back in Penrith, after her trip to Scotland; thoughts of death enter mind, the death of past friends and her mother… Ah, the bittersweet memories of dead loved ones.  
These thoughts fill Arial’s heart and ease the pain and heaviness in her chest. At this time, Arial is filling light. She stays in this state for sometime, her thoughts begin to clear from her mind. Behind her eye lids is dark at first, but soon the darkness change shapes and hues of grey mix in with the black, almost as if it is a smoky substance. 

This is still calming to Arial, who is now feeling lighter. She stays in this state around twenty minutes before opening her eyes. Her mind is now clearer, and the heaviness in her chest somewhat eased. 


The days go on, and the meditations become deeper and complex. Soon the darkness forms into circular hues. 

The hues form into multiple shades. 

First, a darkish grey [as shown in previous post], then crimson red, to orange-red, to shades of blue to light blue; each color that changes and appears makes her feel even lighter, soon in her meditations a tingling feeling is felt throughout her body. The tingling feeling starts from her chest (where her heart resides) and spreads to her brain (where the minds’ eye [third eye] is located), which then spreads through her arms, legs, all the way to her tiptoes and fingertips. This tingling turned into a lightness that feels as if it was lifting her, levitating her to greater heights; Arial finds she likes this feeling. Arial feels that this lightness is elevating her to the heavens, closer to Jah. She all of a sudden is beginning to have a deeper interest of the metaphysical and wonders what is beyond this ordinary reality.  
Here in sequence is how the colors began to form up to form: 1st day of meditation, darkness, colors of grays that swirl but no shapes forming; day 2, shades become brighter, melting into a deep purple that becomes lighter into dark reds and oranges; day 3, still, colors become lighter, now into more orange and yellows, with hints of greens; day 4, the greenish yellow orange hues turn into a variety colors of the rainbow, but no clear shape is formed; 

Day 5, colors begin to form into shapes; 

day 6, at first the shapes are only small bubble shapes 

This circular shaped hues turn into deeper hues that slowly swirl in and out; it appears an image is forming 

By day 7, the image starts to change into a purple hue 

Then to a purple-pink color 

image of stars begin to form; 

day 8, the stars form becomes more defined, showing an image of space that Arial depicts as part of heaven itself; a strong urge to learn astronomy comes to her mind. 

The colors begin to fade. 

A feeling of floating back down to earth comes into Arial, the lightness slowly ceasing but not completely. Soon Arial opens her eyes, she still feels light and airy. 


The days go on, and the hues form into images of many kinds. Some animal forms 

Others are shapes undefined. Arial becomes lighter and lighter, more in tune with her self on each passing day.  
02 May 1461…  
As the days go by, Arial becomes brighter and brighter, at least the feeling inside becomes so. She still has low charisma, and her strength isn’t how it was before her illness. She feels her cheeks and knows they still are sunken in, but her color is brighter so that is good. She can walk on her own, but at times Ganna still needs to support her. On this day she receives a wedding invitation of a dear friend, Kilgore Wylde. Arial sighs in loving memory of her dear friend, she wishes him happiness on his fruitful wedding day. She remembers meeting him in Coventry, how they use to talk in her early years in the tavern. They talked about lost dreams, dreams coming true, and dreams beginning. They had shared lots of laughs together, once upon a time. She hopes he stays happy and content with faithful Jezabel. 


The sleep refreshed her and she felt much better the following morning. On this morning, May 5th, Arial decides to meditate before her breakfasts. She sits in the sitting position [Indian style] with her palms upon her knees and closed eyes.  
On this day, the usually dark, hues become lighter. The hues form into an orange-yellow greenish tint. 

The hues form into an image, an alteration of a reality that seems of this time yet a mix of a distant future in a sense of itself. The colors deepen a bit, a portion of the image begins to turn orange-red, another portion orange-yellow with hints of orange-red. In the center of the vision is a circular plot of green hue that appears to be grass with an image of a bench upon this grass. 

Arial feels this is an ultra-reality of the forest of Penrith. Coming from the trees is an image of a figure that is not quite defined. As this figure makes its way gracefully toward the bench it becomes more clear that this figure is a male human. Arial, all of a sudden, feels an urge to move forward to this being. A sudden sense of moving forward is felt, yet she is not walking. Her energy (maybe what you’d call soul) is being brought closer and closer to the image. As her spirit is beside the bench she sits upon it, next to the image of a familiar man.  
Now that she has set down, she recognizes this as an image of Jersey Rocket, the former Jersey Rocket that she once knew (she has no clue as to which state he is in now at this present moment). A warm feeling feels her being, and she feels a sense of a smile upon her face.  
The eternal figure of Jersey Rocket smiles warmly at Arial, but the smile soon turns into an expression of sadness, yet the feeling is not sad. The figure speaks in the soft tone of Jersey Rocket, the tone Arial remembers well.  
“You have to let me go now. I love you, but I must be set free. Know this, I think of you often, and will always be near you, but you must let me go. My image is tying you down, preventing you from moving on and truly loving another. I will always love you, and it is ok to always love me, and know we may join together again one day in another time, but please, let me go now. You have to move on in order to rise.”  
Arial’s heart sinks slightly, but she feels these words of the image of Jersey Rocket are true. She accepts them with hesitancy. “Ok, I will let you go,” her spirit speaks.  
Jersey Rocket smiles. He stands up and looks down at the image of Arial. He has a peaceful smile up on his face. He leans down and kisses her softly on the cheek before turning and walking slowly away, back toward the woods from which he came.  
As Arial watches him go, the heavy feeling leaves her and a feeling of acceptance fills her. She has realized, now, that she has let Rocket go.  
With this realization comes a spinning sensation, which in this state of being is not an unpleasant feeling. The image seems to have flipped around, the colors become more clear and defined, suddenly the grass is green and a tree is beside the bench which the sun is hitting 

The image fades, the colors change into a pinkish hue, representing the feeling Arial feels for this particular being (love). 

The color begins to fade, Arial’s spirit returns to her body with a light sinking feeling. Arial opens her eyes with the feeling of warming reassurance and lightness; she now knows everything will be ok. 


The days continue to fly by, just as the wind drifts a feather down the road, so are the days of our lives. Early spring drifts into mid-spring. And sometime in the middle of may, Arial has another visionary meditation.  
This meditation brings the typical lightness and peacefulness, but with it a warmth as well. The hues lighten and darken in a slow pulsing state. The colors change from deep colors of the rainbow, to lighter colors melting into similar shades of yellows and orange. 

The orange and yellow hues start to swirl, drifting toward and away from another, until an image is formed. The image shows a valley of yellowing grass under a setting sun. The visionary place is very warm, a dry warmth Arial has never felt before. She feels as if she is in a bakery, where large ovens reside, but no. She is outside somewhere, and before her is a creature that she has never seen before. To her, it looks like a large cat with beige fur. It is beautiful and scary, all at the same time. The cat is in a sitting position, not ready to attack. The cat looks to Arial and speaks in a deep woman sounding voice, “I am with you, my son.” This big, great cat [lioness], is a female. Arial feels connected in some way to this great, beautiful, creature. 

Once the connection was made between this great cat and Arial the image began to fade; the colors began to slowly swirl and spread. Soon the swirl came closer together and begins sinking inward, as if it is puling Arial forward into it. In fact, this is exactly what Arial feels, a pulling sensation. This sensation is not uncomfortable or frightening, but rather pleasing. Arial is eager to see where it’ll take her. 

The hues begin to spread, they become almost layered, and they are now a deeper orange, some may call red-orange. In the center of this layer of hues is a yellow-orange, blurry, circular image. 

The image becomes clearer and more defined. Arial realizes it is a sun. The image of the sun becomes clearer, warmth begins to fill Arials’ being, go in peace, my son is heard in a deep, warm, man’s voice. Arial becomes light as air, she has never felt so light. She feels this must be how a feather in the wind feels like. 

The sun begins to rise and as it does the hues become lighter, the appearance of dawn clouds is seen. 

Still the sun continues to rise, and as it does the feeling of rising to the heavens is felt by Arial. The sky becomes clearer; soon behind the clouds is a deep blue, which highlights the now white clouds. The sun is shining through the clouds in an image of a halo. 

As Arial views this image clearly the sun begins to set, sinking lower and lower. As it sinks lower, the feeling of sinking back down into her body is felt by Arial. As the sun sinks lower the colors become darker and darker until they are a deep red-orange with an orange glow around the dull bright sun. 

The sky begins to grey as the sun sinks lower, over now what appears a still ocean. 

The sky all of a sudden becomes a red-orange color as the last burst of sunlight fades over the horizon. 

Soon the sky is a deep violet. 

The image is now gone, and Arial is now back in her body, still light and airy and feeling wonderful. 


Two weeks later another heartwarming vision appears in Arial’s mediation; it seems these visions come in two week cycles. This one comes to her on the last day of May:  
The hues at first are darker colors of the rainbow; reds, blues, greens, yellows, to oranges, violets, red-orange – all these colors are swirling around and drifting into each other with no set direction. The deeper Arial focuses, the clearer her thoughts are, and the more these colors change. Soon they begin to lighten and form into shapes. The hues change to hues of early spring colors; light pink, yellows, and green hues. 

The hues lighten into a mixture of different light hues that are now forming into an image. 

The image becomes clearer, it appears as if clouds and light is forming. 

The image becomes clearer and clearer until it is a clear vision of a colorful sky with a sun shining high through the clouds; this looks like heaven, for it appears that Arial is floating above these clouds. These clouds seem as if they are a floor, a floor Arial’s soul is hovering over. 

Ommmm is heard and a vibration fills her like a beat of a drum, it feels as if it is a time of celebration.  
The image begins to fade into a light yellow color. This is the last color Arial sees before she opens her eyes with a feeling of bliss to celebrate the earth. 


This evening Arial meditates.  
The hues swirl into each other with Arial’s racing thoughts. At first they were calm and just swimming in no direction, but they sudden start spiraling. 

Soon the spiraling hues begin to spread evenly in all directions, and a bright light is seen in the center of the vision. 

The light begins to rise and as it does the colors begin to split in a horizontal half, as if an image of water is forming. 

The memory of her sadness comes to her, and as it does the color deepens into a dark hue of blue. 

As Arial accepts the feeling of sadness and let it flow through her, the hues begin to turn into a violet blue. A violet sun starts to form, and as it begins to shine an image of a still violet sea with a palm tree is viewed. 

Arial wants to enter the ocean, and as that feeling comes to her the image changes to a pale blue. She realizes that this is the ocean, inviting her to enter. 

And so she wills her spirit to enter the ocean as a cool feeling washes over her. She can feel the pressure of the water over her skin, the movement of the current pressing on her body. She feels free in this vision of water; so free that she feels her spirit moving through the water with ease that a physical body could never have.  
After sometime her spirit reaches the surface. As the feeling of the surface of the water is felt the vision begins to change. Suddenly in the sky above the see is a rainbow, showing Arial of brighter days. 

Once the image of the rainbow over the sea is clearly viewed it begins to evaporate. As it is leaving the memory of death reaches Arial’s mind, giving her a bittersweet feeling of remorse. As this feeling hits her an image begins to form of a valley with a tree full of leaves. As the tree comes into view, the grass about it clearly seen, a rainbow appears moving across the sky, and landing in a half circular view. 

Arial feels a smile upon her lips. She knows someone is buried under that tree, but the knowledge of this and the vision of the rainbow over the tree make her feel at peace. Suddenly her sadness is gone. As the realization of her sadness leaving her comes to her, this image of the rainbow and tree leave as well. She opens her eyes feeling at peace with the world around her. 

The two weeks went by in a haze of routine and normality. Nothing old, nothing new, has happened, but a feeling of change is felt in Arial.  
On this evening she meditates, and a strange image of tall rectangular shaped buildings is seen 

Arial is unsure what this means, but suddenly she wanted to return immediately to Kendal to continue with her goal of building a beloved mansion. This image gave her a feeling that she is far beyond her time in the Renaissance; in fact this image confused her about the time she is in… Great things are to come; Arial knows and feels.  
It took two days of planning, but she found a carriage driver to take her back to Kendal. She packed her few belongings in her traveling pack, and off to Kendal she went. 



When Danny woke, it was still fairly light outside. The opals in the sky were blending with the deep velvet purple’s as they tried to figure out how to turn to the black of night. He was hungry and guessed that it was around supper time as he sat on the edge of the bed and yawned. He needed to get better boots. The ones on his feet were tattered and torn and had seen every month of his vagrant wanderings, so he made a mental note to enquire on a pair later in the month.  
Danny was a strange man, sometimes he was rude and uncaring, others he was kind and caring. He never really chose when he would be which, he just didn’t like to abide by the laws of life to behave in a certain way, if he felt a certain way he acted it. There was never any secret whispers behind the backs of those that assumed friendship and never nay fake smile to those he disliked. Life was extremely simple and it was expectations that complicated it for people. At that moment, as well as being hungry, he was feeling rather humble and decided that he had yet to thank Arial for the kindness she had showed him.  
He left his room and headed out the front door to the market, hoping to catch the traders before they packed up for the day.  
He returned with pockets a little lighter but a wicker basket under one arm. Opening the front door gave view to the empty home, he wasn’t sure if Arial was home or not so called out her name while he began to turf out the contents of the basket. One loaf of bread, one bottle of French wine, some fine pieces of pork and a jar of sauce made from apples. Today he was going to cook, yes he could cook without killing anyone!, many years on the road meant you either learnt or starved. 

Arial is taken out of her contemplation meditation by a warmth in the air and a sent of roasting meat. Arial stood up, almost in a trance like state from the savoring smell, and followed the sent down the hall to the kitchen. She saw Danny there, cooking a way. The sweet sent of Apple mixed with roasting pork began to fill the air.  
“Something smells wonderful, Danny. You must have been up and moving for a while now. I was just in my room… contemplating,” Arial says these words as she takes a seat at the table. Her voice is calm and sure, she doesn’t let any disappointment or embarrassment show in her voice from the previous night…

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