CH.12: Life & Death, Relationships Come & Go, Memories Never Die; RP with RK Character Tain

September 19th to 23rd, 1455 (2007)…  

Taian, who as of the past day has been very doleful to the rest of the world, sat in his courtyard. He stared blankly into space with eyes that had lost all resemblance to humanity. They were emotionless, colorless, lifeless in general. He thought about how he would explain himself to anyone, how he could ever explain this change in his nature. Prior to today he had thought it would be a cold day at the gates of hell before his life would have lost all meaning. Could it be that, after all he had been through before, he would lose his resolve now? Yes came the dreadful response from the deepest part of his subconscious.  
Suddenly he realized how very cold he was, how alone, in his sanctuary. The courtyard that was ironically depressed into the earth as his heart and emotions were now. They were of kin in that matter, and that gave him solace to not delve further into the depths of his torture. Had he done so he might have thought of ending his life, and he was too strong for that. Something he had to continually remind himself of. The deep scars across his collar and the brightly inked angels on his torso seemed to be mocking him, now. Screaming out how he was weak, and utterly useless to anyone.  
“I mean, you couldn’t save a single one of your sisters’ lives!” he shouted out into the darkness of the forest.  
No sooner than the words had left his lips did he reprimand himself for it. Even a man with a thousand eyes is still yet a man, and nothing more. he thought in vain attempt to convince his own conscience that he had done all he could.  
Shaking the disheartening thoughts off, Taian stood and stretched his arms. Raising one as far into the night sky as he could and then the other. Even in the darkness he could see the deep ridges that ran between and around every muscle in them. “At least I still have my shape,” he told himself with a slight laugh and gladiator-like pose. Even the comedy of his own pride was not enough to lift his spirit. It only seemed to add an infinite amount of other things to doubt himself over. He winced as his chest exploded into a fiery volcano of pain. This time very real physical pain. The giant of a man was dropped to his knees in short order, before falling face first to the stone floor. 
When Arial gets to Taian’s cave door she knocks. She waits a while and when she doesn’t get an answer she starts to feel like something is wrong. She opens the door and slowly walks in. She looks around wondering where he could be. She walks to the court yard and opens the door.  
Seeing Taian’s body on the floor she runs to him and turns him over. She checks to see if he is still alive. 
Taian, after being in a very catatonic state for a length of time that was as unbeknown to him as it was brief in his mind. He could not stretch his thoughts to ponder how long he had been down. The last of his thoughts were of the war he had started in Cathay. Hesitant to open his eyes and see who his captors were and what kind of demented device they might have him strapped to. He knew his death would not come easily in their hands, without even knowing quite who they were. How cold it is here! he thought as he tried in vain to lift himself up. He found moving his arms likened to laying in a pit of vipers. Pain shot him back to a prone position and he finally came up with fortitude enough to open his eyes, even if just slightly and attempt to look about. Finding out just how difficult it was to see through blood filled eyes he shut them once more and afforded a weak, “T’ll me wh….” the words trailed off for a moment, “My heart is hurting.” 
Taian, who suddenly composed himself and slowly drifted back to reality, noticed just who it was that was standing over him. The lifeless quality returned to his eyes and all he could think to say was, “Leave.” 
Is a little shocked when Taian tells her to leave. Feeling hurt she almost regrets coming. “Fine. I just wanted to come by to see how you are. I will leave then. Sorry I even came by,” she says and walks towards the court yards exit while trying to hold back her tears. 
Taian could only raise to a knee and watch yet another love walk away. This time at his will. A single, silent, tear sprouted from his left eye and rolled down his cheek, leaving a wet trail as it went. He couldn’t take it but for a moment. Regardless of what had happened, he could not lose another love.  
He raised in him all of the strength he had left. Slowly, he wobbled to his feet before rushing after her and sweeping her off her feet. After taking six spears to the back a heart-attack could do little to bring the giant down. “You needn’t walk away so fast.” the six words were all he could muster to say. He could only stare into her eyes, with the same blank expression in his. 
Arial looked back into Taian’s eyes and sees the blank expression in his eyes. She isn’t sure on what to say. All she could do was stare back. 

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