Death of a Body

Some more food for thought – from my intuition years ago – with a few of my sketches. Keep exploring YOU

June 5th, 2012 

Death of a Body 

When I die, lay me down beneath a young nourished tree 

Where the sun plays peek-a-boo from behind the branches 

If I die, lay me down where nature plays 

Where the sun dances, prances, with the trees; creating moving shapes of shadow upon my bare skin 

Lay me down in the state nature gave me to live in this world 

Do not throw dirt upon me 

Do not throw a satin sheet upon me, or lay me upon one 

But please do not pluck the wildflowers and lay them beside me, keep them in the ground where they belong 

Lay me only against the bare earth where the insects and small critters stay 

Let them have their way with me, for that is nature’s way 

let my flesh rot, let my bones turn to dust, and then let the wind carry the dust, that once was a body my soul possessed, away into oblivion 

And then I will be home 

Great Mother Earth, if kind, treat her with care 

long after I am gone, praying hands lead the way 

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