Arial de Grey ch. 10: Friendship Blossoms in Strange Places, Role Play with Rexxboh, Relikie, Luke & Taian

August 9th 10th 11th , 1455 (2007)
Bubblesrk: Walks up the path and knocks on the door.
Hearing a knock at the door she excuses herself and goes to get it. She smiles
when she sees it’s Bubbles. “Hi, come in. Rexx is here too.” She says with a
smile and opens the door more so she can enter.
Bubblesrk: Hi’ hugs Arail and walks in and she sees Rexx and a cat by the
table. What is your cats name?
Looking in the kitchen she sees Kitty sleeping near the table. “Her name is
Kitty.” She tells Bubbles.
“Hey, Rexx, Bubbles is here. You have met in the tavern a couple of times.”
she says looking at Rexx.
Turning towards Bubbles shes says “Sit down Bubbles. How have you been?
Field is ok? Did you say you are thinking about moving back to Shrewsbury?”
she asked as Bubbles sits down.
Bubblesrk: She sits down at the table.My feild is doing ok just no one is buying
my veggies thou .I might move back to shrewsberry i dont think iam thou
because well most of everbody wont s me to stay here in Coventry but iam
going to start traveling Friday so i can see him and Annisbella,and Relikie is
coming with me. She say enough about me how about u. How is your field doing? What have you been up to lately?

My fields are doing well. I am harvesting my wheat right now, well having
somoeone do it, so I will have that to sell. I haven’t been up to much lately just
working and trying to save my money. Put in a order for a shirt and trousers.
Just waiting for them to be ready,” she tells Bubbles.
Luke walks up the path and knocks on the door.”Hello ,I’ve heard some rumors
around town about a ball being on…I just so happens that I got a mask.”laughs
Bubblesrk: Yeah iam saveing up to get a shirt i the it is being made right now
iam not really sure.Oh i forgot gives Arial a pie i made it with the friut i picked
today she says.
“Yeah, not sure when I will have mine. I am glad that you might stay here I
would miss you if you leave.” She says smiling at Bubbles.
When she sees the pie she smiles and gives Bubbles a hug. “Thanks, you didn’t
have to do that though. Do you guys want some right now?” She asks them
Bubblesrk: Your Welcome and no thanku u mad eit for u eat it.Everybody likes
me here jk.Well i must go thanyou for haveing me over in your home enjoy
your pie.She hugs Arial and saud bye to Rexx and pets Kitty before she leaves.
Laughs a little and says “Yes everyone loves you here. Well, ok then it was
nice talking with you.” She says and walks Bubbles to the door.
When they get to the door she hugs Bubbles and watches her leave. After she is
gone she puts the pie on the kitchen table and sits back down next to Rexx.
“Want any pie? If you do it’s in the kitchen. If you want anything to drink or eat
just let me know.” She tells Rexx.
After that she is said she thinks back and thought that there might have been someone at the door.
Walking to the door she sees United. “Oh hi there how long have you been out
here? Haven’t been waiting long I hope. You heard about the ball?” she asks
and then adds with a little laugh. “I dont think that mask will be right to wear to
the ball. Might scare everyone off. Want to come in and talk? Rexx is here.”
United_We_Stand: Smiles evilly”Well then i may just take that mask”
looks thoughtful
“Don’t Think I’ve met Rexx before…”
“No. Probably not. I am very hard too meet.” Smiles and stands up, giving a
short bow to bubbles, he extends a hand to United. Onlt just noticing the cat.
“When did you get a cat?” He askes, turning his head to Arial, but with his
hand still infront of him.
Smiles at them and says “This is Rexx, Rexx this is United. Rexx and I are
going to be getting married soon.” Then hears Rexx ask about her cat. “Oh,
Kitty? Someone found her outside there house, and asked if I wanted her. I said
sure. I needed some company. I was getting pretty lonely here all by myself,”
she says.
United_we_stand: Bows to Rexx, smiling”Congratulations on your
forthcoming Marriage. I found an abandoned fox at my cave the other day, I’ve
decided to take it in and look after it.”
“Sorry Arial.” Rexx said, looking a little guitly at her. Smiling at United, he
walked back into the living room and sat back down, where he was quickly
joined by the small cat, which gave him a little look at curled up.

Smiles and says “It’s ok I am not lonely anymore,” Then turns to United and
says. “You found a baby fox? That’s nice of you to take it in.” Then heads back
to the living room with Rexx and tells United to come too.
United_we_stand: smiles and walks into the living room hwere rexx and Arail
are.”Well, I hope the fox could work as a gaurd dog later perhaps.”
[quote] Smirks and then hold his tounge as he catchs Arial’s eye. “As long as it knows
that your not an enemy eh?” Rexx said whislt smiling.[/quotes]
United_we_stand: “Well, of course he’ll know.”looks very certain of himself” If
he doesn’t work out as a gaurd dog then I”ll train him as a dog to sniff out black
truffles, those are rather pricey”
Smiles at United and eyes Rexx. “Well I have Kitty to protect me,” she says
with a smile and then sits down next to Rexx.
United_we_stand: “Yes I’m sure she’d do her best to help you”Looks deadly
serious for a few seconds
Rexx: Looks at United and chuckles a little. “Well of course, if not then i’ll
have to, won’t i?” He said smiling and then looked down at the cat, which was
now playing with peices of string on his shirt.
United_we_stand: “You’ll soon have enough trouble looking after arial, the
people in some of our taverns are rather crazy.”looks innocent.”By that i don’t
mean me.Mostly hopesfall”laughs


Laughs at United. “You may not be as bad as him, but you are pretty bad. Like
last night when you tried to get everyone drunk.” She says and then looks at
Kitty playing with Rexx’s shirt. “She seems to like you,” she says while looking
at Kitty.
Rexx: laughs and looks at Arial. “Really? Well i’ve always been told i have
something that really draws animals to me.” He says, looking down at the cat.
Watching it for a second, it wasn’t until it rolled over onto the floor that he
realised it was pretty much dazed by the strike. Getting back up, it jumped onto
the sofa and sat near its owner.
“Is it a boy or a girl?” He asked, looking back at Arial.
United_we_stand: “Hey, I tried to do them all a favour I bought everyone a
drink, They just had too amny of them as beer, instead of tea.”
Smiles sheepishly
She smiles and pets Kitty. “Yeah, well thats why a lot of people go to the
taverns. To talk, and to get drunk,” she says to United and then turns to Rexx.
“Kitty is a girl,” she says with a smile.
United_we_stand: Smiles”I don’t go there to get drunk, Oh well must be on my
way thankyou for having me.”Bows”Goodbye to you to Rexx”
Rexx: Smiles and looks at United. “Good bye and good luck my friend.” He
says calmly and looks back at the kitten. “Well she is cute, a little clumsy, but
cute.” He said again to Arial, smirking slightly.

She says good bye to United and turns back to Rexx. “Yeah she is a little
clumsy,” she says looking at Kitty. Then she leans towards Rexx and whispers
something into his ear.
Smiles and then closes his eyes when she whispers to him, noting the cat not
aproving of him stealing the attention. He then turns his attetion to Arial’s eyes
and smiles. “How did i get this lucky?” He asked her, smiling as he does.
Smiles and blushes at what Rexx said “You aren’t the only lucky one,” she says
giving him a wink. Then looks at Kitty and pets her so she doesn’t feel left out.
Smirking he looks at the cat. “Yeah, the cat’s lucking to.” He yawned slightly,
stretching his arms a little and looking back at Arial.
Smiles and carrys on petting Kitty. As she sits there she remembers that she has
a few things she has to pick up at the town hall.
“Well, I have a few things I have to do right now. Have to go pick up
something at the the market. Will I see you later?” She asks as she stands up
and walks him to the door.
She gives him a hug and a kiss and watches as he leaves.
August 12th, 1455 (2007)
Bubblesrk: Walks up the patha nd knocks on the door.
Changing her mind about going to Hopes she walks back to her house to be
depressed for a little bit longer.
Seeing that Bubbles is there she smiles and says “Hello, came for a visit?” She asks

as Bubbles turns around. Getting to the door she opens it and invites
Bubbles in.
Bubblesrk: Walks in and ask how r u today.
She closes the door behind them and sits down in the living room.
Hearing Bubbles asks how she was she hesitated for a moment but decides to
tell her anyway. “I have been better,” she says with a sigh. “Rexx and I aren’t
getting married. At least not right now, maybe sometime in the future… How
are you?” She asks looking at Bubbles.
Bubblesrk: Iam sorry to hear that she told Arial.iam good.How is your cat?
“Yeah, it might be on again. Not sure though. Kitty is doing well,” she tells
Bubblesrk: Stands up and ask Arial do u wont to take walk with me she ask
Standing up too she says “Sure, where do you want to go? Do you want to walk
around town? The falls are nice, have you been to Crater falls yet? The park is
nice too. There are also the ruins. There are rumors saying that it’s haunted…
Anyway do you have an idea of where you would like to go?
Bubblesrk: I donr have an i idea were to go so u can pick.

Crater Falls… {Coventry}
August 12th, 1455 (2007)
Arial and Bubbles walk down the path to Crater Falls.

“Ok which way would you like to go?” Arial asks as she looks at Bubbles when
they enter the falls.
Bubblesrk: I really not mind which way we go u pick she says looking at
Arial.So which way do u wont to go?
“Hmm ok then lets just walk around and see what we find,” she says to
Bubblesrk: ok. Starts walking and follows Arial.
They walk for a while and when they see a path to the left they walk down it.
Walking down it the come to a place with 2 waterfalls next to each other.
Seeing them Arial asks “Would you like to stay here for a little while or keep
on walking?”
Bubblesrk: i would like to stay here.Seats down on the ground and watches the
waterfalls.Smiles this is fun dont u think Arial she ask her.
“Yes it is fun. I haven’t been here since I got back from Warwick a few weeks
ago. Been meaning to come here just havent. I haven’t seen this spot before,”
she says and sits down on a rock looking down into the water. “It’s real peacful
here. Nice place to come when you want to get away from the busy town and
all the people. Thats why I live near here,” she says still looking down at the
Bubblesrk: Walks up to the water and spalshes Arial.Giggles

Gasps and splashes Bubbles back, and giggles as she gets all wet. Carrys on
doing it with a smile on her face.
Bubblesrk: While walking up where Arial was she trips and falls in the water
.Gets up out of the water looks up at Arial and laughs.
“Guess I didn’t have to splash you.” She says laughing.
When she sees Bubbles starting to get out of the water she giggles and pushes
her back in. Feeling bad she helps her back up again.
Bubblesrk: I guess not . Wont to walk around?
“Sure,” Arial says and they start to walk back up the path and down the path
they were going when the came there.
Bubblesrk: gets up and follows Arial.This was fun we have to come again.
“Yeah it was. Do you want to keep on walking around here or would you like
to walk somewhere else? Do you still want to walk?” She asks Bubbles as they
are walking around.
Bubblesrk: Lets keep walking.Starts walking and sees a path throw some trees
follow the path and find abig water fall with trees and huge rocks all around it.


“Wow I have never seen this here before it’s beautiful,” she says and then sits
on one of the rocks.
Bubblesrk: Takes off her shoes and walks throw the water come on Arial come
in the water is great.This time i hope i dont fall in .Please come in
While exploring the town, Relikie finds Crater Falls. He looks around and
decides to explore this place a little more. He begins to follow a trail.
He thinks to himself while walking down the path, “What a magnificent place.”
Bubblesrk: She looks up and sees Relikie she smlies and ask him if he wonts to
come in the water with her?
Relikie walks a little farther and sees Bubblesrk and Arial sitting in a waterfall.
He hears Bubbles ask him to come in the water.
He says, “Sure, why not?”
He takes off his new shoes and gets in the water.
“This place is beautiful, and the water is at a perfect temperature.” He says.
She smiles, takes off her shoes, and gets in the water. She smiles and says hi to
Relikie when she sees him. “Yeah it is beautiful here. Yeah this time you wont
fall in or get pushed in.” she says agreeing with Relikie and giggles at Bubbles.
Bubblesrk: Smiles starts splashing Relikie .


Relikie says hello to Arial.
Bubbles starts splashing him so he splashes her back.
He says, “Take that!”
Laughs as Relikie gets splashed and splashes him too. Then starts to splash
Bubbles too. She laughs when she sees Relikie swim away.
Bubblesrk: Come on Arial come and swim with us it will be fun.Climbs on the
rock and jumps off.
Climbs up the rock after Bubbles and jumps off after her.
Relikie splashes Arial back. He says, “Not you too!”
He laughs and then gets hit by the water when Bubbles jumps in. He decides he
will do the same thing she did. He climbs to the top of the rock, and jumps into
the water.
“That was refreshing.” He says while swimming around.
Bubblesrk: Smile u came in .Swims to Relike and pushes him under water .
Laughs and pushes them both under the water and then swims away from them.
Relikie took a deep breath right before Bubbles pushed him under water. He
splashes her and swims away, laughing. He climbs to the top of the rock again

and jumps into the water. He swims around a little more and sits down on a
rock that is underwater, but high enough to keep his head above water.
Bubblesrk: Swims behide the rock and pushes Relikie in the water. Swims
Relikie falls in the water with a splash. He says while laughing, “That wasn’t
Bubblesrk: thanks so do u guys wont to play a water game or something?
Relikie says, “How about tag?”
Bubblesrk: ok great game ok your it Relikie.
Relikie follows Bubbles and tags her. He says, “Your it!”
Then, he starts running in a different direction.
Bubblesrk: no far starts swimming gos underwater and grabs relikie leg comes
up and says your it .starts swimming and hids before he sees.
Swims back to Bubbles and Relikie. She sees that they are chasing each other
and she wonders what they are doing. So she watches for a little while.

Being tagged on the leg, Relikie was surprised. He turned around and didn’t see
Bubbles. He sees Arial standing and watching. He runs to her and tags her on
the arm.
He yells, “Now your it!”
He starts swimming in the other direction.
Bubblesrk: Swims behide rock to rock so she doesnt see her and grabs Relikie
arm and pulls himbehide a rock.Come lets swimto a different rock so she
doesnt see us she tell him.
Relikie falls behind a rock and sees Bubbles next to him. He follows her like
she says.
Relikie whispers to Bubbles, “She’ll never find us here!”
Bubblesrk: Yeah i know. Looks to the side of the rock to see if see was
coming.This fun dont u think whispering into hes ear.
Relikie looks to the side and sees Arial with a clueless look on her face. He
ducks back behind the rock before she spots him.
He whispers to Bubbles, “This is a lot fun. She isn’t coming either”
She is shocked when Relikie tags her. She sees them swim off, and she trys to
swim after them but they are to fast.
Stopping to think where they might be. She sees someone peak behind a rock
and swims over there. “ah ha!” she says as she sees Relikie and Bubbles. She
tags who ever was closest to her and swims off.

Bubblesrk: Yeah. She says come on seen us pulls relikes arm.Starts swimming
Relikie is dragged by Bubbles to who knows where. He keeps swimming fast to
try to keep up.
Laughs and lets them swim away while she swims in the other direction. Trying
to get away from them to see if they would notice.
Bubblesrk: Swims up behide her and scares her and swims away .
Jumps and turns around really fast and tags her before she can swim away.
Bubblesrk: Dang iam it gos back were she was hidding and finds Relikie and
tags him and swim were Arial is.
Relikie finds himself being it. “How did that happen?” he thinks to himself.
He swims to where Bubbles and Arial are. He tags Arial and runs to the top of
the rocks. He gets ready to jump if Arial trys to come after him.
Bubblesrk: Swims Away from Arial and hides.
Runs up the rocks and pushes Relikie over before he can jump. Watches
Relikie do a belly flop and land with a big splash.

Bubblesrk: Laughs while Arial pushes him off.
“That looked like it hurt hope he doesn’t get mad about that,” she says looking
Bubblesrk: Laughs at Relikie and swims over to Arial.Good job Arial he tells
Laughs at Relikie. “Yeah I know it was,” she says to Bubbles a little consided
like, but not real seriously.
Bubblesrk: Oh well it was still funny hes tough i think he’ll get over it .
laughs “True umm…where is he? I haven’t seen him come up yet,” she says
looking down again.
Bubblesrk: He can stay under for a long time so he propbaly trying to sneek up
on us your something.
“Yeah I better watch my back so he doesn’t push me in,” she says as she looks
around a little.

Smiles innocently at Relikie and thinks that him and Bubbles look cute
Bubblesrk: Swims under Arial and tags her on her leg swims away before she
taged her.Finds Relikie and hides with him.
Is a little surprised and swims after them. “Awwww you two are hiding
together how cute,” she says smiling when she finds them then tags the closest
one. She thinks it was Bubbles.
Bubblesrk: Tags Relikie and swims away and hides behide a rock.
Swims away from both of them and hides where they wont be able to find her.
Bubblesrk: Go’s underwater and sees Arial so she swims over there and when
she gets there she says hi . Great hidding spot she says in a whisper.
Jumps a little when she sees that Bubbles found her hiding spot and giggles a
Bubblesrk: opps i didnt mean to scare u oh he’ll never find us here.
“probably not,” she says and looks out and sees a clues look on his face. “He is
dumb. He is practically looking right at us,” shewhispers to Bubbles.

Relikie looks around and spots Arial and Bubbles hiding together. He sneaks
behind them and tags Arial. He swims away quickly, saying, “You’ll never hide
from me!”
Bubblesrk: Swim away from Arial and hides.
Is a little mad that she got taged. She swims and tags Relikie on the shoulder
and swims to the shore and lays on her back in the sun.
Bubblesrk: Follows Arial ask her r u tired from all the swimming?
“yes,” she says smiling a little and turning her head towards Bubbles and then
looks back at the sky, looking at the clouds.
Bubblesrk: lol iam not gos back into the water and swims some more.
laughs “ok have fun,” she says smiling and watches Bubbles go back in the
water. She smiles and starts to think to herself about the things that have
happend recently.
ok . Swims to the bottom of the water.Come up with a pebble that shape like a
heart.Gets out of the water and gos up to Arial and shows her.
Looks at the pebble. “cool you should show it to Relikie or give it to him to show your love to him.” She giggles.

Bubblesrk: Go’s in the water with the pebble in her hand and show the heart
shaped pebble to Relikie ask him do u wont it?
Relikie takes the pebble and says to Bubbles “Thanks!”
He swims around, assuming the game of tag is over. He looks around and
notices his shoes were not where he left them.
He asks Bubbles and Arial, “Where did my shoes go?”
Bubblesrk: Giggles and says i don’t know.
Relikie laughs and says, “Well, I’m sure they will turn up when we leave.”
Bubblesrk: Yeah probaly. Gets out of the water and gos sits by Arial.
Relikie gets out of the water and sits next to Bubbles. He says, “Is it time to dry
off now?”
Bubblesrk: Yeah i guess so were do wont to go now.How about u pick were we
go Relikie.
Relikie says, “Lets just walk down some trails. I’ll need my shoes.. Will you help me find them?”

Bubblesrk: ok Go’s behide a tree and gets hes shoes and hands hes shoes to him
lol told u i didnt know were your shoes were.
Laughs at the look of shock on Relikie’s face when he sees that Bubbles hid his
Bubblesrk: Hey u helped me hide hes shoes to
Is shocked that Bubbles would say such a thing. “I did not. Don’t tell lies,” she
says to Bubbles with a little smirk and a wink.
Bubblesrk: r u ready to leave?
“sure if you are,” she says smiling and stands up.
Bubblesrk: Well Relikie is picking where were going next.Starts to follow
“Oh ok,” she says and follows Relikie with Bubbles and wonders where he will
be taking us.
Bubblesrk: Wonders to were they might be going.Ask Arial r u haveing fun so far?”

“Yes, are you? Wait, of course you are since you are with Relikie,” she says
smirking a little and then looks at Relikie and then back at Bubbles and
whispers “I don’t think he knows where he is going.”
Bubblesrk: Yes iam haveing a great time because u and because Relikie is here
to but its been a long day she says in a whisper . i think he knows were hes
going i think.
laughs “Sure he does,” she whispers back and pokes Relikie on the side.
Bubblesrk: lol whisper to Arial he took the pebble
“That’s because he hearts you,” she says out loud by accident. “Oops,” she says
and winks at Bubbles.
Bubblesrk: Hey u did that on purpose.
“No! of course not. It doesn’t look like he heard anyway,” she whispers and
then looks at Relikie.
Bubblesrk: Oh i bet he did if were whispering he’ll try to find out what ever
“Probably,” she says giggling and pokes Relikie again. Wondering where he is taking them.

Bubblesrk: pokes Relikie.
Giggles as she and Bubbles poke Relikie at the same time.
Bubblesrk: Giggles what sould we talk about while we walk were every were
walking to.
“I don’t know,” she says as they are walking. “Whatever comes to mind I
Relikie walks around.. lost.. He hates to admit it but he says, “Im lost ladies,
I’m sorry.”
He looks around and sits down. He says while smiling, “This is my first time
smiles “Ok then I will lead the way. Is there a certain place you would like to
go? or do you just want to walk around for a little while?” she asks asks
looking at Relikie.
“A good place to sit down and rest would be nice.” He says while smiling.
“Well you are already sitting down,” she says with a smile. “Would you like to stay here or walk somewhere else?”

“I would like to sit somewhere near a waterfall” He says, still smiling.
“Ok, then stand up and I will walk you somewhere,” she tells him.
When he stands up she walks him to a waterfall coming down a hill. “Well here
is a waterfall want to sit here?” She asks him.
Luke Is running along through the bush on a daily workout when he suddenly
comes out and around a large rock.Realising too late there is a bunch of people,
and promptly crashes into them. Gets up apologising”So sorry, should have
been looking where I was going a bit more.”Helps the women to thier feet
Is shocked that Luke didn’t see them but thanks him for helping her up. Turns
around and helps Relikie up. “Next time pay more attention on where you are
are going please,” she tells him.
Taian wanders to the edge a bluff, peering timidly over the edge at a small
group of people by the water below. He wondered to himself what their names
were, and why they seemed so content to just be. A ray of light reflecting off
the water caught his eye. It stunned him and he stumbled forward, helplessly
over the edge. This rising feeling in the pit of his stomach was, he thought, the
most wonderful thing.
He knew that he must be soon to hit the ground, which made him wonder of
God’s kingdom. What kind of work was there to do there? Were all the Angels
really beautiful?
“Surely there is one ugly creature amongst them,” Taian said breathlessly to
himself against the raging air. He dared not look, for fear. Instead he ventured
to listen closely. He heard a name, but couldn’t make out just whose name it
was. It almost sounded like, Luke. Was it the apostle? Could the great
physician be saving him from his plight?
He finally ventured to look below him, accepting fate. As he turned to do so he
was engulfed in cool liquid with a great splash. When his eyes finally opened
all around him were the wavy shapes he could only associate with looking through water.
What joy! I am only in the comforts of the pond!
He surfaced gasping at the sweet air above the water and swam towards the
people he was watching from the bluff. The fall had given him courage to seek
their company. Not to mention a racing heart.
Luke nods to arial”I will try to pay more attention when trianign rather than just
thinking about things as I run”
“Ok,” she says to Luke with a smile. Hearing a loud splash she looks to the
water and sees a man swimming over to them.
When he comes up to them she says as she looks at him. “Hello, I don’t think I
have ever met you before. Are you new to town?” She studies him for a while
wondering who he is and where he came from.
Taian, his eyes shining their strange cinnamon color, slowly lifts himself out of
the water to tower over the group.
“No, M’lady, I do not believe that we have met. My name is Taian. As for a
surname, I have none. Some call me Moss due to my birthplace, a peat bog, but
I am not likened to being called such. I recently came to Coventry, hoping to
find my place on God’s green earth here,” he sputtered in response to the lady’s
query, water still dripping from his frame.
Suddenly Taian became very aware of the fact that he was wearing only the
barest of clothes. His face blushed as he crossed his arms in an attempt to hide
the warring creatures tattooed on his torso. His muscles rippled as he did so,
seeming to make the inking of the Arch Angel Michael dance on his stomach.
“Might I ask your name, most beautiful of angels?”
Studying him she notices strange markings on his skin. Never seeing them
before she was a little suspicious of this strange man. He is taller than anyone she has ever met.
“Well it’s nice to meet you Taian. I hope you are happy in Coventry. It is a nice
town full of really nice people. They will make you feel at home I am sure,”
she says smiling and still studing him.
She smiles as she notices him trying to cover up the markings on his torso, and
blushes as his muscles rippled as he did so.
She blushes even more when he says most beautiful of angels. “My name is
Arial de Grey,” she responds to him and looks him in the eyes for the first time.
As she looks in his eyes she notices they are different from anyones she has
seen before. They were a cinnamon color and she could take her eyes away
from them. “He seems like an interesting man.He seems nice, but I am still a
little suspicious about him,” she thinks to herself as she looks into his eyes.
“I am assured that you are wondering what these drawings are in my skin. I
acquired them whilst in Cathay. They are of a painting I saw there. There are
twelve angels and six demons and three faeries. You are lucky to have seen
them, as I am not easily caught without my vestige,” Taian replied as he
lowered his arms and assumed a far less imposing position seated on a nearby
After a moment, Taian began again, “Ariel de Gray. A beautiful name as well, I
will have to commit it to memory. Will you have the company of a miner,
Taian lowered his eyes from hers as he thought about the restrictions that birth
and rank put upon the possibility of friendship.
She looks at him a little while longer and then looks away. “Those are some
interesting drawings. Never seen them before. I have never seen anyone with
any kind of drawings on there body,” she responds when he tells her about
“I don’t mind the company. Relikie was here somewhere but I don’t know
where he went,” she says looking around a little. “Oh well, I guess he will show
up somewhere,” she says and shrugs.
Looking back at him she thinks to herself. “He doesn’t seem so bad. Might even become a good friend.” She looks away and wonders again where Relikie went
Luke walks up with Arial’s hat that she dropped , which the wind blew away
when he accidently ran into her.”Here we are M’lady, largest apologies.”
“Unless you venture to Cathay you may ne’er see the likes of them again. I am
want to think that the art will never reach the shores of this isle.”
Taian ventured to look in her direction again.
“I suppose I will see you in a days time, maybe two, as I have work to do. Shall
we meet here again, or would you rather venture the ruins? I have yet to see
“Thanks for getting my hat and it’s ok just don’t let it happen again,” she says as
Luke hands her back her hat.
“Cathay seems like an interesting place to have draws like that on your body,”
she says looking back at him. “I wouldn’t mind seeing the ruins. I haven’t seen
them yet either. So in a day or two we will meet again?”
“We have an accord. I will be sure to wear a shirt.”
Taian turned and walked away, taking great strides towards the crest of the first
hill. At it’s peak he stopped to yell back, “Farewell, Ariel de Grey, and Blessed
She watches him leave and then turns back to Luke. “Where did Relikie go?
Have you seen him?” She asks and looks around again. “Seems like he just
disappeared… oh well I must be off now,” she says and leaves the falls.

Waves good bye to Arial and continues on on his training.

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