Arial de Grey – Ch. 9: The Death of Jersey Rocket

“And they called it, puppy love….”

Arial de Grey chapter 9: Death of Jersey Rocket:  

Arial123 wrote: 
December 6th 1456…  
Arial was wondering around town with a love letter in her hand, not knowing what to do or how to find who it belongs to.  
The next morning she heads to the church, does her mass and everything as she usually does on Sunday. After that was over and done she makes preparations for a wedding (that will be held at the Glenn) that she was asked to do on short notice, like usual. She is usually someone’s last resort, but she doesn’t mind that. She likes to help when she’s needed and she knows she does do a great ceremony.  
The wedding turned out well. Everything went as was planned and the bride and groom were so happy that it made Arial smile and feel all warm inside, at least for a little while.  
She didn’t stay long. Priestess Arial never stays long at the weddings. Though the bride and groom said she was welcome to stay for the reception, she left anyway. Priestess Arial, and ordinary Arial, do not like to socialize much anymore. Since the love of her life is gone. She has been pretty broken inside and still hasn’t healed. She knows though that her broken heart will heal and she wont feel so cold anymore.  
It has been about close to two week now since she has heard word that Jersey Rocket was found dead in Ireland. He died from a Bee sting, just as his mother did in Africa. Arial hasn’t mentioned this to any one, not even in her journal (home thread). She couldn’t bring herself to write the words down. That would make it real, and she didn’t want it to be. She didn’t want to believe the facts, but now she knows she has to face up to them no matter how bad it hurts her. So tonight, after the beautiful wedding she performed, she wrote about her loves death and how she was never able to say a goodbye to him.  
Once she was done she re-reads the tear stained pages that she wrote on. This hurt her even more than writing it all down. Reading it made her realize the cold hard truth that he is gone. She will now never be able to see his face again in person. Only in the memories she has of him, that will soon be blurry and unrecognizable. This brings fresh tears to her eyes. She wont let that happen though. She will be sure to think of him everyday. She wont ever let herself forget his face.  
That night she says a prayer, saying her goodbyes to him, and praying that he is in a happy place.  
She tries to think positive. She tries to tell herself that he is in a better place, and that death isn’t the end, but the beginning for a new life. The thoughts don’t help her much. They do nothing for her crushed heart.  
This is the reason she’s so depressed and down and a hermit now. Not only because of her mother, like she has told you all, but because she lost the love of her life. She loved him when she shouldn’t have. She was willing to break the vow she made when she became a priestess. She was willing to break all the rules that she was taught, and possibly get killed, to be with him.  
She doesn’t have to worry anymore, though. He is gone. Out of her life, but not out of her heart. She will never love another. She will now, forever and always, be faithful to the church. She will not sin anymore. She will never break the vow she made again. Her only true love is the Aristolian church and the people who follow it and anyone else, well, may Jah have mercy on them. She prays that they may all see the light soon.  
December 10th, 1456  
When it rains, it pours down hard. Arial now has to worry about possible war. A letter from the dutchess was sent out about a possible attack from Scotland and the need of soldiers, swords, and shields to prepare for it.  
Arial sighs. Will I ever get a positive letter again? Why is everything sent to me always bad news now! Arial tears up the parchment and throughs it in the fire.  
She wont be making swords unless she’s asked. She has no desire to Forge anymore. She studies to pass the time and to distract herself.  
She will aid those she can, and pray for all the soldiers who are preparing for this war, but that’s about it. May Jah be with us all in this time of need.  
December 13th, 1456  
Not even a week after she confessed and finally made herself believe that Jersey Rocket was gone, she was asked to do another wedding, once again, at the last minute.  
Why in the Jah created world would someone ask this broken hearted Priestess to do a wedding? Well, maybe because she hasn’t told anyone about her broken heart, that’s why. She tries to mask her feelings, like she always has. She can fool many people, though there are those rare few that she can not. This happy couple apparently can’t see around her mask.  
Priestess Arial puts on her warm, “happy” smile, and says she’d be glad to do their wedding. She let her mask fall, though, when they tell her that they planned it for the next day. She quickly catches it though and doesn’t let them see the anger and annoyance that she felt just a moment before.  
“Well, I might be a bit late, due to this short notice (and her annoyance), but I will try my best to be there on time,” she tells them warmly, with that “happy” smile she gives everyone.  
They, of course, the couple smiles with relief and happiness that they will be able to get married the next day.  
Arial kept her smile until they left her office. Once the door was closed, and she was sure they had left, she let that fake smile fall from her face. She grumbled to herself about the wedding, but quickly, as she always does, prepares herself for the wedding ceremony so she can go in the morning. Oh, but, this will make me on time. Hmm…. I guess I will just take my time getting to the Glenn. She thinks to herself with a real smile of mischievousness. Who said the priestess had to be on time anyway?  
So the next day she left her home late. Got to the wedding late, but kept her mask on the whole time. She told them honestly, since lying is a sin, that she took her time getting there since it was such a nice day.  
Over all, though it ended up being long and nerv racking for Arial, the wedding went smoothly. Though she did let her mask drop, just a little, when she saw that the bride was plastered and could barely stand on her own. Oh, may Jah have mercy on her soul. Thinks Arial as she glances at the bride.  
Arial hurried off, though, as soon as the couple said I do and kissed. She felt her mask slipping and she wasn’t sure how long she could stay there and act happy. So she left with only saying a quick congratulations to the happy couple. She didn’t want her guard to fall.  
She felt it slipping though as she rode on home in the carriage. When she was inside it finally fell. She rushed off to her room, with out even glancing or giving Yogi a pat on the head.  

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