Arial de Grey – Ch. 8 – Melancholy & Passion

rial de Grey Chapter 8: Role play 4 with game characters Melancholy & Passion 

May – Jun 1456 (2008)  
The weald  
Melancholy’s Marsh  

It runs until it finds a marshy place. It’s paws get a little wet and it dont like it. This melancholy being has never liked water.“Maybe I should transform back into human? but i don’t want someone to see me… I think I will stay a cat for now. This cat will just have to get use to water.” Thinks this melancholy being to its self.“Hope I got away from that passion being.”  
Its on the side of the marsh, looking for a place that it can hide in. “It would be nice to have a small hut or something. Maybe i can make one.” Thinks the cat as it explores the marsh. 
Passion come paddling by in it’s small, water lily boat. It is laughing, and laughing. Passion thinks the cat is silly. “You are silly, cat. And furry. So cuddle like, and soft. I would like to hug you. But I am looking for my friend, melancholy. Have you seen melancholy?’  
It hisses at Passion and runs and hides in a bush.“That darn passion thing. What does it want from me? Could it really be the one that I met a while back that did go under my melancholy spell? Thinks the cat as it stares at this passion thing, eyes glowing green as it stares.  
“Oh no you did not!” Passion exclaims, and paddles it’s boat to the grassy, weed choked shore. Passion does not tolerate no hissing, ‘specially directed toward itself.  
Passion looks furious. It is drawing a pouch from it’s riding hood, filled with ground passion flower dust, and demands, “You take that back! You take it back or I’m going to strike! Have you ever been struck by Passion?”  
Thoughts start rushing through her mind. She has been struck by ‘passion’ before, and she will not ever again. The cat jumps out from behind the bush and transforms into human and stares at this Passion thing. “Was that a threat? Who are you? You look oddly familiar… Have we met?” asks the melancholy being. 
“Melancholy! Oh, you gave me a start there!” Passion deposits it’s pouch again into the folds of it’s riding hood, and clutches the place where it’s heart beats. “Nearly got me angry!” Passion says, laughing.  
“Have you been eating sea urchins again, melancholy? Or has somebody bumped you on the head? Have you forgotten all about me? I’m your bestest friend!” Passion insists.  
“If you let me kiss you on the cheek, I think you’ll remember.” Passion’s face becomes warped with humor, and it crouches playfully. Melancholy hates when Passion tries to steal a kiss from her. 
“Melancholy? My name is Melancholy?” She asks Passion, a bit confused. All of a sudden a memory crosses her mind…  
Her name was long forgotten, she has tried to forget of her past when she ran away from her village. When she met a sorcerer that taught her how to use a melancholy spell, he also put a memory charm on her.  
“You will only remember now what you want to remember. Your past will soon be forgotten. You will be, as long as you choose, a melancholy being. You now will have no name, unless you choose to remember your name. If, by any chance, someone crosses your path that was in your past, and don’t remember them, you can say this. He whispers a spell into her ear. “Close your eyes, and say that three times in your head, and consentrate hard on the memory you want to remember. You will only remember that memory, and the memories the person, or thing, was in.”  
“Thank you, sir. What is your name?” Asks the melancholy being. “My name is not important. You don’t need to know my name. Now, go, before someone knows you are here.” With that, she left.  
She already knew transfiguration. She learned that when she was young. She rarely used it though, because the people she was with never liked it. Now, though, since she likes to be in disguise and would rather not be seen, she usually stays an orange blonde colored cat, like the color of her hair. That way, she can sneak away when ever she cast the melancholy spell on some happy people, or creatures.  
“I didn’t eat a sea urchin or got hit in the head.” The melancholy being closes her eyes, says the remembrance spell three times in her head, and thinks of this Passion being. In a few moments a memory pops in her head…  
She was walking down a dirt road on a cloudy day in her village. She was walking to the creek to get some water for her master. Once she gets the bucket filled with water she goes about her way again, but before she leaves she looks over at the dandelion field. She sees something playing in the flowers., and walks over to see what it is. She saw it was wrestling with a dandelion. She giggled at it. It looked at her. She said hello and went on her way again. It followed close behind.“shoo, shoo, my master wont like it if he sees you with me,”she says as she gently shoos it away with her foot. It laughed, said that it wants to follow. She sighs and continues on her way.  
When she gets to her master’s home, she hurriedly rushes to the kitchen door and shuts it quickly, accidentally slamming it. The master is in the kitchen, and gets furious when she slams the door. He grabs her, starts yelling at her, and slaps her hard across the face. He was about to hit her again when something distracted him. The door was thrown open and in comes the thing she found playing in the flowers down by the creek. It went after her masture, threw flower dust in his face, causing her masture to sneeze and get it in his eyes, he couldn’t see anything and started grabbing at hair, trying to get whatever threw the dust in his eyes.  
She didn’t wait to see anything else. She ran, ran out the open door, and down the street. She transformed into a cat so no one will see her running, and soon got to the end of the village and left.  
She was depressed, and out for revenge now. That master of hers killed her family, and the one she loved. She now just wants to forget her past, and anything that was part of it. She wants to remember nothing . She stops when she gets to a forest. She climbs a rather tall tree, and sits on a thick branch. She transforms back to human and sits in the darkness, holding tightly to the branch she is on. She thinks she likes the darkness, it suits her mood. She feels something cuddle up next to her, she jumps, almost falling, but has a tight grip on the branch. She looks to her side, eyes glowing, she sees, that it‘s the one that was by the creek and that followed her home.”How did you get up here? Why are you following me?” It says because shes Passion’s bestest friend. “Bestest friend!? I am no ones bestest friend, let alone a friend. My friends are dead and gone. Now I will be gone as well.”It didn’t seem to hear what she said, it stayed cuddled next to her and kissed her cheek.“Don’t kiss me! No one has kissed me since my love died. I will not have anyone kiss me. she says angerly, then transforms back into a cat and traveled into the night.  
Then her memory fasts forward to a small cottage in the middle of a wooded forest. She feels that she is even more melancholy than she has ever been. She sees a glimpse of something playing in the flowers near the cottage. She goes over to it, feeling that she knows what it is. “Hello, Passion,” It smiles big when it sees her, and tries to kiss her cheeks again. “No, you know I don’t like that,” she says and walks off towards the cottage. Passion follows close behind, but gets shooed away by the sorcerer.  
That brings her to the thoughts of the sorcerer telling her about the memory charm, and how to use the remembrance spell.  
She feels something kissing her cheek, she opens her eyes and takes a step back, she glares at Passion and says, ”You know I don’t like that.” She wipes the kiss off and studies Passion. For a reason she doesn’t know, she doesn’t want to turn Passion into a melancholy being. 
Passion loves melancholy. Passion is not afraid of her. Passion tells melancholy all the time. And now Passion would like to snuggle so badly, and comb melancholy’s pretty hair. Passion would like to jump, and play with melancholy, but melancholy is so blue. Melancholy has been so hurt, and melancholy is so sad.  
“Melancholy?” Passion asks, “You are so blue. You are so hurt. You are so sad. Melancholy?” Passion cannot help but bounce. “Melancholy? Will you play? Will you jump with me? And bounce? Will you let me comb your hair, and make friendship bracelets with you?”  
“Oh please melancholy, please.” Passion pretends to pout, and gets onto it’s knee. Passion folds it’s hands, and begs, “Melancholy? Will you splash with me? Will you please? I love to splash.”  
Then Passion leaps, and climbs a tree at blinding speed. Passion jumps up and down, and shakes the limbs. The leaves rattle, and seeds drop from it, and Passion only laughs. It dangles, and tickles melancholy. “I am going to tickle you melancholy! I am going to tickle you!”  
“Ha ha ha! I will tickle you so long! I will tickle you so badly. I will tickle you until you must piddle! Ha ha ha!” 
Melancholy watches Passion bounce around. When it starts to beg at her feet she can’t help but feel something for it, but before she responds it begins tickling her. She starts giggling. When it doesn’t stop she transforms herself into a cat and runs off into the bushes, but watches Passion closely. 
Passion looks around, wondering where melancholy has gone off to again. “Melancholy?”  
“Melancholy, melancholy, melancholy?”  
When Passion cannot find melancholy, it hops out of it’s tree, and looks in this bush, and that. “Melancholy?”  
Passion lifts a mighty rock, peaking underneath. “Melancholy, melancholy?”  
Passion finds a nest, “Melancholy?” and only succeeds in making a mother bird very mad.  
Passion cannot find melancholy! 
Melancholy watches Passion with amusment. She sneaks out of her bush, making sure Melancholy doesn’t see and sneaks up behind it. Melancholy transforms back into a human, and clears her throat, hoping to get Passion’s attention. 
“Oh melancholy.” This time Passion really does pout. “I was so sad that you went away. Last time you went away it was a very long time before I found you again. I wish you were not so good at hiding from me.” Passion kicks a rock, upset, and it skids across the sandy bank, and plops into the very still water.  
Passion sits down in the dirt, and picks it’s nose. 
Melancholy scrunches up her face in discust. “Don’t pick your nose,” she tells it. “and don’t pout. I wont be hiding again. I have been lonely for a long time. I wouldn’t mind a companion. Wanna help me make people melancholy too? It’s fun once you have done it a few times.” 
“You won’t hide from me no more?” Passion asks, becoming bright again, but forgetting to stop picking it’s nose. One finger is still shoved very deep, and rooting around for a really BIG booger.  
“You want to hunt??” Passion beams. “Let’s hunt! I agree, it’s really fun!” Passion gets to it’s feet, that booger is really hard to get. It will try again later.  
“Let’s hunt, melancholy! Let’s hunt!” Passion gets ready by looking around for a stick, and puts the red hood over it’s head. It’s fanny is always showing, it’s so round, and white. 

Melancholy giggles once she sees that Passions tushy is showing. “Yes, lets go hunting,” says Melancholy with an evil grin. “Don’t pick your nose. I will stay as long as you dont pick your nose. You wont find any gold up there.” She finds a stick for Passion and tells it to follow her.[/quote]  

Passion’s fanny is showing, yes.  
Passion does not mind though, if the riding hood were not really special as it is, Passion would probably wear nothing at all, beside a few pouches to keep it’s treasures in. The riding hood is really special though. Behind Passion’s thick locks of hair is an ordinary person, but when the nightwinds come calling, a change comes over them, and donning the riding hood, the ordinary person takes to the air, able to do many extraordinary feats because of it.  
Did you know Passion is strong? Passion is so strong, as strong as ten.  
Did you know Passion eats flowers? Passion loves flowers, and they make Passion pretty.  
Passion smells nice too! Passion smells like chocolate.  
And Passion? Passion’s most favoritest thing to do is bounce. But when Passion is not bouncing, Passion is hunting. “Let’s hunt!” Passion is saying now. Passion does not know what gold, or monies are, these things are too far removed from it’s mind, but Passion knows to hunt, instinctively.  
Passion goes following after melancholy, obediantly, but mostly just chasing after the really grand stick she has found. “The stick, melancholy! The stick! Lets me have it!”  
Passion pinches melancholy’s fanny, for the sport of it. Passion loves to tease too. But what Passion loves mostest is melancholy’s fanny. 
Melancholy jumps and stops in her tracks. She turns, raises the stick, about to hit Passion, but decides not to. “Well, Passion, you want the stick? Go fetch,” says Melancholy as she throws the stick into the darkness. Where ever Passion finds the stick is where they will hunt. 
Passion beamed, “Yes, yes! Throw the stick!” and crouched, ready as it would ever be.  
The stick went sailing, and Passion went bounding. You could hear Passion, it bounded through the thorns as if they were not there at all, and *splash splash* come the sound as Passion took to the marsh.  
Melancholy probably come walking behind, dragging her feet as she always seemed to  
The moon shined bright over them, and the breeze made the limbs overhead to slightly move, causing the forest to seem alive, and creepy as they got further from home. Ahead of her Passion was hooting, and hollering excitedly in the darkness, going to the right of them, and to the left.  
But Melancholy, would you lift your eyes just for a moment, and see that the stick is caught in the boughs of a willow? 
Melancholy giggles at Passion. She looks up into a willow and sees the stick got stuck in it. She frowns, climbs the willow, and gets the stick. She decides to stay there and watch Passion from below, wait to see if it sees her. 
In the darkness, it were not hard to spy Passion, it’s creamy white skin standing out in stark contrast by the light of our beloved moon. Passion kept looking underneath rocks, Passion believes that one might find anything beneath them. Passion would look in tangles of reeds, and go swimming in circles, occasionally diving to the bottom of the great river run through the marsh. Passion’s an excellent swimmer, so long as the fish do not try to eat it.  
Eventually, melancholy would come to realize, Passion was getting further, and further away, and then suddenly, Passion were gone altogether, still ever determined to fetch the stick that was really grand! It was such a good stick, be a shame to loose it. 
Melancholy sees watches Passion leave so she climbs down and goes after it, making sure once she finds him to scold him. 

[quote] Some time later the pair returned, having caused much mischief, and Passion were so exhausted.  
[Much mischief section]  

There came an audible thump from above, and the patter of little feet close after.  
Passion, one of the many extraordinary creatures in the Weald come bounding inside all dressed in it’s riding hood, and eyes behind the tangles of it’s hair peeping this way, and that. It paid no mind, really, to the people standing, and sitting about, not even the ones suddenly curious where Passion had come from, or what it was doing. Passion strained to move the leg of a chair, then peeped underneath, and bound over to a stack of dirty, unwashed dishes to dig through them also. Evidently, Passion were looking for something. 
An orange cat walks in side the tavern carrying a big stick in its mouth. Some turned in wonder why a cat was there and why it had a stick that looks too big for it to carry. The cat ignores these people and goes along it’s way.  
It walks over to a stool at the bar, jumps on to it, puts its paws on to the bar, and drops the stick. It makes a soft clink noise as it rolls off the bar and lands on the ground. 
Passion was all over the stick, pouncing from high atop the stack of dishes, and then scrambling beneath the counter after it. “My stick!” You might hear Passion exclaiming now. “This stick is really great, melancholy, it’s such a great stick.”  
Passion come out from underneath, “This stick is big, and I can find the stick anywhere. I like this stick, melancholy, this stick is great. It is good to gnaw on too.” Passion gnawed.  
“Melancholy?” It’s expression turned distressed then. “I’ll be right back, OK? I need to pee.” and Passion wandered over to a corner and squat. “Memachowy?” Passion was saying while it busied itself, the stick between it’s teeth, “Will wee hun now? Ah bet wee can fine wots o huma tings ere. Will wee hun ow? Ah wuv to hun.” 
Melancholy sniffs the ground, scratches at it, but the floor wont come up. The cat decides its not lady like to pee in front of others. “lets go turn people blue,” she meows to Passion wants its done its business. 
Passion finishes “OK melancholy, all done.” and then pounces!  
Passion tries to pull melancholy’s tail! 
Melancholy bits Passion for trying to pull her tail. “Now none of that. Lets get of this corner,” says Melancholy. She tries to steal the stick before she runs off but Passion has a good hold on it. 
But not that good a hold. Melancholy is able! And Passion only laughs, and chases after her. 
She hides behind the bar, thinking Passion wont find her. 
Melancholy is really very fast! Passion bounds after her, giving chase. Passion sprang onto the counter, and run along it’s surface, laughing, and watching from above. “Ha ha ha ha! Melancholy?” Passion says between breathes, “What are you doing down there?”  
It peeped it’s head over the counter, and smiled a toothy smile. “This is so much fun, melancholy. What are you doing?”  
“Melancholy? What are you doing? You said you would not hide from me again, are you hiding now?” Passion giggled. “It is alright, melancholy, I found you!”  
“I found you this time.” 
Melancholy jumps on the counter. “Lets go turn someone melancholy. Pick someone out,” meows Melancholy. 
”Yes,” she meows. 

[quote] Passion chews it’s lip, and looks around, only just now realizing the tavern had a few occupants. Passion seen a few talking over their plans, and another who was serving stews. “Oh! Oh! Melancholy!” Passion exclaimed.  

“Melancholy! Look there!” Passion was ecstatic. “Look there Melancholy! Look! Look there! Melancholy! Look there!”  
“There are many! There are so many people things! Oh melancholy! This is great! Melancholy, this is ripe!”  
“Let’s strike them all! I say, melancholy, let’s turn them all blue!” Passion began to look excitedly through the folds of it’s riding hood, searching for just the right thing. “Melancholy! This is going to be great!”  
“OK I’m ready, melancholy!” Passion declared. It had found just the right berries, and was ready to dance. 
Melancholy smiles at Passion. If she were human she would be smiling, because Passion thinks shes going to turn the people the color blue, but not the mood. Melancholy concentrates on the spell but she has never done it as a cat before. Her mind drifts off and instead of turning everyone into a blue, melancholy mood. She accidently turns them blue, since she was thinking of the color blue instead of the mood, thanks to Passion. 
Passion leaped! It twirled in the air, it’s little riding hood twirling too, and Passion sang! Passion sang it’s song, and cast it’s berries. 
Ffen puts Passion and Melancholy into their cages ….. 
Glares at Passion. “Great, now we are in a cage. Now what?” she meows. 

[quote] “Well, you had to go and god-mod them blue!” Passion laughs. “And now we’ve become obstructive! Oh melancholy.” Passion smiles to her. “I love you. We should go now though. They will not have us in the group. It’s like you whispered, I would hate us too!”  

Passion removes the cage. Passion licks it’s finger, and tries to stick it into melancholy’s ear. Successful or not, Passion bound away laughing hysterically. 
Melancholy looks at the angery faces of the people and thinks she has done what she planed. Destroyed the happiness. She follows Passion out of the building. 


Passion yawned really big, and blinked tiredly. Passion hugged it’s stick, and pet melancholy. “Melancholy, I am so sleepy.”  
“Melancholy? This stick is really great. Thank you for it, I think the stick is really great.”  
“I am so sleepy.” Passion declared, coming home now. Passion climbed into it’s buttercup bed, and curled up really small. “Melancholy? You will not hide from me again? Will you hide from me again?” Passion was having trouble to stay awake, but it was so concerned that melancholy would not be there when it woke. 
“No, I wont hide from you. Go to sleep. I will be right here,” she meows, then curls up next to the flower. 
Passion hugged it’s stick, and pulled tight it’s riding hood. Passion purred, like a kitten. “OK melancholy, please do not hide from me again. I will miss you.”  
“I will miss you melancholy, if you hide from me. This stick is really great, melancholy. I love it. Melancholy? Melancholy, I am so sleepy.” Passion declared.  
“Melancholy? Do you know what i love bestest? Do you know what I love more then anything?” 
“You love me more than anything in the world. Or is it that stick?” meows Melancholy as she looks at the flower. 
Passion peeped over the lip of the petal and smiled. “Your fanny.”  
Passion stuck it’s tongue out at her, and laughed. Then went fast asleep. 

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