Arial de Grey – CH. 7 – A Visit to Coventry

22 july 1456 (2008)  

Arial got up early today so she can spend some time at the hidden cave at the crater falls. She has now been in Coventry for a few days and has met some old friends, and even may have made some new ones. Today she would like to spend the day exploring this cave like she has done once before with an old friend.  
She remembers that it’s quite dark in the cave so she finds something to make a torch with. It was poorly made but at least it gave her some lighting. She then carefully enters the cave, remember to watch her footing since the floor is a little wet as you enter.  
She begins going down the dark passage. She walks past many others but doesn’t explore them, not just yet. There is one place that she really wants to go, just to bring back an old memory.  
She finally finds the narrow passage way that leads to a cool, damp, room, lit with the blue light of the water below. She walks to the edge, where the blue light is coming from, and looks down at the beautiful water. She smiles as a memory comes to mind.  
She decides to take a seat near the edge, so she can look out, and remember, before she explores other passages. 

19 July 08  

Once Arial has exited Crater Falls she starts walking down the road towards the Orchard. On the road, not to far from Crater Falls, is her old home. She sees that it’s occupied now as she’s standing in front of it. A sad feeling comes to her as memories come rushing back to her. Many good memories, a few bad memories. This home was her first real home. She knows, no matter where she goes, that she will never feel completely at home. Not the way she felt in her first home. She finally turns from it and crosses the street to the Orchard.  
Arial walks down the path to the hidden cave where her and a friend found Kitty and some kittens. Arial laughs at the memory of Jersey getting attacked by the ‘monster.’ She then sighs, feeling the loss in side. She wishes things were like they use to be, but she knows there will always be change no matter what.  
Arial carries on down the path to a nice apple tree and sits under it, enjoying the shade and her view. There, she thinks about all the good times she has had in this Orchard. 

20 July 1456 (2008)  

After leaving the Orchard she carrys on down the dirt road. Right at the end, before you turn the corner, is a wildflower field. She use to, sometimes, come her and pick some flowers to put on her window seal or to place on her kitchen table.  
She remembers one of the last times she actually went walking in this field. She was with Taian she believes.  
She walks gently through the field to the lone tree where she sat under one day. She feels like sitting under here for a bit, to look out and watch the flowers dance with the light breeze. As she is sitting there, watching, remembers the cave at crater falls. She thinks she will spend tomorrow exploring it. 

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