Year 6

Today, is the day, maybe by happenstance or indiffinent circumstance, that which I decided to create a blog post on this day. It is now, officially, my sixth year on Wordpress as a blogger, posting at least Once a week majority of the months. I still, continue, to grow and develop, and to share what inspires me, and what has helped me grow, onto this blog. As always, it is ever evolving, as am I, on my Spirit Journey – My walk of life.  

The number 6 has important emphasis within many religions, and it contains a pattern of my favorite number, 3, as I see twos and threes often, sometimes together, forming my influential number, 23 (2 X 3 = 6), or maybe, try this 2 + 3 = 5 and times it by 6 = 30. I am now within my 30idth year of life! Hmm synchronicity is truly a bliss πŸ˜‰ P.S. I am writing this on October 3rd 2020 

I feel this past birthday is special, as it was September 28th, a couple days before the first full moon of October (second occurring on October 31st). What a powerful to begin my third decade in this Earthsuit! So much more to share that I have yet to share… Thank you for your support – whomever has followed me from the beginning – If you have leave a comment, or an emote of some kind, letting me know, even if in silence, you are with me. For, I am with you, we are all connected energetically in this chaotic yet beautiful world. ❀  

Let me reflect for a moment, what this past year on blogging represents… hmm *skims through the posts throughout the year* How about you help me? Which category has the most posts from October 2019 to October 2020? Below in order by category are the posts I placed on Insideasoul this blog year: 


  1. Inspirational Quote 2: Marriage, Parenthood 
  1. Letting Go: We Are Not Alone 
  1. FATHER  
  1. Self-talk: STOP Negative Thoughts πŸ˜Š  

Creative Expressions 

  1. Myths & Legends of India: The Birth of Sakuntala 
  1. Myths & Legends of India: the Origin of the Ganges
  1. Myths & Legends of India: What the Thunder Said  
  1. Myths & Legends of India: the Birth of Mother Goddess
  1. Myths & Legends of India: When Death Speaks 

My creations (with the help of individuals in the mentioned game – Renaissance Kingdoms) 

  1. Renaissance Kingdoms: Arial de Grey – Ch. 1 – Summary of her Life story  
  1. Renaissance Kingdoms: Arial de Grey – Ch. 2 – Hearing from her Mother  
  1. Renaissance Kingdoms: Arial de Grey – Ch.3 – Following Jah’s (GOD’s) Path
  1. Renaissance Kingdoms: Arial de Grey – Ch. 4 – Kitty Monster  
  1. Renaissance Kingdoms: Arial de Grey – Ch. 5 – The Cave at Crater Falls
  1. Renaissance Kingdoms: Arial de Grey – Ch. 6 – Arial de Grey: Wildflower Field 

A Short Story/Reflection of mine: 

  1. Simply, Completely, ME  

Psychology & Tools for Self Development: 

  1. Dream Entry: the General Attitude of the Introverted of Consciousness 
  1. Alchemy #6 
  1. The 3rd Eye Hypothesis 
  1. Dream Entry: the Art of Dreams
  1. Science Wonderment #3: Multiple Stages of Consciousness
  1. The Birth of Astrology 
  1. FEAR: Face Every Aversion Righteously 
  1. Dream Entry: the Question of Immortality 
  1. Primitive Culture & Religion
  1. Dream Entry: Dreams & Myths
  1. Religion #2: Christ & Buddha 
  1. Religion #3: C.G. Jung: Good & Evil
  1. Religion #4: Pre-Christianity, the Trinity
  1. Religion #5: C.G. Jung: Religious Symbolism & Unconscious Mind
  1. Religion #6: Cultural Division 
  1. Religion #7: C.G. Jung: Alchemy & Religion 
  1. Religion #8: Religion Archetypes & the Soul 
  1. Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals 

Affirmations & Humor 

  1. The Infamous Black Cat
  1. The Attitude of Gratitude  
  1. If you Fall, I’ll be There
  1. The Path with Heart 
  1. What is Sexy? 
  1. An Artist’s Blessing
  1. Inspirational Quote #1 
  1. Monthly Affirmation – Seeking out Ourselves
  1. Affirmation & Humor
  1. Life is Beautiful, An Affirmation 
  1. Infinity Affirmation 
  1. Humor Affirmation: Sleep 
  1. Inner Silence Affirmation   


  1. Trekking Arizona – Yuma AZ – East Wetland Park 
  1. Trekking Arizona – Yuma AZ – Telegraph Pass 
  1. Trekking Arizona – Yuma AZ – So Cal, Picacho State Recreation Area 
  1. Trekking Arizona – Sedona – Red Rock Canyon
  1. Yoga Retreat – Sedona – the Deliberate Journey 

It appears the category Psychology and Resources for Self-Development has won with the most posts posted this year! Seems about right, as I have been exploring myself more and expressing myself outwardly, however, the travel category has grown some too, as I explore nature in my hometown and beyond – witnessing the beauty of Arizona. Stay tuned! More to come this year, and this weekend.  

Peace & Love ❀ Thank you for joining me on my Spirit Journey, my, path of life.  

Happy Year 7! 

Featured Photo: Artist unknown, found on The Spirit that moves Me Facebook’s page

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