YOGA 101: What is Your YOGA?

YOGA means to Yoke – combing mind, body, and spirit in unison – there is no such thing as duality. YOGA is not a set of physical postures with gymnastic feel and military rigidity (e.g. having to be done in a specific way only). YOGA is a lifestyle, and a lifestyle is based on our choices, beliefs and values. Just as everyone – based on culture and social norms – have their own lifestyle that is unique to them, so does everyone have their own body type and unique anatomical structure. YOGA is for everyone.  

YOGA moves beyond the physical into the spiritual, with pranayama (breathwork) and meditations. YOGA is not an exercise – it is a lifestyle – and it is what you choose it to be. The asanas (physical postures) strengthen the physical body, for the breathwork to work, to enter deeper states of meditation (if one chooses). Furthermore, physical strength brings awareness of the body, and how emotions are stored in the body. That is the power of YOGA. Physical awareness of how our bodies move, feeling the movement, understanding our thoughts create emotions that can be stored within the body, that tell us our story. YOGA IS mind, body, and spirit connection.   

Through the mind, body, and spirit connection, cultivation of energy occurs, based on the chakra systems. Each posture or meditation/breathwork affects or targets the 7 major chakra systems. YOGA helps us feel and heal, connecting us to the greater consciousness – to the collective. If you are reading this and are curious, maybe YOGA or some path related in a way, is calling your name. YOGA is not a religion, but a personal enquiry and expression.  

Below is a list of the most common STYLES of Yoga, however, you can make it your own based on the movement your inner self is seeking.  

Styles of Yoga  

Vigorous Flow/Power Yoga 

  • Ashtanga 
  • Vinyasa  
  • Power 
  • Krama Vinyasa 
  • Pura Yoga 
  • KaliRay Triyoga 
  • Baptise Vinyasa Power Yoga 
  • Forrest Yoga 

Hot Yoga 

  • Barkan Yoga (Hot Vinyasa Yoga) 
  • Bikram  

Healing Yoga/Slow Flow 

  • Yoga therapy 
  • Vini Yoga 
  • Yin Yoga 
  • Restorative 

Alignment Based Yoga 

  • Iyengar 
  • Anusara 
  • Purna 

Focus on Spiritual Growth Yoga 

  • Kundalini 
  • Kriya 
  • Transcendental Meditation (TM) 
  • Integral Yoga (TM) 
  • Integral Yoga 
  • Ananda 

Yoga as a Lifestyle 

  • ISHTA 
  • Sivananda 
  • Jivamukti 
  • Ayurveda  

Other types of Yoga: 

  • Tantric 
  • Karma 
  • Jnana 
  • Raja 
  • Hatha 
  • Bhakti 

Terms to look up if interested to yoga: 8 limbs of yoga, pranayama, mudras, chakras, dosha, kosha, bandhas, meditation, chanting, mantras, Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, to name a few. 

This is a little bit of an informative post, and a bit of reference for me too. Use it as a guide to find your own path, your own style, if you do choose YOGA in some way, as a way of life.  

Enjoy. Peace & Love ❤ 


Some helpful Links  and Apps (link will open in a new tab): 

Some Mudra studies 

Breath work video 1 

Breathwork Video 2 

Meditation practice & Chanting  

Yoga Sutra Site 

Insight timer is a great meditation app to download on smarphones or tablets – android and/or apple friendly  

Some quizzes you can take if you are interested in the energetic systems of the body: 

Chakra theory and chakra test  

Dosha test 

8 thoughts on “YOGA 101: What is Your YOGA?

  1. As per Mystics around the world:
    Yoga means adding meditation to body(Hathyoga) work(Karmyoga), mind(Gyanyoga)and prayer(Bhaktiyog a) and it will change the vary nature of your job and let you help your spiritual journey also. It is also said that whatever gained in spiritual journey will retain with you forever. So may be you have suffered loss in material world but by adding DHYAN or meditation you are not at total loss.

    Liked by 1 person

      • One most less known and most beneficial one for present generation is SANKHYA DARSHAN. Oldest known treaty is by Ashtavakra on asking by King Janak about how a such busy person too can get salvation if really everyone’s ultimate destiny is that? It is called as Ashtavakra Geeta, about 5000 years old and best commentary on it is by Osho. Then mystic Kabir, 500 years back, again stressed on it. Now a days it is called as Psycho Cybernetics. Power of speaking words! It seems that every 500 years it is again back to people in its best form. It says that when mind is the key and whatever you think may becomes real then why not act, behave and think that you are the soul and not body. Awareness meditation is helpful in this and it can be done during any act. Osho suggested even to have a meditative sex and you will move towards ultimate destiny.
        A link to learn it:

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      • I learned it 32+ years back and practiced it during brushing my teeth. I am lone and undisturbed for those moments of my busy scheduled family life with two kids.
        Generally i used to think about past or future activity or event during those moments instead of being totally present in that or all activities like a robot. Started with movement of brush of its every stroke/abrasion and its sensation only. Then for just a moment I experiences totality if being present in that act then sensation due to toothpaste added and so on. For two minutes I started being in present in that act with no thoughts at all. Then it engrossed my all routine acts in these years. It is very powerful and simplest meditation.
        I share my day to day experience on my blog.

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