Arial de Grey, Ch. 4: Kitty Monster

Arial de Grey Chapter 4: Role play 1 with another RK player, Rocket. & Alexxis. 

July – August 1455 (2007)  
Kitty Monster  

With a fine day well underway, a pleasant clime, and not a cloud in sight Rocket went about picking fruit and moving his ladder from tree to tree. In his heart was a song, and this reflected in his countenance. The orchard was alive with birdsong, accompanied by a blithesome humming as he climbed the rungs to a particularly flourishing branch high above the ground. ‘Hmm, why aren’t you a juicy bunch, where’ve you been all my life…’ he said jestfully as he stretched as far as he could gingerly fetching the fruit from it’s stem. He slung his basket over a shoulder, and climbed down.  
There weren’t many workers in the orchard, but this suited him just fine, really. It was a pleasure to be able to work unattended, and there weren’t so many scurrying here and there competing for the best spots like he’d become accustomed to. Rain and he were on top of the world actually, enjoying life to the fullest. Coventry was really working out for them, and she was expecting now, probably three months along with child. This was a bountiful blessing, it really was.  
He sat the basket of lush red fruit down in the tall grass, and went about picking up the bruised fruits that had fallen to the ground, these made the best pie filling, even if they weren’t the keenest in appearance. Suddenly, nearby there was a bounding in the brush, and he spotted a flash of fur.  
‘CONEY! Woot!’ he gasped, scrambling for his belongings to fetch his sling he sometimes had to unleash on the scavenging birds who’d spoil the fruit. He pulled a litter of many things from his rucksack leaning against the foremost tree of the orchard searching frantically for his bullet pouch. ‘O please don’t fail me now,’ he cursed beneath his breath ‘a rabbit would make one swell stew, please don’t fail me now…’  
‘AHA!’ he proclaimed, pulling the sling and bullets free, and high-stepping into the undergrowth with due haste. Parting the leaves and strands of grass, he cast his eyes about looking for the white of the coney’s tail. He become very quiet, and scarcely breathed, the only movement was the clumsy flight of insects loftily leaping and buzzing from plant to plant, and a bumbling brook nearby. He stealthily pressed a little deeper, his slingshot drawn and taught, a bullet resting in it’s notch. There was a rustling ahead, something small, borrowing through the foliage.  
There came a steep hill before him, rocky, and treacherous with briers. He went to find purchase, feeling with his foot the stability of the mossy stone there. It shook beneath his weight, and he leapt upward clinging to the hillside. The briar scraped his face, and tore his breeches. He seemed oblivious though, still throwing sidelong glances about, watching for that elusive hopper.  
Crouching now, he ascended a little more, and found a gnarled tree to lend his weight against. There still was no sign of supper, but Rocket wasn’t one to give up so easy, he spent his palm against the bark of the tree, mustering every ounce of his instinct, and prowling about. ‘You can’t outsmart me you crazy bounder, i’ll have you yet…’ he whispers to himself breaking the stillness.  
Just then a ball of fur came hurling toward his head, from a limb above him. He gasped, throwing his hands up expecting the worse. What madness was this, a rabbit who nested in the branches of a tree? Surely not!  
He felt the bitter havoc of it’s claws bared and his hands were torn. This creature screamed at him! He’d heard the screech of a dying rabbit, unsettling for sure, but this was much different, it was harrowing, full of malice and mischief, and apparently quite disturbed at his intrusion. He flung about, the fur flying everywhere, and felt the ground give way underneath him. The pair went barreling down the hill, the rocks, and sharp shoots bruising and poking at his ribs.  
Bouncing, and being tossed here and there, he felt the slope give, and he rolled from the underbrush into the orchard clearing, still waving his arms about and panicking. There was a sharp pain as teeth like razors shred his ear, and then the fluff and fur of wrath was gone, bounding back into the growth from whence it came.  
Scrambling backward, kicking his feet, and throwing dirt and pebbles forward he retreated further from the monster’s den fearing that it might pounce from the briers again, and finish him off. ‘Lo!’ he cried ‘Get off it you crazy beast! Be gone now, you won’t dine on me this day!’ he protested, and got to his feet hurriedly.  
Someone nearby passing on the road called out just then, wondering what the raucous was… 
Alexxis entered the orchard in search of Jersey, knowing he would be here at this time of the day.She heard some commotion and followed where the sounds were coming from. She inched forward and called for him hearing him shouting Jersey! Where are you?”. 
A few minutes later after leaving her house Arial enters the Orchard.  
She walks around for a while not really sure where to look to find Kitty.  
As she walks around she starts to hear shouting. She stops to listen where it’s coming from and then walks in that direction. Wondering what it could be about and hoping no one is hurt. 
He stood composing himself as the girls came inquiring. ‘It’s the strangest thing…’ Rocket began, clutching a handkerchief to his bleeding ear, and gesturing toward the growth ‘I thought i spied a coney making under the brush thatta’ way.’  
And before he could get much further the girls were scrambling towards the brier, ‘Coney! It’d make a swell stew, it would!’ They were picking up rocks eagerly, and ducking to sight this elusive coney. Very soon now they’d be arguing over who had the honors of dumping it feet-first into a pot.  
‘Hold on ladies!’ he protested, displacing himself to firmly bar their way. ‘I’m not finished. See? I was tracking this coney, and was nigh upon bagging it myself, but i disturbed some sort of creature… from it’s slumber…’ he hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to best explain this encounter with the furry beast.  
Feeling their eyes examine him curiously, he flushed, and shifted from one foot to another. ‘Well, it was ferocious to say the least. It was on me in a fury, claws bared, and teeth as sharp as razors. It could have had it’s way with me, if i hadn’t retreated. I’d not go near the woods ladies, not if i valued my life any. It’s probably prudent if we let the Guard know first, and have them look into it.’ Rocket pressed the hankie to his ear, and then withdrew it to inspect the damage it had left, grimacing slightly. 
Alexxis looked at Jersey, her hand rested on her belly, the other on her lower back.“Where is this ferocious beast then?” she asked “Maybe Arial and I can catch it.” she teased him. She looked around and then at the bushes. “I see nothing.” she told him. 
Looking curiously at Jersey and then looks around to see where this “ferocious beast” may have gone, and then remembers that she came here looking for her cat.  
“Well, I came here looking for my cat. She ran over here and I was wondering where she may have gone, but once I got her I couldn’t find her anywhere.” Arial says looking curiously back at him. 
He answers Rain’s inquiry first hand, saying ‘Well, ma’am…’ he smiles jestfully toward her, ‘As i may have mentioned, had i not retreated, you may have found the beast dining upon the marrow of my bones. Ha! Then you’d not be asking me this moment ‘where’ this beast could be.’  
‘As for catching the miscreant, I’m not wholly sure I’d advise such, not without the proper precautions seen to first.’ Then Rocket turns toward Arial, and scratches his chin…  
‘You say you’ve come across the way looking for your kitten? Well that does not bode well, m’lady… not well at all. I fear the worst may have befallen her. With this ‘monster’ on the loose, I’d only pray that Kitty has not met her distasteful demise within the brier here.’ he says gesturing there and planting his hands on his hips.  
‘This is a sore predicament, it is…’ he wonders aloud. ‘There’s a beloved pet in harms way now, and something must be done straight away.’ He casts his eyes side to side along the earth, looking after just the right stick, and says to the women there, ‘Find some rocks ladies, arm yourselves heavily with stones light enough you may throw them like beads between the eyes of a gnat, for i aim to go into the brier again, after Kitty, and see to it no harm comes to her, and I’ll need you at my back.’ 
Fearing that Kitty might be in danger she listens to Jersey and starts to pick up all the stones she can find. After she picks up all the stones she can carry she waits for Jersy to enter the brier, with a rock in her hand, ready to throw it at the beast that may have Kitty. 
OOC ROCKET wrote:  
Right, so you may already know that AlexxisRain won’t be joining us this particular course, she’s taken a holiday, and cannot play the role of her character. Due apologies to you Arial, and to anyone else who’s been reading this with interest. The both of us will manage the best we may.  
So then, let’s go back to that eventful day in the orchard, when Rocket had been waylaid while hunting for a rabbit in the undergrowth. Some of us may recall he was given a good thrashing, and almost lost an ear when he’d come upon an unidentified ‘monster’ with an insatiable lust for flesh hiding in the limbs of a tree there.  
Now that the baking white summer’s sun bares down on us in the orchard, and there’s naught but the sound of insects humming, and birds in the taller trees Arial and Rocket are preparing themself to go into the briers armed, and retrieve her wayward kitten who’s become in harms way.  
Her arms laden with nice round throwing stones, and he on point with a sturdy stick in hand they duck into the mess of brambles, creepers, and thorns. ‘Arial, stay a few paces back now young lady, i wouldn’t want you bitten by this creature, Jah knows it’s consumed with the madness.’ he said cautiously, breaking the stillness there beneath the growth and cut off from the sun. ‘One bite, and we may go the same!’ Don’t you just love the English, and their superstitious nature beloved?  
They came to a rambling brook, cool and wet, positioned at the bottom of a hillside. ‘Arial!’ he half shouted, turning about and speaking in hushed tones. ‘You see that massive tree at the crest up there?’ he’s gesturing to the hilltop, branches and vines clinging to his sleeve. ‘That is precisely the spot that i was assaulted earlier. If your kitten is anywhere in the area, she’d want this cool water here, and the shade of that tree there. You can bet we’ll find her nearby. Let’s be super quiet now, and scavenge about for her. Remember, the slightest sound then, and we’re likely to bring the wrath of this creature down on our heads.’ he explained, and helped her cross the brook. 
Going in after him, armed and ready to throw the stones at the beast that has Kitty. She makes sure to stay close behind but not too close.  
As they are walking she makes sure to stay really quiet and that no branches hit her in the face. She laughs a little at what he says about the English and there superstitious nature.  
When they got to the brook she jumps a little when he says her name, and almost walked right into him when he stopped. She looks as he points the tree that he was attacked at. Staying really quiet they cross the brook, and start looking around when they get across.  
She starts to move slowly toward the tree to look around there. 
As they clambered up the hill, Rocket putting his branch forward and parting the leaves and brier that grew thick in front, and Arial not far behind choosing which rock to find purchase upon next they come into another clearing where the great tree stood, and once again, he spends his weight against the trunk, and gives Arial a hand up.  
This time he’s absolutely silent, and surveys the limbs above for any sign of ‘monsters’ first. He leans close to Arial and whispers barely audible. ‘There’s some bees there, they’re collecting pollen, but right here and then was where i was most surprised. I don’t rightly see anything at this moment though,’ he said, hunching over, and crawling past a massive root that sprawled across the way.  
He turned to help Arial over when he stepped on a branch that was dead and brittle upon the other side, and went tumbling out of view. ‘Gasp!’ she heard him exclaim, and then a thump as he’d hit bottom somewhere. ‘I think I’ve fallen into some sort of hole here!’ he called out and it was just then that there was suddenly such a racket of noise, you’d have thought he was being tarred and feathered.  
‘O Mary, mother of Christ!’ came his voice excitedly ‘Arghhh!’ leaves and branches were thrown into the air, and had you been looking on, it may have looked like a dog throwing dirt behind as it dug. There was crashing, and breaking, all the noises you’d here as someone thrashed about in a hole, ‘It’s got me, it’s on me good! O! And it’s really smarting me here, why O! O! O! It’s got the pant’s leg now!’  
There were signs of a struggle then, and finally ‘Arial! Take to the air then, it’s in a right pissed mood, and grrr…’ he sounded winded as he apparently wrestled with the creature, ‘it’s got the spirit of a hundred men by far, i think it may take me. Unleash the rocks Arial!’ 
She hurrys up and sees that he has fallen. Watching in shock for a little while at the ‘monster’ attacking him, and then shakes her head and starts throwing stones.  
She threw one after the other hoping that they will hit the ‘monster’ and not Jersey. Her first few kept missing it. One hit Jersey on the head, one missed it completely. Finally one hits it, and then another, and then another. She throws them until she has no more to throw. “I don’t really have good aim,” she thinks to herself when she realizes only a few actually hit it. 
So when she’s chucked a handful of rocks, and he’s struggled desperately to depart from the monster’s wrath they find that more then a few rocks have missed their target and wounded Rocket. He sports a number of whelps about his shoulders and arms, and a bad lump the size of egg atop his head. But these don’t bother him near as much as the numerous scratches put there by this furry beast, or the jagged bites that mar his hands.  
The monster’s a furious ball of fur. It hisses and spits, and amid the torrent of flying hair and his best attempts to keep the thing at bay comes the sound of a small bell tinkling. Rocket knows this sound, and suspects that it’s the bell about Kitty’s neck that sways her from stalking birds and bringing them wounded to the doorstep, anyone with a feline companion knows this much.  
‘Arial!’ he exclaims as he leaps as high as he can grasping at the earth and roots about the rim of the hole and clawing his way from it’s maw, ‘It’s eaten poor Kitty, and her bell is caught in it’s teeth! Retreat!’ As he muscles his way up the monster scampers into the gloomy shadows to one side of the hole in the ground but just out of view giving him a moment’s opportunity to kick his feet in empty air, and pull with all his might to get himself free of the hole’s entrapment.  
The both of them gave it their best effort, but the ground gave way, and Rocket tumbled back into the gaping scar. He rolled into a corner, where he lay for a minute unconscious and prone, rocks, mud, and other debris falling onto him. As Arial looked on though, the monster did not prey upon him, instead a low, angry purr issued forth from the den, and the slightest trace of white fur shown. 
Gasps a little when Jersey falls into the hole. “Are you alright?” she asks as she looks down the hole.  
Hearing no answer she starts to get worried. Then she starts to her a purr. Looking down she sees a trace of white fur. “That looks like it could be Kitty,” she thinks to herself as she looks down in the hole. 
And it was, it was Kitty in the hole, cleaning her fur pridefully. He sighed heavily and came to rubbing his head groggily. The dim light filtered down into the hole from above and he spied her across the way there. Rocket considered that gleam in her eye, and thought it was rather spiteful. ‘Arial??’ he called above.  
‘Has the monster gone? I see your feline here, she looks like she’s in good condition, though i can’t rightly tell from here. We must have interrupted the creatures dinner only in the nick of time.’ He moves an inch so that he may stand and right himself and gasps excitedly. 
She smiles when he asks if the monster is gone. “I don’t think there ever was a ‘monster’. I think Kitty was the ‘monster’,” she says. “Are you ok? Sorry about hitting you. I guess I should have told you I have bad aim.” she tells him feeling a little guiltily  
“Why did you gasps? What do you see?” she asks curious on what might be down there. 
‘Arial, you’ve just GOT to see this to believe it.’ he says taking a stride across the hole to where Kitty lies gloating. With a start though she leaped up protectively ready to tear Rocket a new one should he come any closer once more. ‘Ermm, maybe not.’ he says to himself thinking it wiser not to encroach too carelessly.  
‘I think you may be right Arial. And Lord had i known. She’s made a den here, in the roots of the tree, and just within i can see a litter of kits she’s sheltered here. Why, there must be a few if I’m not mistaken, of a variety of colors.’ he stands there peering up at her, his hands on his hips. ‘Why don’t you come on down here, so that you may see then?’ 
“Kittens? Ok I will come down then,”she says. When she gets down there sure enough there were kittens there.  
“So this is were she goes all the time. I have wondered why she is always coming to the orchard. Never crossed my mind that she had kittens,” she says and takes a few steps forward to get a better look at them. 

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