Letting Go – We Are Not Alone

“To become is hard; to be is even harder.” Bob Mayer  

What do you believe about yourself in this very moment? 

A question that comes to my mind after re-reading a quote saved from Esther.teule’s  facebook page. The question inspires awareness of our thoughts and sensations (emotions) inside and outside the body. The question may be the first one you ask yourself, when you dig into the concept of self-love, and begin the work to love yourself.  

Where do you believe love is to be found? Meditate on this in the heart space. Breathe into the space right below the ribcage, but above the navel, solar plexus, the 3rd chakra. You will find your sense of power, inner strength. Find your sense of love and become it. The answer within past the noise of today, the quietness within, may surprise you. If it does, let it, embrace the discomfort of change, and let it flow – let go of perceived expectations taught to us long ago, expectations that are not our own. Let it flow, let it go, let it be, be YOU. Authentically. 

You are love. You are loveable. You are loved. Clarity will come with this ownership, acceptance, of the raw, vulnerable, authentic YOU. You are not alone. We stand together.  

It is ok to be a quitter. A quitter of what no longer serves you. To be successful in life, personal or beyond, we must be in tune with who we are and changing our perceived plan when it becomes toxic or diluted. Understanding our personal boundaries is a step forward. Prioritize your time for you, to be you, and to live through you not for or through others.  

I write this with my own intuition, advice to myself and to you.  

In the words of Steven Universe and my Nephew when he was 3 years old: My superpowers are in my belly button (2rd chakra, center of self-esteem, creativity, sexuality). Where are yours? 

Namaste, Peace & ❤ 

Featured image: Artist Anja Buhrer

3 thoughts on “Letting Go – We Are Not Alone

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    • Thank you 🙂 I am glad it helped you. We do not know what we need at times, until we are willing to look within ourselves and feeling into the sensations. I am no master! But when insights arise I wish to share them, that is one if through reasons I chose to create this blog.


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